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This new series focuses on how the world reacts to a unspeakable tragedy, orchestrated by an assailant known only as UNCLE EDDIE. It takes place roughly 30 years after my original short story Goliath, and will be told from the perspectives of different members of the infamous Wrighteous Family.

Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016







A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 






New York, New York


30 Years After the Merovingian Address 



Dark clouds engulf the sky and the city is battered by a rainstorm. Mr. Wrighteous is informed he has company just as he writes the final line of his speech. Moments later Sister Florence enters his room along with two knights of the Iron Guard. Mr. Wrighteous puts down his pen and comes around his desk to greet his guest.


“ Sister Florence, what a wonderful surprise. Me and my wife were talking about coming to see you later today. How can I be of service? “


Sister Florence takes note that Mr. Wrighteous didn’t bow before she responds.


“ Here. “


Sister Florence hands Mr. Wrighteous a vanilla-filing folder. When he opens it, his expression changes immediately. Ounce he’s looked thru all the photo’s, he hands Sister Florence back the folder before responding.


“ How do I know these are real? “


Sister Florence snaps her fingers and one of the knights standing behind her reveals a container from under his cape. Mr. Wrighteous walks over to the knight and pulls back the top on the container. He’s greeted by the flesh of a woman’s face, its mouth open in shock. Now smiling Mr. Wrighteous walks back over to his desk and looks back at Sister Florence before responding.


“ So, Julia Sampson is finally dead. “


Mr. Wrighteous leans back against his desk and crosses his arm’s before continuing.


“ And Goliath was publically executed this morning. I’m disappointed,…………. this was much too easy. Wouldn’t you agree Sister?  “


Both Mr. Wrighteous and Sister Florence share a locked stare. Neither breaks their focus on one another, until one of the knights taps Sister Florence on the shoulder and whispers something in her ear. After nodding her head, Sister Florence looks back at Mr. Wrighteous before responding.


“I’d love to chat with you but it seems you have a “family matter’ to deal with. Enjoy the rest of your day. “  


 As Sister Florence exits the room, with the knights following close behind, Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ I beg your pardon ?........ “


Simultaneously when Sister Florence disappears around the corner, Elliot enters the room. He’s out of breath and drenched from head to toe. Ounce he’s regained his stamina he walks towards his father with fire in his eyes. Mr. Wrighteous releases a sigh of frustration before sitting down behind his desk. After Elliot pulls up a seat in front of his father’s desk, he starts questioning him.


“ IS IT TRUE !?”


Mr. Wrighteous responds. 


“ Elliot its time to grow up, I’ve had enough of this. You’re in no position to ask me anything. Now dry yourself off and go see your mother, she’s been asking about you since last week. “ 


Elliot responds.


‘ IS IT FUCKING TRUE !!!!!!!!?”


Mr. Wrighteous responds.




Elliot responds.


“ It was you wasn’t it…….. You let those terrorists into the country. You used your connections in the White House and the military to allow those warships safe passage over the coast and into American airspace. This was all you………. I can’t believe this surprises me. I guess I just thought you wouldn’t go this far. “


Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ So what group of conspiracy theorists have gotten you all riled up this time hm? Is it the Pelican Group? Or maybe Paradise Domestic again? You were always so impressionable Elliot. I guess that’s why you were the hardest for me to get mad at, its not your fault your this gullible. You were just born this way. That being said my patience is wearing thin. I suggest you leave, calm yourself down, and go see your mother. “ 


Elliot responds.


“ My sources are a little bit more credible this time. I’m sure you’ve heard of the cyber revolutionist’s called GIEST. “


Elliot watches his father rise from his seat and walk towards him before continuing.


“ Yeah,…… I thought that would get your attention. They’ve been tracking you for years. Watching your every move. They told me everything about you and how the terrorist attack in D.C was your doing. At least to some extent. You probably underestimated how much damage they’d cause.  More accurately, how many people they’d kill. Like my girlfriend Fiona, whom I was going to propose to that same day.”


Elliot pulls out a piece of gum, sticks it in his mouth and starts chewing before continuing.


“ Mr. Fuckin Wrighteous,….. BIG DADDY…. The person who seemingly benefitted the most from the attack, since he predicted it. Thus gaining the people’s support during the elections….. The next President of the United States….. You got the whole family, if not the country, convinced you’re the second coming, but in reality you’re just a patsy. A tool that was used to allow a gang of extremists into the country. You really thou – “


Sooner than Elliot can finish his statement, Mr. Wrighteous grabs him by the neck and lifts him off his feet. He begins slowly squeezing his throat before responding.


“ What happened…. ? Come on say something else, You were doing so well. You had me on the edge of my FUCKING SEAT !!!! “


Mr. Wrighteous takes a moment to appreciate the look of fear and desperation his son has before continuing.


“ Know this child……… When the son challenges the father, only one is left standing. “


Cocking back his arm, Mr Wrighteous throws his son across the room and he land’s face first on the floor.  Blood oozes from Elliot’s forehead as he coughs up spit and try’s to get back up. Mr. Wrighteous looks down on his son before continuing.


“ Choose the next words that come out your mouth sensibly. “


Elliot continues to cough and gag while looking at the floor. Mr. Wrighteous flexes his shoulder and walks back to his seat before continuing.


“ That’s a good boy. “


After one last luigi, Elliot looks up at his father and responds.


“ ………………EXCELLA………………….… WALKER……………………………. “


Turning quickly to face his son and seeing the portentous grin he has, Mr. Wrighteous snaps and charges at Elliot like a crazed beast. 

© Copyright 2018 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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