The Antidote to His Insanity

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She was the antidote to his insanity. Her lips were warm, and soft to the touch. Her elegance radiated with the beauty that she accompanied, and her boldness was something that most women lacked. It pulled him in. Her innocence; the way Georgia portrayed herself with such vulnerability, and yet, with confidence. It was all so hypnotizing to him.

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Submitted: May 18, 2016

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Submitted: May 18, 2016




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- "Georgia" cover by Daithi de Nogla



April 3rd, 2016



Another sip.


Then another… and another…


Gradually, Shaine’s vision was becoming blurry as the Bourbon coursed through his veins; causing those memories within his crazed mind to fade with the buzz. He was drunk. There was no doubt about it as Shaine stumbled through the corridor of his condo with his fingers wrapped around the neck of the bottle with a vice grip, as if dropping it would be the end of his life. To him? Alcohol was his life. It shoved those memories of the past aside, and created a border between tragedy, and reality.


A groan emitted from his burning throat as he stumbled into the wall; losing his balance, and knocking one of the pictures down. Good, he never liked that one anyway. It shattered upon impact; causing minuscule pieces of glass to scatter over the wooden floor, going this way, and that. Regaining his balance, Shaine used the wall as his leverage; the crunching sound of glass echoing through the hallway as his boots stepped on the tiny pieces.


It was then that he heard the sound of the bedroom door opening, with Georgia emerging from within. The look upon her features was proof of her annoyance, added by the crossing of her arms over her chest as she stared at him in disbelief.


“Are you serious right now, Shaine?” Her voice was stern, and laced with that Eastern accent of hers. Much different than the Southern accent that passed his drunken lips. “It’s three in the morning. Where have you been?”


Bloodshot eyes lifted to look at the beauty of an angel standing in the doorway of his bedroom. “Out with the guys, darlin’. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.” He then paused; his free hand reaching forward to tug on the hem of his plaid shirt that loosely hung from Georgia’s body. “Unless you aren't not wearin’ any.” That devious grin crossed his lips as he looked towards her.


She wasn’t having it. “Don’t,” Georgia stated; smacking his hand away, and turning to head into the room. Shaine followed; stumbling as usual. “Every fuckin’ night, Shaine. Every fuckin’ night.”


This made him frown. “I can’t ‘ave fun with my buddies?” He questioned; staring at her now as he stood there with the almost empty bottle of Bourbon in his hand.


“I didn’t say you couldn’t have fun with them. I’m saying you don’t have to every goddamn night,” she explained; plopping herself down onto the edge of the bed, and sweeping her auburn hair from her face. “Dammit, Shaine. I’d like to go to bed one night with you by my side, instead of worryin’ about when you’ll be home.”


“I’m home, aren’t I?”


Her silver eyes - normally filled with innocence - looked towards him with disbelief once more. “It’s three in the morning. That's not what I meant.”


“Sounds like it to me, darlin’.” Another swig of the bitter alcohol was taken; burning his throat as the liquid slid down with ease.


A heavy sigh passed Georgia’s lips. “I’m sick of waitin’ for you every night.”


“Then don’t.”


Those two words hit her hard, due to the way he had said them; as if he didn’t give a damn if she was there, or not. There were no words to be said. Instead, Georgia stood to grab her jeans from the chair by the window, and began to pull them on. There was no use in arguing. It was best to leave, rather than get into a huge fight which seemed to be the daily thing within their chaotic relationship.


Noticing this, Shaine sighed. “Where are you going?”




“C’mon, darlin’. Don’t be like this. Stay. Please.”


He then attempted to move towards her, but before he could get ahold of her, Georgia swiftly moved; her hands pressing against his chest to send him backwards with force. His difficulty with balance had Shaine falling backwards; his body hitting the ground with a loud thump, along with the bottle of Bourbon that slid a foot away from his reach, with the rest of it’s contents spilling out over the floor.


“Don’t fuckin’ touch me. Don’t fuckin’ come near me. Don’t call me. I am done, Shaine. You and your drunken ass can go straight to Hell.” Grabbing her keys from the dresser, Georgia stormed out of the room. Moments later, the sound of the door slamming shut filled the condo.


Shaine laid there; staring up at the ceiling fan as it spun. 'Round, and 'round, and 'round it went.



Flashbacks began to flicker before his eyes.


Flames. They grew bigger, and hotter with each passing second. Blood-curdling screams pierced the air as those within were swallowed up by the flames, and forced through the agonizing pain of melting flesh, while he stood there; watching through the living room window as his family burned to death.


In the fire that he had started.


A coughing fit ensued; bringing Shaine out of his reverie, and back into reality. He needed a drink. Badly, before his mind is pulled back into the flames.




Three nights later, and there he was; standing in front of Georgia’s front door in his casual attire of work boots, faded blue jeans, and a fitted, long-sleeved t-shirt that hung loosely off of his muscled torso. With a hand sweeping through his chestnut hair, he used the other to knock against the door; knuckles rasping against the wooden surface.


A minute passed before the door opened; revealing Georgia in a simple blood-red cashmere sweater, and tight black jeans. Her auburn hair was up in a messy bun; loose tendrils framing her freckled features, which looked anything but enlighted to see him standing there.


“What are you doing here, Shaine?” Georgia questioned; keeping the door more than half-way shut, with her body blocking any view into her apartment. “I thought I tol-”


“I want to talk,” he interrupted, while shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.


“You’ve had your chance, Shaine. For the months that we were together.”


“I know. Just… please. Let me explain.” He stood there; begging her with those emerald hues of his.


Georgia chewed on the inside of her bottom lip; studying him for a moment, before leaning her frame casually against the doorframe. “What is there to explain? You’ve told me every excuse in the book. How many more lies, Shaine? I can’t take the secrets anymore.”


“No more secrets, then.” He was confident with that answer. Just by his body language, his eyes, and the way he spoke; he was sober. Sober as can be.


After a moment, she spoke. “I don’t believe you.” It was a matter-of-fact statement. “Go home, Sh-”


“I’m an alcoholic,” Shaine threw out there; moving swiftly to stop the door from closing. His emerald hues stared into silver ones. He watched as the astonishment flashed across Georgia’s features. Not once, in the six months that they were together, had he admitted to being an alcoholic. It may not mean shit to anyone else, but damn did it mean something to her. “I can’t help it, Georgia. I’ve got...I’ve got these things inside of my head that only alcohol can take away."


Now, those words made her frown. “Then why are you here? What’s the point if you’re going to keep drinkin’?”


“I love you.”


Three words, that held so much meaning. Georgia’s lips parted, and her innocent eyes widened with so much shock, that it made her speechless. He loved her. “Don’t play games with me.”


“I’m not,” he countered; leaning forward with his hand still pressed against the door, and his face mere inches from her own. “I’m sober saying this, Georgia. I love you. You make that psychotic side of me disappear every time you’re with me. When we lay together at night, your body next to mine keeps the demons away. Your kiss…” He murmured; his minty breath fanning over her lips. “It keeps me from losing my mind.”


Georgia didn’t know what to say. Hell, she wasn’t exactly capable of forming any words, or able to construct sentences at this moment in time. She simply stared at him.


“If you feel that way,-” she finally spoke after a few moments of complete silence, “-then you need to open up to me, Shaine. I can’t be with someone who hides things from me.”


The silence once again surrounded the two of them. He was contemplating everything inside of his mind. Literally, everything. Was it time? Should he tell her? How would she take it? On the inside, Shaine knew it would be best to get it out in the open, and go from there. The way she handled the news would simply construct the process of their relationship for the future; whether it be eradicated, or worked upon.


“Then I’ll tell you everything you need, or want to know.” That was the full blown truth.


Without much hesitation, Georgia stepped back; now allowing Shaine to enter into her home. Things needed to be fixed between them. No fighting. No shouting at one another. They would sit, talk it all out, and figure things out from there.


Yet, the news that had been thrown out into the open, wasn’t something Georgia had been expecting. In fact, the news of Shaine burning down his own childhood home, and murdering his family in the process wasn’t even on the list of potentional problems that he was going through. It wasn’t just that, though. Over the years, after an abundant amount of forced therapy, medication, and group homes, Shaine managed to get on the right track.


Until he met Georgia.


She was the antidote to his insanity. Her lips were warm, and soft to the touch. Her elegance radiated with the beauty that she accompanied, and her boldness was something that most women lacked. It pulled him in. Her innocence; the way Georgia portrayed herself with such vulnerability, and yet, with confidence. It was all so hypnotizing to him.


Around the time his alcoholism began, was also when he stopped taking his medication. Georgia became his life support. He solely depended on her, as it was her that kept him sane.


In knowing that information, Georgia wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed with their relationship, and because of that, it took time; time to make sense of it all, and to figure out if her feelings for Shaine were worth the emotional damage in the end.




May 19th, 2016



His hand was shaking uncontrollably; grip loosening to allow the handgun to clatter onto the wooden floor of his corridor. Shaine stood there; motionless, and staring blankly at Georgia’s bloodied body as the crimson liquid began to pool around her.




“Why won’t you let it be?!” He had yelled; the words spitting out with increased anger as he stood there with his hands fisting at his sides.


“You killed them, Shaine! You fuckin’ killed them!”


“Don’t you think I fuckin’ know that!”


Georgia ran her hands through her hair; gripping the auburn strands on the top of her head. “You’re sick, Shaine. Alcohol isn’t going to fix the goddamn problem!”


At that moment, the bottle of Gin flew past her; missing by a couple inches, and shattering against the wall behind where she stood. Her frightened eyes stared at the glass on the floor, before her gaze lifted to stare at Shaine.


“You did not just throw that bottle at me,” she breathed out with one breath. He - not once - had done such a thing before. He never laid his hands on her; never threw things at her. Yes, they got into many arguments, but this? This was the most chaotic of them all. “You’re drunk, Shaine. I’m gonna leave before this bullshit gets outta hand.” Georgia moved around the kitchen island; grabbing her keys as she passed by them, and headed for the door.


Shaine blocked her departure as he slid between her and the door. “No. You’re goin’ to stay.”


“Let me past.”




“Shaine, fuckin’ let me past!”


That balled-up fist of his came into contact with the left side of her jaw; forcing her to stumble to the side, and drop the keys onto the ground. A hand flew up to cup the side of her face; tear-filled, silver hues darting towards him. Now, her heart was thundering inside of her chest as she watched him bolt the door shut.


This wasn’t him.


It was not her Shaine.


“Shaine, please,” Georgia breathed out through the pain. “Just...let me go.”


“I never should have told you,” Shaine stated; completely ignoring her pleas, and moving away from the door to start his pacing.


Back and forth… Back and forth. Her eyes never faltered from his movements.


“I never should have let you see inside,” he continued; rambling on now, and rubbing the back of his neck as the anxiety, and panic began to increase. “I’m a murderer. I set that place on fire, knowin’ it would kill my family. Did I give a shit? No!”


Georgia jumped at the sudden raise in Shaine’s voice, along with the vase of flowers crashing against the floor as he forced them off the side table near the door.


“My family was horrible! They didn’t see me as their fuckin’ blood. Every goddamn day I was beaten. I was ignored, and treated like a fuckin’ slave!” His voice was raising higher, and higher now. That vein in the side of his neck began to push against his skin; becoming noticeable with the anger radiating from inside of him.


It scared her. Fuck, did it scare her. Georgia couldn’t move from her spot. She was frozen in place, and still cupping the side of her jaw where he had punched her.


“I got help, y’know,” he nodded at her; those emerald eyes encased with darkness. “I got help, and I was fine. I was so goddamn fine, Georgia. I made a livin’ for myself. Got a job, bought this condo, and lived my life like nothin’ ever fuckin’ happened.” He then closed the distance between them, which caused Georgia to back up against the wall instantly.


His face… it was inches from her own. The strong stench of Gin filling her nostrils as his hot breath fanned over her face.


“Then, I met you.” A sinister grin crossed his drunken lips. “You attracted me the moment my eyes landed on you.” His hand lifted; fingers brushing over her cheek, on the right side of her face. “I love you, y’know. I love you so fuckin’ much, it’s killing me on the inside.”


Georgia held in a breath; staring at him, with her eyes locking onto his. “I-I know,” she murmured; finally finding the courage the speak. “Which is why you should let me go.” Those words held more meaning than just simply letting her out the door.


They made his muscles tense, and that grin to fade from his lips.




It was a simple word that was followed by Georgia’s whimper of pain as he roughly grabbed her hair, and threw her onto the floor without much effort given into it. Her small frame and height made it easy for him to have the upper hand. Right now, the monster inside was in control.


“You aren’t goin’ anywhere. Not since you know my secret.”


The sound of a drawer opening filled the air; causing Georgia to look up from her spot on the floor. Instantly, all the color drained from her face as her silver eyes landed on the handgun. It was in that moment that she saw her life flash before her eyes.


Her parents, who were on vacation in Hawaii... Her sister, who was eight months pregnant, and ready to pop anytime now... Her coworkers down at the bakery... Her childhood... Her education.


Then, Shaine.


He captured her heart from the moment he spoke to her in that Southern accent of his. She missed getting lost within his emerald eyes, and the way he held her in such a protective manner; as if no one, or nothing could hurt her.


Yet, there he was; aiming the barrel of a gun at her with that look of determination on his features.


“Shaine… don’t. Please.” Georgia spoke through the sobs that racked through her body. “Please… Don’t do this. Don-”


That gunshot rang out.


Blood splattered along the base of the wall, along with brain matter, and skull fragments.




That gunshot brought him back from his insanity, and back to reality, where he stared at the dead body of Georgia, and the copious amount of blood.


Then, he was on his knees; body slumping to the floor, as tears began to fall. An ache was there; inside of his chest. Familiar to the feeling he had felt hours after his home burned to the ground. He knew, as his time would be spent in jail for the rest of his life, that only Georgia would be on his mind.




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