Facebook and Its Deep Realites

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This poem is about my observation on how Facebook is utilized. It poetically reveals the deep realities of Facebook and Facebook users. It tells both some of the positive and negative parts of Facebook. This poem is the first of its kind in World History and Facebook history.

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



POEM's TITLE: "FACEBOOK AND ITS DEEP REALITIES" By: Lassana V. Donzo/ lassanav.donzo@gmail.com Contact: +90 531 29 41 859

Many thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his Team for this unique innovation For this innovation(Facebook) has led to the creation of many a connection Facebook makes people acquire and share with one another every information Facebook is about self-expression, transaction, education and socialization

Facebook, the King of every social media Which has attracted billions by the virus called "Facebooking Mania" The most popular name on the Internet today is Facebook Facebook, a book that has replaced our wonderful textbooks

Facebook, an arena where our precious times are wasted Facebook, a place where some friends get your posts twisted Facebook, a book that some have turned into a Pornographic book Many guys post their personal lives affairs on Facebook as if it is a diary or daybook

Facebook, an interesting place that everyone wants to be Facebook connects you with the world like a family tree Facebook connects you with wonderful people that you never thought of befriending Facebook connects you with your families and friends whom you never thought of meeting

Facebook, a place where sensible and very important posts are given no recognition Facebook, a place where stupid posts are given maximum attention and commendation Facebook, a place where factual and research-based posts are given no appreciation Facebook, a place where fabrication and misinformation keep flowing into your notification

Facebook, an arena where many fake people/accounts are to be found Facebook, a place where hackers work tirelessly to hack your account Facebook, a place where you get some good opportunities Facebook, a place where you encounter so many enemies

Some people have become so Facebook-centric that they do everything to please facebookers They never do anything anymore to please God but their Facebook friends and followers Even if they help someone like a needy person( blind, crippled or orphan) they will post it Anything they do for someone, they are never satisfied until they take the photos and upload it

Facebook, a place where cheap gossips are highlighted and propagated Facebook, a place where "character tarnishing/assassination" is elevated Facebook is where words of hate, envy, profanity, jealousy, and racism are articulated Facebook is where maniacs, psychopaths, and ignoramuses pretend to be so educated

Facebook, a place where guys keep posting some pictures that are not even facebookable Facebok is where crazy people gain fame even though they aren't worth being remarkable Facebook, a place where many girls expose their nakednesses to prove that they are beautiful Facebook, a place where guys keep posting pictures that are too disgusting and awful

Facebook, a place where gruesome photos are being continuously shared Facebook is where crazy people have the largest followers and their bullshits are flagged Facebook, a place where peeps share nasty and mournful photos only to get many "Amens". Facebook, a place where guys who spread bigoted messages are given high reverence

Facebook, a platform where adultery and fornication are being carried out with no humility Facebookers give FEW Likes and Comments to decent girls' photos and HIGH to ones with nudity By making Users read and write, Facebook has robustly helped schools in reducing illiteracy Facebook, a place where we find guys championing every senseless advocacy

Facebooking, a new subject that is being added to the curriculum in every academic institution Facebooking, a new disease that many students and teachers have fallen to by addiction Facebook is where the World's Best Language (The Queen's Language/English) is murdered Facebook, a place where logic, wisdom and truth are countered and even deadly butchered

While teachers are explaining lessons in the classrooms, students are there facebooking While teachers are writing their notes, students are

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