summer suprise

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its the last day of school and peyton cant wait! her mom is awaiting to tell her something important

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



Chapter 1:

Finding out


I stood in the mirror brushing my brunette  hair today was the day i  was going to turn 16.”should i curl or straighten my hair.” I asked my mom as she walked into my room carrying a basket of clothes” just blow dry it.” She said i nodded at her and started on my hair when i got done next was my outfit i decided on a pink fuzzy crop top sweater with high waisted dark blue jeans and my converse.I twirled in front of the mirror and smiled as I grabbed my matching pink backpack and put on mascara and pink lipgloss. I made my way down the stairs “Hey dad” i said bending down to give him a kiss and pushed him to the table. My dad was in a wheelchair from a car accident. “ happy birthday honey.” My parents said my mom sat a plate of food down in front of me. I ate and then got ready to go. “Bye mom, bye dad.” Peyton yelled running to her best friends car “bye have a nice day at school.” Le’anne, peyton’s mother waved as she watched her daughter ride away. “You haven’t told her yet” a little voice up from behind le’anne's shoulder she turned to face the floating gold light “No Angela, i will when she gets home.” The gold light began to fade. “Don’t forget” Angela whispered as she disappeared” i won’t” le’anne whispered back feeling the symbol on her right side as she looked out to the now empty driveway.


I hopped into the car marie began to drive towards our school. “What songs on” she asked straining to hear the quiet radio “don’t know” i said turning the music up. Nothing but trouble blasted through the speakers.”i love this song.” She screamed” “you love every song” i said rolling my eyes. “but charlie puth is hot and he can sing.” She pouted at me i rolled my eyes. She then started sing, it's not like she can’t sing it's just she sings all the time.

I'm facing the bottle for all of my problems, These Instagram models are nothing but trouble, She's going away now, I'm going full throttle, All these Instagram models, I said they're nothing but trouble,When I met her she was out for love, Yeah, I bought her leather and some diamond studs, D***, when I met her she was molly'd up, F*** it, I said "Whatever" cause I'm not a judge, No, all my n***** say she's not what's up, Uh, I considered it but not enough, Uh, she just wanted to be popular, Uh, she just wanted ten thousand followers


“Shut up.. We are here and i don’t want anyone hearing your screams” i laughed at her facial remark to that and FINALLY she finally stopped singing and stopped the car. She gave me the look when she’s trying to figure out how to say something. Finally she blurted out, “We are here with Peyton Faust, Peyton? How does it feel to have your birthday on the last day of school.”  pretending her hand was a microphone. I giggled and pushed her hand away “Amazing” i said getting out her car. We began to walk to our locker when someone picked me up from behind “Xzavior!!!” i screamed as he put me back down i turned around and kissed him. I looked behind him to see kyle standing there with his hands in his pockets staring at the ground. “ Hey Kyle.” I waved at him he gave me a nod as we all walked down the hall together. I suddenly stopped realizing I wanted to get something to drink. “Hold on guys, Wait for me”. I stuck my dollar into the vending machine and said outloud “I want lemonade” as I pushed the lemonade button “SOLD OUT” the machine read. “Uggggg” I rolled my eyes and pushed the money return button. “After Biology me and Kyle have a free period and we are going to go to Meijer and if you want i can get you a lemonade” Xzavior said. “Aww babe you would do that! Thanks!”. “Now thats relationship goals right there” Marie said laughing. I looked back at her and smiled. The rest of the school day was a drag… Xzavior did bring me lemonade(best part of the day). We decided to go to spare time to celebrate my birthday. I was in the laser maze when my phone vibrated and flue out my pocket to the other side of the little black room. We began to do flips and splits and pushed the button the other side a new set of lasers appeared. I grabbed my phone and we flipped to the other side. Marie ran over “did it crack?” She asked. “No…” I said flipping my phone over. I looked at my messages, let's just say that my mom wanted to talk “ASAP”. I texted back “K i’ll be there in 15”. I put my phone back into my pocket. “Xzavior! We got to go!” I yelled. “Awww why?” Asked Marie. I pulled out my phone and showed her the message. “I wonder what she want’s to talk about.She never just “wants to talk” I said a outloud doing air quotes around wants to talk.


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