The Religious Wars

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Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



During the ancient time when electricity did not even exist, there were many documents that were written before the time of our ancestors. This has become known as dogma in modern times and has been seriously affected by these wars. Also, modern warfare has become the target of everyone’s fears. This also has been affected by these religious wars. To date, there have been discoveries that all modern wars have been proven to have been influenced by these religious sects that have held their own beliefs and were the cause of the wars. As though they all still came to understand that we all came from the same place… the stars.

Time was not much of a factor but crucially influenced all aspects of these Religious Wars and they span even far back into the 40,000 years of Progress even before Time was kept. No individual nor organized groups have known about them. Yet, they still bare precedence on the present and will last on until forever into the future. This is how it has always been but has only been known in modern times. The world is a canvas that paints more than what humans or any species would remember because they will remember those lost years and bring up a new force that was never thought possible…


The whole of creation has always been the driving force behind all things that have been, and that ever will be. The diversity of it is a whole other story. Where good and evil have its origins and continuously exist. You cannot have one without the other, it simply does not happen. The multi-verse is a mysterious thing and has always been part of creation since its origins. This was in The Lost Books of the Old Ways, and the Will to Survive. Creation is only beginning to unravel and life at its awareness seems to be holding steady and strong. Now the multi-verse includes all sorts of things and seems to be unraveling at our fingertips. Knowing your strength and weaknesses are where good and evil collide. You simply cannot have one without the other. 

As above, so below… as I like to always say.

There is more to this universe than meets the eye. All species and humans have become part of creation, and it has always been.
You may wonder why it is Species and Humans when it seems to be kind of the same thing. This is also simply not true. This is because humanity is in more than just Earthlings in the Milky-way Spiral Galaxy. These religious wars also span more than just home, they include the whole of creation. There is no truth like divine truth, but this also depends on a person’s strength. Yes divinity is within you, but don’t get too cocky to think you can take on the whole of creation alone. This has never made sense and may ever will, but creation is never alone… 
And destruction is not always evil, but cannot exist without good. These lines have always been blurry, and may always will.
The Religious Wars have always needed this inclusion, for it never made much sense; but is the ultimate truth, factual truth that includes the whole of creation… 

There are many things that hide in both good and evil that seems to keep the whole of creation stable and continually existing. This has become more than a species debate but shows where humanity lays in the goodness of hearts. This life is more than just wonderful, it is precious and more valuable than any gold or tender that is used to dictate wars in the name of good and evil for without this there would not be creation… Only in Chaos will anything and everything exist, which dictates for Order no matter the cost with good and evil stuck in the middle. This is where logic and reason make their appearances. This is because of the whole of creation. There is no sense in destroying something if it only was there for the right reasons. But humanity is to blame for it belongs to both good and evil.
Honor, Respect and Judgment rule in the domain of balance, where good and evil have its origins. This is because the whole of creation simply would not exist. This is where evil takes root for it fears the unending force of creation where good takes root. Balance is kept when all things exist eternally in a stalemate of life. For the whole of creation also fears death, this is where humanity shines… it belongs to balance. All are capable of it yet none seem to care. This is the result of the religious wars; this is also where humanity is vital. For nothing can exist if there was nothing there in the first place. The ending result is creation. This is where divinity lives. For all things are living and the result of their parts therefore only divinity can be present because of existence. Existence is ruled by Balance; which belongs to Humanity.
The Religious Wars are waged by humanity and only on itself, since it too is part of the whole of creation. These are teachings shown to you through me… 

The Whole of Creation.

There is only war… but for what, against whom, and why is it up to humanity to fix it? Because it is Humanity that created it and the war is on The Whole of Creation since it is the nature of The Whole of Creation. The Religious Wars were part of a much grander design that not even The Whole of Creation knew, except for Humanity. Humanity’s creation is more than just a myth, it is true fact.  The myth is the space between truth and stories. Where things are not fully known but only to those who fix them. Where the great stalemate is sealed and the truth about things is created.

Where Order and Chaos rule in Harmony, Will there no longer be a Religious War and Existence is created with The Whole of Creation. Balance is struck and both Good and Evil reside in their Dimensions and Humanity will no longer be a threat to itself again.
… Oh the Humanity.

All that has been told and shared is called dogma and constructs the misperceptions of what truly is the only war. The Religious War; this is where belief in anything resides and is why all that exists are Religious.

~ For the sake of humanity, please, do not turn a blind eye to this; for it bares Truth. ~

For Honor…
For Respect…
For Judgment…
and For Truth…

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