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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



The hand of the writer is conformed to the pen as there is no difference as the letter has been sent. The parable is what some will understand and to the unsaved this is just dust. We will always be united  as you have accepted the truth to live in love. I am sure of this today that all others will see this truth as some act confused. If you are one that needs a view clear your heart of the molten lava that is displaced from the eruption of emotions that is written on your face. To follow a lead it will take a remembrance of what I said to you as you give honor to whom it is due. I shall reveal to you what is necessary as you can communicate too. Trust Me step one follow my lead step two say what I tell you step three give praise as you can expect them to be calm and saturated as I place my hand on thee for power flows indefinitely.


If this makes no sense you will be touched today and if you understand go forth as you  see miracles before you now. For as the writer of the paper is one with the pen so is the child that does not falter and fall into sin.

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