the pain.

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it hurts to the burning of the skin. the amount of pain you caused, but the memories you brought make it all okay.

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016



Your love has made me go crazy. The thought of you has me daydreaming every minute until I get pulled out of the trance. I go outside and just look around and I remember every feeling, every emotion, everything. I know the moment I truly look you in the eyes I will melt. I know every time I think of you, it hurts like a burn going through your skin. I know people say to give up. People say don't let them get in the way of your happiness. The metaphor "only you control your emotions" its a fake. You have the control to stop feeling, stop caring. You can choose negativity or you can choose happiness with the pain of caring too much. The last choose is what most people do, you can control what you show feelings for, whether it is people or objects. You can only care about what you get attached too. Some people get attached to quickly, or it takes a long time. You don't control who you turn out to be, the people you allow to spend time with you do. People say "Only you control your future." You do not, you don't choose or ask for some of the things that happen to you. You do not get to control everything. You make go insane trying. There are many things you don't get to control. Love is a feeling that makes you go crazy but feel safe. I remember going up on that rooftop and just thinking that day if I could have seen one person it would have been you. You were the one person I needed that day. It turned out to be your favorite day, yet it will always be the day that I lost something, and you got something. You never will know what will happen later in life. All you know is if you love someone/something tell it/them, at least if you lose them one day they will know how you felt. If they don't have the courage to tell you then give to them. Show them how to trust, show them they are always safe with you. I know the moment you called to tell me you were in the hospital all I wanted to do was run to you. I wanted to do was run to you. Now I know that she will always be the one who comes for you. You don't even know me anymore. You don't answer. I love you forever. You may be gone but you always be in my heart. 

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