Dancing Of The Novas

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a poem in short story form that i have wanted to write for a good while now. hope everybody enjoys.

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Dance of the Novas


They raced furiously together, following each other with incredible precision.

Staring eye to eye, They meandered together through space and the stars.

They were the most beautiful Novas in all the universe.

Zios, a crimson nova, and Zina, an azure nova, scorching the stars with their endless passion.


They met everyday in the middle of the milky way, when it was its brightest,

floating through asteroids, diving through craters.

They loved space as much as they loved each other.

They never needed anything else, just one another.


Zios was at the milky way, waiting for his beloved azure nova,

but she never came.....

he searched the entire galaxy,

floating through asteroids, diving through craters.


He never found his azure beauty.

It was said he never lost hope, still searching for her.

But he keeps his crimson light shining, so that one day,

he can scorch the stars with his beloved azure nova again.


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