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This new series focuses on how the world reacts to a unspeakable tragedy, orchestrated by an assailant known only as UNCLE EDDIE. It takes place roughly 30 years after my original short story Goliath, and will be told from the perspectives of different members of the infamous Wrighteous Family.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016







A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 






New York, New York


30 Years After the Merovingian Address 



The sun rises on a beautiful Friday morning and Napoleon shuffles the Goliath trading cards in his hand. He’s been play testing a new build of The Adversary archetype since he woke up. This new build provided him with more combos’ going first or second and access to less predictable options in battle. Napoleon feels a rush of pride knowing he came up with these alterations all on his own. Just as he’s about to build the deck online and test it against real opponents, he hears something on the lower level of his room. Using the stairs he makes his way down and see’s Mr. Wrighteous waiting for him. Napoleon responds to the unexpected intrusion soon after.


“ Morning father……”


Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ Happy Birthday son. “


There’s a long pause before Mr. Wrighteous continues.


“ 30 years old already……. I know it sounds corny but I can remember when you first started walking like it was yesterday. “


Napoleon responds.


“ Don’t worry, you can save the speech. I’ve been looking for apartments all month, I should be out the house by July. That is if I get a little financial support from you and mom in the beginning. “


Mr. Wrighteous laughs before responding.


“ That’s absurd, you’re free to stay with us as long as you wish. Your brothers may look down on you but I see…….. monstrously untapped potential. It could be you leading this family one day. “


Napoleon sits down on the bottom step of the stairs before responding.


“……………… Elliot disappointed you somehow didn’t he? “


Mr. Wrighteous hesitates to respond, so Napoleon continues instead.


“ That commotion yesterday… That was you and him going at it wasn’t it? Most likely that means I wont be seeing him at the “Surprise Party”, that I’m not suppose to know about, this afternoon. “


Napoleon stenches his arms and relaxes his back against the stairs before continuing.


“ He was always an idealist, Elliot I mean, ever since we were kids. He always wanted to do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances may be. He never considered the possibility that gaining the freedom to live like this, required acts beyond his wildest nightmares. You hid that side of reality from him to save him, and he rejected you for it. All that unconventional labor you devoted to fooling him into thinking the world was a good place inevitably turned him into your worst enemy. Oh, and incase there was any shadow of a doubt, he is your enemy now father and he has to be dealt with. “


Napoleon cracks his fingers before continuing.


“ Athena’s mistake is also worthy of significant concern. How irrational could see be to study and promote the bible as a member of our family. Does she not know the pact we made, and to whom we made it with? Now Sweden will have to take a loss in the ‘’friend’ department to appease our mutual benefactor. I’m sure you’ve made the preparations already. “


Mr. Wrighteous chuckles before responding.


“ You were always the smart one Napoleon. If I can somehow motivate you to use your intelligence for other means outside of tricking Kimbley into cleaning your room, we would have taken control of this country years ago. “


Napoleon responds.


“ Its not like he uses his ability for anything else other than stealing video games from the mall and touching girls butts. I might as well get a clean room in the mist of these petty crimes. How did you know I got Kimbley to do it though? “


Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ Hmmmmmm……that’s a good question, maybe its because just 2 minutes ago it looked like Bagdad and now it looks better than the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson. Your also missing one of the common cards in your portfolio on your desk, you must have persuaded Kimbley that it was of higher rarity. “ 


Napoleon responds.


“ You play Goliath? “


Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ Why so taken back? Is it your conjecture that because I watch sports, that I can’t master a trivial card game. “


Napoleon responds.


“ I don’t want to call you a liar father but I cant quite accept what your saying. “


Mr. Wrighteous responds.


“ Then I believe a demonstration and a wager is in order. How about a battle? If you win I’ll give you the deed to this house, If I win, you’ll have to give your first born child a girls name if its a boy and a boy’s name if it’s a girl. Deal? “


Napoleon stands up with excitement before responding.


“ DEAL! “ 

© Copyright 2018 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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