Angel Hunters

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Two angels running for their lives from the only person who can kill them.

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



Bang! I can not hold myself up anymore.


I am falling too fast, I can not stop myself.


The ground is too close now.


Swoosh! I open my eyes and I am flying again.


“Almost did not get to you in time, huh Avila?”


I nearly laughed.


“What happened? I could not fly!”


Xavier’s face turns grim. You were shot, I was above you, someone came from below shot you, I… I am sorry Avila. Your wing, it is… well disfigured.”


“Dis...disfigured? No, it can not be disfigured. I am an angel, angels do not get disfigured!”


“Hurry let us get back to ____.”


When we reached Fairy Pools, Xavier set me down outside of the cave we share. I followed him as he went inside and grabbed the first aid kit.


I sat on our stone couch as he started working on my wing.





Hi, my name is Avila, funny name right? Well it means bird, strength, desired.


My brother, Xavier and I are angels. We live in Fairy Pools, but you would know it as Isle of Skye, in Scotland.


Xavier and I were hatched (yes I said hatched) at the same time, and we look nearly identical. From our long blue and green hair, to our bleach white wings, which mine has a span of about eight feet 3 inches, and Xavier’s has a span of about eight feet 6 inches.


He never lets me live it down, just 3 inch difference!


Alright, enough about me, let me tell you a little more about angels and our history.


Angels are a “supernatural occurrence” according to humans. However, that’s not the case. We’ve been here for eons.


Angels appear to be humans from a human’s point of view. Animals see us for what we are, we can even talk to them.


The only way a human can see us is if they are half bloods, which is really rare.


You know unicorns? Yeah, those are real too, but humans see them as regular horses. Their horn is their source of power, and we’ve been fighting side by side for as long as I can remember.


Now, I do not know too much about the different religions of humans, except, I know there is no celestial being or god or gods for that matter, I would have met him already, or the unicorns would have told us.


Sorry for bursting your bubble, but I do not give any false hopes to anyone.


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