I was In

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A conversation in a psyche ward.

Submitted: May 20, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016



I was in

I was with my friend

We were talking about people

and you know

you know what he said to me?

y'know there was a time

there was when-- when we was not so smart

when we're simple folk

we only have each other

y'kno what I mean don' 'cha?

I said to him

said I don't know what you mean

he says when we was simple

simple man only had each other

simple man only knew what he knew

simple man only liked other people who knew this

simple man only killed other people who didn't

y'know it kind of

it's kind of like when people out there

they shoot each other you know?

sometimes not even with a gun

they jus' shoot ye'

all cause you disagree

but we aint so simple

he said to me

not anymore

so why we shooting?

I said I disagree

and then he says to me

and thats the thing

the thing about yous' and mes'

we dont shoot each otha's

and they callin' us crazy

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