The Good Terrorists

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Like so many people, we hear of things happening in the world that we have no way of having any control over or effect on the outcome. Such is not the case for this group who has the means to make a difference.

Some have developed super powers and they teach their commandoes in the group how to be the same. They decide that regular military methods are not working in the Middle East and decide to use the enemy's methods of scare terrorism against them.

We see how the group comes together and then follow them through their missions of devious, scary psychological attacks on the enemy utilizing their super powers. We see the development of the devious terror methods as they progress against he rebels. The way we would like to do it if we could.

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The New approach

Submitted: May 17, 2016

The Good Terrorists Chapter One New Approach   Brent was having his usual morning coffee at home and watching the mo... Read Chapter