The Fall

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This poem is just a glimpse from the darkness of my mind.

Submitted: May 20, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016



One man can make a difference,

A woman can make a change,

There's a time and place for everything,

We just need to pay attention.


We trip and fall,

Some face the struggle,

Some get up,

Some give up.


When life gets tough,

We pass the torch,

The struggle is momentarily gone,

Until the next day.


The fall is hard,

As is the road we walk,

The darkness surrounds,

It clouds my thoughts.


The fall weakens me,

Weakens my every move,

How do I conquer,

Such an insidious being.


My mind runs blank with things to say,

So I stick with what i do best,

I put on a mask,

And face yet another day in hell.


Life gave me lemons,

I just threw them away,

Lemonade is too sweet,

For this sour mind.


The darkness in my head,

Overwhelms me,

Overwhelms family,

Clouds judgment of my thought.


There is no positive, 

There is no negative,

Life is just there,

Waiting to strike.


My mind is like a monster waiting to strike,

It waits in the dark,

It's hungry for a snack,

Of my natural intellect.


The life of mine,

It is not a treat,

It defeats my every purpose,

There's nothing left for me.


I am told I am depressed,

I say no your just too happy,

For the fall is too great,

I'll admit it,

I'm still falling.

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