the lost one

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a group of young teens find there true meaning in life when exploring area 51 then being held captive by a man disguised as an alien.

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016




Once Isaiah began driving I wasn't sure if  this was  the smartest thing to do but I was sure of one thing, this trip would change my life forever. For 18 years i've been living the same routine afraid to try something new or follow my one absolute dire dream to one day work in Area 51. Say this one trip goes wrong, my future career could end before it ever starts. "You ready Cat?" Isaiah asked and before I could get a word out and beg him to let me out he went on and on about what it would look like, or what they would look like. It seemed as if he was more excited than I was about the trip. Although I had doubts it was my idea, so backing out now wasn't an option.  

"Sam we're here come out","My mom is asking what time I'll be back Cat what do I say! Who knows if we're even coming back." Sam had this strange theory we were going to be abducted for disturbing the aliens peace it could be possible, but after an hour with talkative Sam and smart ass Isaiah I was almost certain they'd  beg us to return to earth. "Just tell her you're going to stay the night with me", as I hung up the phone Isaiah asked whether I thought Sam was even the slightest bit interested in him. We had all been best friends since grade school learning he had a thing for her was a shock although I guess it shouldn't have been after all he always got a little gleam in his eyes when he saw her.

Sam threw her stuff in the bed of Isaiah's black 1980 Chevy pick up, opened the door and climbed in. Before heading out city limits Isaiah decided  we should stop at an old burger joint just in case it was our last meal at least it would be at a place we've gone to since we were little. We sat and discussed our whole plan, which doors we would go through, paths in the desert we would take and how we would get a camera in. No matter how long I went over everything I don't think I ever prepared myself to actually go through with it. The plans were almost flawless now all that was left to overcome was the fear within myself, but what was I scared of ? "Hey Cat you good?", Isaiah asked as I sat silently deep in my thoughts. "Of course just thinking", I grinned, but I knew they could see right through my fake smile.

As we sat desperately waiting on our food, I couldn't help but reminisce on all the great memories we had here and how much we've grown. What if this was our last memory made here. While I was once again deep in my thoughts an old man with a blue torn up shirt, and khaki shorts that didn't even appear khaki anymore but black due to oil stains and dirt approached the table. "Pardon me, I don't mean to interrupt you all but I couldn't help overhearing how you all had plans of breaking into Area 51.When I was a few years older than you I went on the same venture, if you don't mind could I sit and warn you of what troubles you all might run into?" His voice sounded very raspy as if he had something stuck in his throat, and the sparkle in his eyes as he told his story only brightened giving me hope that maybe everything would be okay. " Now beware of any motion detectors out in the desert and along the gates. You may not see them or hear them but, they will be there giving away every move you make." Isaiah interrupted," I see you weren't lying when you said you've done this but, I've actually found a way to determine where these motions detectors are at." "So we have the genius in the group I see", The man sarcastically said," well let me hear it son." Isaiah went on about how he discovered using metal detectors would allow us to find them before they found us. Finally the waitress arrived at the table with the food and greeted the man and asked if he wanted the usual. Turns out he spends most of his time here because the view from the back is perfect for sightings of ufos.

I found it very strange that of my whole life coming to this burger joint I've never noticed him or knew who he was. Which led me to ask his name. Cruz Vensuelo, he worked as a  bio scientist and became fascinated with life beyond anything humans could imagine. He says he left his job to attain his true purpose in life but, I personally think he was too prideful to admit he had gotten fired. No wife or family, he was alone with the sky and everything it hid within itself  as family. Although everything seemed legit there was still something very off about this man.

Finishing up our meal and Mr.Cruz wrapping up his story I realized we were extremely behind on time. Just as we were rushing out to get in the truck and head out Cruz ran to Isaiah's window with a look on his face I couldn't quite read. "Please take me with you!" We all stared blankly  at each other unsure of the next move. "He seems legit", Isaiah whispered "it couldn't hurt us" Sam replied and gave hand signals that he could ride in the back. I can't believe I had no say in whether this strange man could tag along or not. We barely know him and he's old what if something happens or what if he slows us down! Although it was noticeable I didn't approve there was just something about this man that did not feel right.

Pulling up to the location we would leave the truck my stomach turned in disbelief. I was about to enter an alleged secret government facility known to be home of the aliens. As we walked for the first five minutes it seemed like hours luckily Cruz had stories of the many times he supposedly made the trip we were about to. Although it was all fascinating I realized maybe it was actually a little more complex than I thought. Once we were deep enough in the desert the real problems began to arise. Isaiah, proud, found the first motion detector, and with Cruz's help they unarmed it teaching sam and I incase we had to do it later on as things became more difficult. I couldn't help but notice how with every step closer and closer Cruz became more and more eager as if something were waiting on the other side of the gate for him.

Just as we could finally see the unbelievably huge entrance gate Sam triggered a motion detector as Isaiah tried to unarm it a little green light in the center of the square shaped device turned red. Then two bands that looked exactly like tie wraps but wider grew from the sides rapidly locking on to his wrist. I thought to myself could this be the end of my future, so soon. The panic prevailed in my eyes and hands jittery Cruz realized we had not prepared for an incident like this happening. He stepped in unscrewed a few screws on the bottom which then revealed a keyboard of numbers calmly punching in a pin; the little red light turned off and the two bands released Isaiah's wrist. At this moment I no longer felt like bringing him was the wrong decision, maybe all the stories he told were true along with the alien encounters he spoke of.

“I think it is safe to say we all learned our lesson, we need to definitely be more careful.” I said with a somewhat relieved tone. “Man that was amazing!” Isaiah said with excitement. I agreed it was thrilling but our goal was to make it inside not get caught more than fifty feet from the gate. Finally face to face with the gate it was now time to get across. Isaiah timed everything according to the angle of the cameras. “Are you guys ready for the hardest part” I said in the most serious tone ever. “And NOW!” Isaiah slightly shouted, giving us our cue to begin climbing.

Surprisingly Cruz and I made it over what seemed to be the tallest fence in all of earth. “Guys!”, Sam said in a panicking manner, “ I'm stuck! What do I do?”. “Just tug on the shirt Sam”, Isaiah yelled, “ Hurry we’re running out of time and i still have to get over”. With no time to waist Isaiah began climbing while Sam struggled to unleash her shirt from the top of the gate, but suddenly Sam pulled one last time with what looked like all her strength and began to fall to the ground. Almost hero like or inhuman Cruz caught her and saved her from a near death experience. Atlast they were both on the other side.

Turning around and being engulfed in amazement, bright lights shining down on different aircrafts and machines I had no idea existed, it's as if I were dreaming. “This way.” Isaiah led us to the underground tunnels we researched and studied for ages. As we walked in I noticed Cruz was missing although, with no time to spare and no real connection other than the ride here with him we went on anyways. Opening the entrance to the tunnel anxiety began to rush through me, hitting me like cold water in the midst of a deep sleep. It was exhilarating and frightening all at the same time, so unexplainably wonderful. It was as if all my dreams and plans for the future where in these tunnels.

Making this trip we were on a mission. A mission to get the truth; whether aliens were real or not and clearing the stories about what our city became known for, Ufos.  The first room we entered changed everything. Almost identical to the things seen in movies, sitting before us in a weird incubator filled with a transparent blueish greenish substance was a what appeared to be a  deformed young human. Along side of the first one were over twenty incubators with these deformed human like creatures. “It's like they started their own species, but why?” Sam asked in a very curious yet concerned tone. “Look!”, Isaiah pointed towards the wall behind Sam and I, “ What are all these formulas, and why is our names up here?” All creeped out we began to move closer together as if something were to happen we would all be able to protect one another. It was false hope but hope none the less. Going further down in the room we discovered photos taken of the three of us since children. We were being watched which made me question our desire for wanting to be here so bad.

“Maybe we should go I think we've come far enough. I'm pretty satisfied with what we've found.” I suggested with fright. There was this feeling I couldn't shake, why did it feel like we were being watched or set up. Right as we were about to step on the room back into the tunnel then the intercom came on and the door slammed shut. In a loud voice that sound like Cruz we were instructed to walk back in and stand against the wall to the left of us. On the right came through a man hard to recognize due to the lack of proper lighting. Walking closer and closer it was Cruz. “What do you want with us?” “We hel-”, “Isaiah I think it's best you stay quiet when in the presence of your leader.” Cruz interrupted. “Our leader!”, Sam shouted in a sarcastic vengeful tone. “What's going on Cruz?” I asked and in return Cruz who we thought to be human unzipped a zipper behind his shirt and revealed his true features. Unbelievable, he was one of them. His skin color slightly yellow, long skinny fingers and arms, skinny legs, and his face just a bit off. He appeared scrawny yet he was stronger than a human.

After explaining how he disguised himself and lowered us in a beam of light shines upon the three of us. In less than a minute it was ass if we disappeared off the face of the earth in every literal way. Then we appeared again except on a ship, it was so unrealistic. So many questions jammed in my head. Would I ever return home? How am I supposed to let my parents know I'm missing? How will they know where to find me? I guess it would all be solved within time.


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