The Ups and Downs

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This is the story of a life full of ups and downs, some of it from true experience others made up. Victor has had a tough life but in the moments of madness, pain and confusion the sun still shines and life still goes on.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 20, 2016



My name is Victory, I have just recently turned 50 years old and as a gift I have recieved a chance to publish a book as a story of my life. My life has been a rollercaoster, full of ups and downs and plenty of mysery but also pure joy. I'm going to start off with a story of when I was 13.

It was Monday the 18th of April, the night of football training. My dad was the coach and we were there ready for the night ahead of us, I was in a joyous mood. We ran a lap, did our stretches and then were ready for the dreaded hill sprints. We did about 10 of them, up and down. When that was finished we had the joy of doing even more fitness until we got into some passing drills and then a game at the end. This is where it all happened, it was every man for themselves. You had to get three points to go throught to the next round, I was the first person through, a former goalkeeper couldn't even save my shots, I was on fire. I had got into the finals, I was against on of my teammates. He had the ball I was waiting for the perfect moment to kick it out of his reach. But before I could do any of that I had somehow injured myself. I was on the floor, in tears, my ankle, the worst pain I have ever experienced. All I could think about was the pain and if I would ever be able to play football again. I went to hospital, they thought it was ligaments and that I'd be out playing in 2 weeks, but I was on crutches. It had been two weeks, I could only just put pressure on my foot and I definitely couldn't go anywhere without my crutches. I went back to the doctors, got sent off for an ultrasound, nothing showed up on the ultrasound apart from lots of fluid. Still no closer to a conclusion I got sent to a physio. As a very active person, to be stuck inside and not being able to kick a football was living hell. We went to the physio plenty of times. 4/5 weeks into the injury I went to the shops without crutches for the first time, I got offered mobility scooters because the shop assistants could see I was in pain. I rejected their offer. This was something I had to do, it was very daunting at first but I knew that I had to do this for myself. I was back in physio two days after and got delivered some terrible news. I had broken my ankle, I got told that its against all odds that I'd be able to walk properly again nevermind play football. I was distraugh, all of the hope I had left in me was drowned out drop by drop. I had no hope left in me, I was running off pure determination to be back playing the game I loved and still love. I was in physio every week, I had no crutches because I had a moon boot on but was still struggling. It was getting harder and harder each week to drag myself out of the house and to even hear the word football killed me inside and out. I had to drop out of my football excellence class because I was only able to do the theory aspect of it. I had houghts of killing myself. In my eyes, my life wasn't worth living anymore, the thing I loved to do, the thing that kept me going through all of the past hard times had be abruptly taken away from me like a leaf in a violent gust of wind. I had slipped into a mere state of depression.

On my 14th birthday I swung my heavy moonbooted foot out of bed and limped down to the kitchen, on the table there was a note left by my physio. I remember it said "Come downt to the shop, I have a little gift for you" I did what the note said. When I stepped out of my parents car once I had gotten to the shop, I saw him standing awaiting my arrival at the door. He got me to sit down and I was shocked when he started to tak off my moonboot, it had been on since May. He challenged me to walk on it without the moonboot there for support. My foot was week, I fell down more times than I could ever stand up, but I thought hey its my 14th birthday what a great day to find out I can walk again. I had been trying for an hour and could finally walk up and down the shop without any support, the pain was still there but was shoved out by the feeling of outrageous joy. I could walk again. 

Lets fastfrward a year as that year from 14 to 15 was merely just an adventure of seeing how far I could walk. It was my 15th birthday, I had recieved another note with the same message as I had the previuos year. He gave me a football, I could hardly kick it with my injured foot, but after hours of practice I managed to pass it to him at the other side of the room. This was the best day of my life, it still is and I'll never be able to beat that day. I had been advised by every single medical person ever to not play football again, but I was a 15 year old boy with a passion for the beautiful game.

Fast-forwarding another 2 years of hard work and dedication came the day that I turned 17, I was truly shocled to not see a note, but without a doubt went down to the shop to see my physio chatting to a small group of people. When he saw me he pointed at me to show the other guys who I was, they must've been talking about me I thought. My physio got me to do a few drills that he had taught me previoudly that I could do with my foot, I did them easily wihout any effort required. Then he got be to do some long distance passes and then some shots with every shot flying into the top corner and every pass straight to feet I couldn't help but beem with pride. I looked over my shoulder to see that the two people he was talking to were still there, I was shocked, I thought they would've left after I had started training. They came over to me ad was asking me about how I came back after such and injury and all I could say was "Hard work dedication and a passion for the beautiful game". They smiled at each other, smiled at me then handed me a sheet of paper. I had a quick scan over it and saw that it was an offer to go to Liverpool to play for Everton, it had been my dream since I was a child to play for Everton. I couldnt help hide my joy and with a huge bear hug the deal was sealed. I couldn't help but think back to all of the people that had said that I would never be able to play football or even walk again and here I was about to move to another country to play for a team in the premier league. I had to thank my physio for his belief and dedication to me. I couldn't thank my parents enough for being there for me through all of the difficult times, the waiting rooms, the billd they had to pay and the times they had to rethink their schedule so that I wouldnt be left out.


I said that this would be a life memoir but they were the most lengthy years of my life. After I got scouted I moved over to Liverpool, I became the 'star player' for Everton and then at the age of 32 retired, I had a great career to say what a set back I had recieved at such a young age. 

As I am sitting here now looking back on everything hat happened I need to say one thing. For those less fortunate than me, I know that I was able to do all of these things again and you may have never been able to do so, but there is a point of fighting for what you love. For those touched by this story remember this is a tru story, no matter what setback you face you can overcome it, look it in the face and say that you have it in you. Finally for those facing the same thing that I did, you can do it. Its not a bottomless pit of failure, you will come out of this a stronger and better person, dont say why me, say try me. Once you get the attitude that you can the the world will work wonders.


Here I am signing off

Don't give up, keep on trying the world is a wonderful place and even though it is rough at times the road has to smooth out


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