Alien Hybrid

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October 11,1955 the Airman and his wife became the parents of an alien hybrid child .

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



Alien Hybrid



According to ancient Hebrew and Sumerian text the human race as it is now was created from the remnants of other human inhabitants through genetic manipulation. These same scriptures tell of a race of beings known as the Shinning. I am the charge of those beings. I cannot say why the Shinning ones chose to shelter and protect me .I only know they did. They still do.


In the fall or late summer The Airman and his wife were abducted .His semen was implanted in a sterile female, one of the Shinning. And I was implanted in the womb of his wife .

Tuesday October 11, 1955 at 2:30 in the afternoon I entered this mortal world. I was and I am the genetic offspring of a mortal and a Shinning one. My mother’s lawful Spouse was right to question whether I was his or not. The Shinning ones and Elohim entrusted the Airman and his wife to raise me as their own . In this sense; Yes. I do belong to the Airman and his wife.

I went from my mother’s womb to a warming bed in the neo-natal intensive care unit of at Bryan Air Force Base. This was the first step of my Earthly journey. When I no longer required the ultimate in intensive care I was transferred into an incubator. While there is never a set time for a preemie to remain in the warming bed or the incubator. Such decisions are made based on the severity of the illness or injury. I estimate the time I spent in the warming bed was six Earth weeks. I was inside the incubator approximately four of your months.

Since my introduction into mortal human life I have been protected by a race known as Elohim, the Shinning . This name Elohim also refers to the Hebrew God.

I know, that I know, these Watchers or Shinning ones were created by Yahweh Jehovah Elohim. The Shining ones are not God for lack of a better explanation they are extraterrestrial angelic beings. Yahweh is the creator of the Watchers, the Shinning ones, They are the beings created in the image or likeness of Elohim ( God ) They have the mind of their creator. They have the heart and spirit of the Creator .They also have the wrath and vengeance of the Creator.


By human standards I was listed as premature. Because I weighed less than a pound and arrived six months premature the neo-natal physicians estimated my chance of survival to be zero. If I had been purely mortal the physicians would have been correct . Also, if the Shinning ones had not intervened as they did. I would have been another infant mortality.

My mother the Airman’s wife had refused several offers of a medically abortion. Now it was too late for an abortion. She was in full labor.

She understood and accepted the probability at 12 weeks gestation my chance of survival was 0. She accepted the risk that if I were to survive there was a 99% chance that I would be born with serious physical medical and psychological problems. Her faith was in medical science and the physicians who cared for her . When I survived the trauma of human birth Eve believed she had given birth to a mentally and physically challenged child. When it became apparent I was not entirely the offspring of her husband and herself Eve, assumed who or what had fathered me was homicidal. She assumed I would also be a pathological killer. Not even the Shinning or the Elohim could convince her the doctors and she was wrong .

When the doctors told my mom there was no way I could survive. It was an act of The Elohim; God and the angels that I survived the birth process. She requested my god- parents and a priest or chaplain be summoned.

She wasn’t sure what spiritual path I would follow in life had I been given the chance for my protection she wanted someone to administer christening and last rites. I can only imagine she did this to ward off the evil that had been prophesied over me. She knew, but she did not know that by Christening and having the last rites pronounced over me she was accepting defeat and consciously sending me back to the Creator .

For her own comfort and peace of mind she wanted someone to say prayers over me. This was something human mothers do for their children when they don’t know what else to do. As the priest and my God parents prayed for me ; I prayed for Eve. I prayed “ Father Forgive Them; They do not know what it is they ask of you.”

The choice of God Parents was a decision made between mother and two of closest friends. The godparents would be there to care for me and bring me up in the Christian way if she and her airman husband were unable to fulfill their duty.

She wanted me to be brought to her bedside for christening. Her wishes were hastily honored. My Airman father could not be there. His military service came before his duty to his wife and child.

This was the first time her heart spoke of Virgil not being my biological father. I could both confirm and deny her suspicious claim. I was Virgil’s child my mother had intended to be a good and faithful wife. The night she and her husband were abducted Eve was to frightened to resist. In her heart and mind she screamed NO . The species of extraterrestrial who placed me inside of her heard her pleas for him to stop . I pray for the being who raped her ; He was a slave to the Whites; the Tall blacks and the Shinning ones. The creature and my mother had no choice but to accept the procedure.

My mother was abandoned, left to endure the physical and emotional trauma of premature child birth and being told her trauma was for naught, her child would in all probability die before leaving the hospital . The Airman, was an ignorant human . He allowed his ignorant pride to over rule his better judgment and the love he had for his wife. I prayed “ Father Forgive him. He is ignorant.

The priest informed my mother the sacrament of Baptism was offered to infants with the prospect of a long journey in this life. Christening was done in order to aid the new life in their obligation to live and serve Elohim. Under the circumstances, I was without sin. He explained I was an innocent and exempt from the required sacrament of baptism.

Mother explained she understood but, it was her hope, her prayer that I would have that long journey in life. And if not, she wanted to consecrate me and my life to the service to Elohim for the ceremony she had the staff dress me in an angelic baptismal / mourning gown. I felt her fear. I felt her shame and remorse for having given birth to me. But, beneath all the emotions she experienced I heard her heart and it whispered pure love.

The Roman Catholic christening occurred. In Spanish , English, and German With me being christened with the name Martha Lynn and my god parents christened me Marta, the name my father had chosen. Originally mother had rejected the name Marta. Her mind told her Marta was the name of a woman daddy had slept with In Spain.

Within hours of the short baptism my grandfather arrived from Mississippi He looked at his newest grandchild through the protective glass of the neo- natal intensive care unit and tears streamed down his cheeks.

He was wise beyond his years. Morgan had watched babies come into this world and, he had seen babies leave this world far too soon. And his every instinct was telling him this grandchild would die.

Then the nurse offered him the chance to have physical contact with me. Within seconds he was sanitized, robed, gloved, and masked then the nurse led him to the warming bed where I lay.

At first He looked through the thick glass at an infant less than two inches long. He saw a child encased in what to his mind was not of this world. His granddaughter was enclosed in what his mind said was a craft of some sort. He saw his grandchild struggling to live. As he made contact with my tiny hand he whispered. “Live, fight the good fight and serve the Lord of Lords, my child.

I do not know or understand the Creators purpose for sending you here in this way but, you were sent for a purpose. It is not for me to question the mind of Jehovah Elohim.

The nurse told my grandfather what my parents had been told. “Premature infants born on the edge of viability may have no neurological awareness, cannot hear or see, or will never stand or walk.” It is not for me to question the mind of Jehovah Elohim. He lowered his head and turned to leave.

The nurse touched his arm and sternly cautioned him; “Mr. Lee Sir, this baby girl may not have the strength to endure another abandonment by another member of her family. Then the nurse placed me in his arms. As he continued to hold me he whispered “Into your hands I commend her tiny spirit.”

My grandfather was giving me back to Elohim. As his tears fell on my skin I heard the love in his broken heart.

Then he spoke to me. Williamson baby girl, for as long as you draw breath you are Papa’s girl. When I leave you, little one, I’m going to see that Mama of yours. Then I am going to find that daddy of yours. When I find them, your papa, is going to have a serious talk with both of them. You need their love and protection. And, you need a name. Papa will see to it you have a name. Your papa will see to it you have all you need for your short time on the Earth.

He had to pay his respects to a grandchild he may never know and compose himself before he saw his daughter.

I could not speak but, I could hear his thoughts Like my mother, Papa, thought I was born under the curse of original sin. In his heart and mind I was 100% human. I was his granddaughter and mortal in every aspect. The Shinning ones told me this sentiment was good. It would stand in opposition to the sentiments of the Airman and my mother. Eve did not know I had heard her thoughts . She thought no one heard her call me a monster. She thought no one had seen the tears she cried as she questioned Elohim, “ why would he saddle her with a psychopathic monster? What was his purpose in allowing my conception and birth.

It was the purpose behind her insistence that I be christened. She hoped to present me as a living sacrifice to Elohim before Lucifer could learn of my birth. Her intentions were good but, sadly they were in vain. Lucifer knew of my existence ; and he used the evil in her and the Airman as tools to shorten my life .

Praying for me and entrusting my spirit into the hands of the one who sent me did no harm. The Baptism was a sacrament and it also created no harm.

With tears still streaming down his cheeks he was taken to see my mother. He stood by her bed several minutes before she acknowledged his presence. Papa, had heard his daughter refer to me as a monster and a psychopathic killer. He verbally chastised her . If he ever heard her call me a demon again Papa vowed to take her from this world. “ I brought you into this world Evelyn, and I’ll take you out if you hurt that baby of yours. “ Eve knew her father was serious ; he would take her out . This was one of her motives for refusing the abortion .

when asked what he thought of his newest grandchild Papa said, “You gave birth to an angel. But, I fear God will soon take her back That beautiful little angel was not meant to be a permanent addition to our family. Daughter, you are right your baby is not of this world. She is here with us for now but, the child belongs to God and Heaven . She is to small and to frail for this world . Love her, cherish her , and protect her while she is ours.

Morgan did not share with his daughter but, he his mind made up somewhere between Bryan Texas and Poplaville Mississippi he would find or make a road side alter where he would meet with Elohim face to face and heart to heart, The life of his grandchild lay in the balance. The emotional and physical well being of his child lay in the balance. Morgan was prepared to offer his life for the life of his daughter and grandchild if his God would accept such inferior sacrifice .

My behavior seemed to confuse the medical staff I was more dead than alive still, I struggled against the tubes, I locked my fingers in the port holes of my incubator. My pinkies were permanently bent from the attempts to escape my medical confinement. This prompted the nurses caring for me to christen me Spider Monkey.

The neo-natal staff was alarmed why my mother and father had refused every opportunity to visit me in the intensive care unit. Questions were being asked why my mother would not hold me. If she lacked the confidence ; The nurses were there to instruct her how to hold me, how to care for me, Why would she refuse to have any contact with me. The hospital staff was baffled when my parents abandoned me in the hospital? Why would a mother refuse to return for her child?

Evelyn ordered the staff to surrender me to the nearest orphanage . I would require a stern Christian upbringing and she lacked the sternness to complete the task. The doctors diagnosed mother as suffering from post partum Depression. This was true in part. She was severely depressed and consumed with guilt over the conception and premature birth. Evelyn was ashamed of the inferior child she had delivered.

All failed to see the beautiful creatures of light called Shining Ones who stood vigil No one saw the angelic creatures watching over me. No one saw the beings of light that guarded me . No one could hear the prayers these extraterrestrials whispered and at times shouted on my behalf . When I slept I could feel their soft wings and the warmth of their embrace in the incubator with me. they were there angels were nurturing me . Their arms held me and comforted me . When I opened my eyes these beings of immense energy and light were there watching over me. They were mother and father to me when no human was there.

Only the Shinning ones knew why I fought against the tubes and fought to escape my incubator; The Shinning ones knew how sincerely I wanted to return with them and have them be my family,

The Grandfather was mortal as mortal as any Earthling and yet Papa, was as much one of the Shinning ones as Moses was when he came down from the mountain . Like Moses, Papa had seen God and spoke to him face to face.

When the medical experts summoned the family with the words “The infant is fading fast; it is only a matter of seconds, at the very most minutes before she passes from this place into the afterlife. When the Earthly parents would not come and Papa could not come. The doctors, the nurses, who cared for me did not see the beings most Earthlings call angels. These angels , beings of light held me and gave me the strength and courage to fight , to survive, to thrive and to live in spite of medical science and it’s predictions.

The Elohim, meaning both God and celestial / extraterrestrials took me into their care and through them I was empowered to survive and to surpass all human expectations for one so frail. But could my heavenly guardians teach Eve and the Airman to love me ? Could anyone teach my mother and foster dad to be parents ? It would be frequently said both the Airman and Eve had the morals of alley cats . Some went further and said An alley cat would be a better parent than either of them.

Six months after my traumatic entrance into this world I was discharged from the hospital with no one there to claim me. Once again my father was too preoccupied with Air Force responsibilities to attend to me. Mother had returned home to Mississippi and excused her behavior by saying the return trip to Bryan Texas was financially impossible, The Impossible became possible when my grandfather was notified I was being placed in Foster care because all attempts to contact my parents had failed.

Morgan would not accept that his daughter was abandoning her child. His grandchild had fought every moment of her existence to simply live. Martha was alive; she was strong enough to leave the hospital. To willfully abandon one’s own flesh and blood was immoral . Morgan, was determined his daughter would not do this depraved thing.

Morgan was informed of the prognoses that she would never have any cognitive or neurological knowledge of her existence. To Morgan and his wife this did not matter. His grandchild had fought to live. This small infant had over come every hurdle fate through in her path. Who were these “experts” that they would know the plan and purpose of God?

The prognoses was Martha would be blind her entire life, she would not be able to speak or to walk; none of this mattered.

Papa and God had discussed this possibility and on the authority of Elohim his grandchild would know as much about who and where she was as any of his grandchildren. Martha would see, she would speak, and she would walk. The adults surrounding her would all do their part . it would come with hard work on their part and the will of Elohim . All this Morgan accepted on faith;

For her parents and grandparents to abandon her now was unacceptable. Both families would make the trip to Texas. Both families would bring the baby home. And, the first one who dared to argue would experience being caned with a limb.

© Copyright 2017 M. Lynette . All rights reserved.

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