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Submitted: May 20, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016



Remember that time
we came home
from drinking
at that party

and I was pretty
much sloshed?
she said
and we staggered

along that roadway
and I began singing
that love song
and you joined in

and we were like
a pair of unsober
Sinatra and Ella?
I nodded my head

lying on our bed
waiting for her
to undress
and we had just left

that friend of yours
that one who kept
touching my ass
and you just laughed

and said he was just
being friendly
and whose face
I slapped and you

made it up to him
saying it was that
kind of week?
sure I remember

I said
scratching my thigh
and as we got to that
junction going off

into town and down
to this place
and I felt the sudden
need to pee

and you said
go do it in that porch
and I said what if
someone sees

and you said
I'll tell them you
were trying it
out for size?

Sure I do
I said
as you stood there
butt naked gazing

at yourself in
the tall-boy mirror
but I didn't I held it in
and walked that

funny walk
with my hands
pushed between my legs
and you said

think of a desert
and no water
and I ran the last few
feet in the door

and just made it in time
and you came in
and shut the door
but I hadn't

I'd peed on the floor?
Yes I recall
I said
but I didn't at all.

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