Business as Usual

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Harley loves her job, and she is very skilled at it. She is an assassin and her services are available to the highest bidder. When she is sent to kill her sister's husband she feels something, but it isn't guilt.

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



Jess felt a hard slap on the back of his head, rousing him from his deep stupor.  He opened his eyes and feared when he saw only blackness infront of him.  He knew someone was in the blackness for he heard the squeaking of boots on the floor.  He whipped his head around trying to locate where the person was in the room, but felt foolish.  Whoever was there did not want to be seen. 

He relaxed his tense muscles slightly, but only then did he realize that his hands and feet were tied to the chair upon which he sat.  His immediate reaction was to pull on the knots, but he knew the only way to get out was to be skillful and calm. He used his fingers to try and pull on the ropes but then he felt a slicing on the back of his left hand.  He was still and bit his lower lip to try and conceal the pain but the blade sunk in deeper.  His eyes began to tear.  He sniffed and refused to give whoever was on the other side of that blindfold the satisfation of his tears.  He then heard a laugh.  He heard a very familiar laugh."Harley?"  He called out in the darkness.

"Oh my, such good hearing." Harley bit her lip, took he blade away from Jess's hand, and placed it back in the sheath on her hip.  "How good is your memory, sweet Jessie boy?" She said tying her waist length, raven hair up into a pony tail. 

"You know my memory is my strongest assest."  He replied furrowing his brow under the blindfold. 

"Well then you would remember a certain lady by the name of,"  She paused and got really close to his ear and whispered "Eliza Reynolds?" Jess gave a noticable shiver at the sound of her name.  "Or, to put it in terms of order, the woman you slept with while you were married to my sister and before you started sleeping with me." 

Jess's heart started to pound in his chest.  Harley saw the panic begin to grow in her brother-in-law and it only made a cruel smirk spread across her face.  "When my sister comissioned me to, well, do my job, with you.  I said I simply couldn't do it."  She sat on his lap and nibbled on his ear feeling his lower body respond the way she knew it would, "For free."  She said with a slight giggle in her voice as her lower lip brushed his neck. 

"Her and Eliza commissioned me to take care of you.They paid, in cash, in full, up front.  You would think the mothers of your two children would want you to be around, but you see you're not exactly father of the year now are you?"

"Please, Harls I can exlain-" Jess started, but Harley touched her red polished finger to his lips. "Hush." She cooed in an almost kind mnner.

"But you could let me go. You could let me live.  We used to love eachother Harley.  Remember?  Remember how you used to say you loved me? I was going to leave Raina for you.  We were going to get a fresh start."  Jess pleaded.  ?Bargaining.  Why do they always try to bargain with me?? Thought Harley.  "My sister told me how to get you.  How to snare you.  Step by step.  Every word.  Every touch.  Orchestrated by the woman you promised fidelity with."

"You see, my dearest, I don't have to kill you.  I am a business woman.  If the price was right I could let you go.  Right here, right now, and Raina and Eliza would be none the wiser.  We could set you up with a new identity, new home, new city."  She lured.  "Yes anything!  Take everything I have it is yours! Let me go!"  Tears ran down Jess's eyes with happiness.  This is it! I get to live!  ?His head soared, but then plummeted to the ground when Harley kicked the chair over and he landed on his face. 

His nose gushed with blood as it broke on the concrete floor, he screamed in agony.  "You see, I don't have to kill you."  She knelt down and licked the sweat from his cheek, "I want to kill you."

She snapped her fingers and her assistant brought in a tub of bleach and her leather gloves.  "Untie him," she commanded and she slipped the gloves on.  As he was untied she shooed her lackie away and proceeded alone. 

Her assistant sat outside until he heard the second snap to go retrieve the body for the incinerator.  "Was this one especilly hard ma'am?"  Harley wiped the sweat off of her brow.  "No, business as usual.  Take him away."


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