Misfortunate Date

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Mary meets an online guy and brings him to a family party. Mary soon finds out the guy she brings home is a killer.

Submitted: May 20, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016



It felt as if the world ended. Everything seemed to slow down. My heartbeat beating louder than ever like a church bell. I can hear my own thoughts booming through my head. What just happened? I say to myself as I bring my knees closer to my chest. Why did he do that to me? I drop my head to my knees, can’t help but to sob. I thought he was good. I liked him. I even went through all the trouble to look good for him. I have never encountered such a horrific person until I met him. He lied to me, made me believe he was a good person. I shouldn’t have brought him to the party. Now everyone is dead because of me. Here I am, hiding in a wall and crying. He’s still out there looking for me, calling out my name in a sweet charming voice. I wont let him get me, I have to get out and get help.

The wall I’m in starts to crack, I hear the drywall starting to give way. Instantly, I fall through, elbows breaking my fall. Splintered wood shredding through my clothes and into my soft skin. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs fast and heavy. I know it’s him and I don’t have time to worry about my injuries. I get up as fast as my legs can lift me up and head for the nearest room: my brothers’ room. I shut the door quickly but quietly. As I look around the room, I break down crying. My little brother died and standing in his room makes my heart sink. He was just a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scratch that, my whole family was. Out in the hallway, the footsteps fall silent. I stand near the door, ear pressed against the cold wooden door. I hear him kick through the drywall and wood debris. I can hear him curse under his breath. He calls out my name.

“Oh Mary, where are you?” Says the guy in a soothing voice.

I bring my hand over to my mouth to muffle my heavy breathing. I look at my elbows, feeling blood drip down my arm and onto the floor. Crap, what if I bled the entire way here? It’s as if though he was listening to my thoughts when he starts banging on the door. I let out a shriek. He’s got me and I’m stuck. I look for a weapon near me and happen to find nothing. The door is being forced open. I don’t have time to react. I just happen to do the stupidest thing anyone could do in a situation like this: I run head on towards him. As the door busts open, I tackle him down. He doesn’t see it coming and has no time to react. We both end up smacking into the hallway wall. I then knee him in the stomach, trying to react fast. Next I elbow him in the face but he quickly grabs a hold of my neck and slams me onto the ground. I get the wind knocked out and struggle for air. Then he brings his foot down on me but I roll over and pick up a piece of splintered wood and whack it across his leg. The wood breaks and some pieces dig deep into his leg. I stand there thinking I’ve won but he grunts at the pain and dives into me. We both plummet down the staircase. I feel something break in me. I roll all the way to the bottom along with the man. I get up on my knees and crawl away after seeing the guy fall silent onto the floor. I try to stand but my ankle hurts way too damn much, maybe that’s what I heard break. I limp over to the kitchen to grab a knife and finally kill the man. I hurriedly rummage through the kitchen counter looking for a knife. As I reach over to grab the knife, I feel my shirt being tugged back hard enough where I lose balance. He stands over me, blood across his face. Right behind him I see a lighter and some cooking oil. I know what I must do. I head-butt him in the groin, he topples over and I manage to get up off the floor and get near the lighter and cooking oil. I then scream in horror from excruciating pain, he’s pulling on my injured ankle. I can feel the bone shift as he pulls. I start to cry in pain but it doesn’t stop me from getting what I need. I grit my teeth and push through the pain, opening the cooking oil bottle and getting the lighter ready. I turn around, spill the oil over him and try to light him on fire but he smacks the lighter away from me. He picks me up and smashes me onto the counter and does it again a few more times. I feel my head hit the door handle of a cabinet. I feel nauseous and sick. As he gets close to me, I bite his neck and bite some skin off. He lets go of me and puts his hand over his injury. I spit out the skin and blood. I look for the lighter as he looks for ways to stop the bleeding. I find it and when I do I engulf him in flames. He screams in agony as his body burns. I limp away into the living room trying to evade putting pressure onto my ankle. I look away as I see my family lie dead on the floor. I cry and the tears make it hard to see. I stop and wipe them away. I reach over for the house phone and dial 911. The police should be here in 10 minutes. I relax and try to breathe. That’s when I feel something sharp pierce through my back. I fall onto my knees and tumble over. The man falls next to me as well, skin burnt and blistered and disfigured. I cry and can feel my body getting cold. The man looks at me and says one more thing before he dies.

“Oh Mary, be careful who you meet online.” He says soothingly. 

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