Dating A Demon

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Well, the title speaks for itself.

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



Dating A Demon

By Donald Fransu


“I would date a demon before I date you!” those were the words of Ella Northberg to her lover as she rejected his love for the hundredth time. So he departed from her sorrowfully. That was the last time she spoke to him.

Ella Northberg lived in the Gothard Mountains of Medievalia, where superstition and a gothic atmosphere reigned. The wealthy people lived in gothic castles, while the less wealthy ones, like Ella’s family, lived in small houses.

Ella Northberg and Hereward Surelove were neighbours. Thus, they had known each other for many years. When Hereward was eighteen, he fell in love with Ella, who was sixteen at the time. But she rejected him, saying that she was too pretty for him. For the next three years, Hereward did all he could to melt her heart, until she said the words recorded on the first line of this story. So he stopped bothering her, but his love for her only increased.

A series of horrifying experiences was about to be presented to Ella. The first one happened in the middle of the night. It was simply a dream. But what a dream!

She saw a group of beings flying together. Even the scariest movie could not have presented such terrifying creatures. Were they vampires? No. Worse! Ghosts? Even worse! Demons? Yes!

Looking at these demons would cause the bravest person to faint. Being asleep, however, Ella could not faint.

One of these demons had a big, but a cruel smile on his face. So we shall call him the Smiling Demon.

“You seem really happy today,” remarked the leader of the demonic band.

“Ah yes,” replied the Smiling Demon as the smile on his demonic face widened. “I have finally found a home on the earth.”

“Were you invited to this home by the owner?” questioned the leader.

“Certainly,” answered the Smiling Demon.

That was all. But it was more than enough to take away all hope and happiness from Ella’s life.

When she opened her eyes the next morning, she felt as if the dream was a reality. It would haunt her all her life. Being so terrified and depressed, she did not leave her room the whole day.

Ella’s parents were deeply concerned about their child. They asked her what the matter was, but she refused to answer.

She kept having horrifying dreams for several days until at last, something worse happened. Instead of having these dreams at night, she started seeing the Smiling Demon throughout the day!

Her parents took her to several doctors to see what the matter was. They all declared that there was nothing wrong with her, except that she was really nervous. They prescribed several kinds of medicine for her. But nothing seemed to work. The Smiling Demon kept visiting her at his pleasure.

When Ella told her brother about the demon that she was seeing, he laughingly said, “Are you dating him?”

At this remark, Ella suddenly remembered the last words that she had spoken to her lover: “I would date a demon before I date you!”

The whole village heard that Ella Northberg was possessed by a demon. It became the most important topic of conversation in the village.

One day, Hereward Surelove, Ella’s lover, came to see her. The news that she was haunted by a demon had not escaped him.

He entered her chamber and started praying, commanding the demon, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to leave Ella. Suddenly, Ella screamed with all her might and fainted away.

But something worse happened to Hereward. When Ella’s family came to see why she had screamed, they found Hereward lying on the floor, quite dead!

In a couple of minutes, Ella revived and exclaimed joyously, “The demon is gone! I’m free!”

Of course Hereward’s family was notified of his death. His mother gave Ella a letter which was written by Hereward just before he had visited her.

From this letter, Ella learned that as soon as Hereward had heard about her condition, he started praying to the Lord about it. He was told in a dream that if he attempted to free Ella from the demon, he would be murdered by the demon’s friends. But Hereward didn’t care. So he went to see Ella, and freed her from the demon by the power of the Lord. As soon as the demon had left Ella, however, the demon’s friends kept their promise and murdered Hereward.

“He saved me from the demon at the cost of his own life!” exclaimed Ella with tears in her beautiful eyes. “And yet I had told him that I would date a demon before I date him. Well, I did date a demon in a sense.”

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