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This was a poem I wrote for the poetry class I'm in. We were reading a poetry book: The Stuntman by Brian Ladilaw (If you've never read him, check him out! He writes some weird stuff, but it's absolutely beautiful). Anyway, this poem was inspired by a poem of his called "Domestic Spacerace."
When you allow food to ferment, it's basically rotting so that something delicious will be created. This poem was to express this feeling, that something rotten can ultimately turn into something good.

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



I like it when I look out


and the world is silent


so I sit cross-legged, dazed and crass


as merlot snakes between my


teeth and riesling runs from my eyes


A tangerine sunrise beckons threateningly


over the ivory tower as apples and oranges


fizz and pop like moscato over my lips


The people sail through amber waves


cornflower veins across their breasts


sangria streaks across their cheeks


They charge the field, trumpets blaring and horses


braying trampling grapes in plum fields


When they are gone I crawl hands and knees


across the purple glades lapping up the


languishing rotten goodness waiting for the


delicious quiet that will never come again


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