35 love poems and a ¨Facebook message¨

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The collection called: 35 love poems and a "Facebook message"

The first story called: 1%

It is about a very unique love story with 35 love poems.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016



35 love poems & a “Facebook message”


The first poem



They are too different yet too similar. This paradox is the essence of my story.  


It was 6:00 am. That morning was breezy and beautiful. It was early March when the air was full of hope and new beginnings. He woke up very enthusiastic. Of course, he would wake up like that because he was about to write her his first poem. He went to the kitchen and prepared his famous American coffee while looking at the sheep from the window. One of the sheep with a red scarf stole his attention, not because it was the prettiest, but because it was different and rebel.

He finished his coffee. And he sat at the table with his papers trying to write her the most memorable poem ever. It was so difficult for him to show her his other romantic and tender side of his personality. No one could ever imagine that he could be a poet!

He thought that it would be easy. It was not his first time to write a woman poems but he was not aware that it could be his last time! Her uniqueness made it hard for him. She was too different and too unique to put her into words. She was different than any girl in that exotic third world country. And definitely, she was different than any girl he knew back home!

Two hours passed with no result. It was not easy to express his forbidden adventurous love for her. He had to hint to her throughout that poem. He could not describe her physically although it would be a masterpiece. He was not able to tell her that she stole his mind and his heart for eight months.

He remembered the moment when he left his country. He realized how eight months could change his life! Actually, one moment could change the life of anyone and forever! He was happy that he became a new person but at the same time, he was missing the old him!

Eight months ago, he left his country without saying goodbye to anyone. He only left a note on his fridge: “If you want to be a sailor, you have to go to sea”. When he was a child, his favorite book was Alchemist. He had that dream to go and to discover the desert, to discover that weird culture, to meet women with veils, to find his treasure underneath the Pyramids, to talk to the wind in the middle of the dessert, and to learn Arabic!

He was nervous and scared although he traveled to many countries around the world. However, that time was different because he was living his personal legend as he learnt from the hero in that novel. At the same time, He was happy and enthusiastic to be a foreigner there. He believed that there was something attractive in being a foreigner. People always see any foreigner five times more attractive than people from his own country. Well, at least it was his own theory!  He was shocked when he saw beautiful covered girls. He thought that covered girls could not be pretty with that thing on their heads! At the beginning, he had a very strong cultural shock. He thought that it would be easy for him to understand that culture and that religion!

He was so excited to meet his co-worker in the Center for Strategic Studies. She was a covered Arabic girl!! For him, it was like seeing Shahrazad from Arabian nights or seeing Yasmina from Aladdin. However, what he did not know at that time, that she was even more beautiful and more intelligent than any other heroine in his limited imagination.  

Unlike him, she believed in pure love. She believed that love would come from the heart. She should not trust him when he told her once that love always would come from the mind! But she did not pay attention to it because she did not have any kind of feelings toward him that time!

Both of them were lost somehow. They were feeling as a fish out of water. Both of them were nefelibata. And they were weird and psycho in a very attractive way.

After remembering the past, he tried to read their last Facebook conversation from the other night to ease his mission and to give him some inspiration. It was about GTA, horse riding and religion! He was happy when she told him she was enjoying playing GTA. She loved hitting people and hearing the screams. It was the third contradiction he noticed in her personality. He thought how such a cute girl could have that idea! And when she told him that her favorite sport was horse riding, although she never rode one! And when he said to her that being from a certain religion, it was just a matter of a geographic distribution! Actually, she spent the whole night thinking of that statement which never ever came to her mind!

Time passed. It was 12:15 pm. And he had a flight at 4:00 pm. He had to write something! Anything! He thought that he just had to let it go! To let his feelings go and to express himself regardless all the rules of that conservative society. He felt so broken. At that moment, when the time was nearly up, he cried. He realized how much he was going to miss her. He would miss hiding cake for her after the work, drinking coffee in the old Vodka bottle, facebooking her, watching her smile, making her laugh, disagreeing with her on God and politics, picking flowers for her…,etc. He thought that even if it was impossible for her to think of him, always, always, there was a 1% chance!

Then he wrote that poem! A poem called  “1%”:




When far upon the mountain

You feel a swift cool breeze

You may be assured

Hard weather soon will seize


When small fish swim from under rocks

As your fishing with a spear

You’ll probably go home hungry

For no large fish is near


When horses do grow angry

Or feel threatened from a fright

Their ears will lie down backwards

Just before they fight


A dog will wag its tail

Just before his dance

But somehow you’re most likely

To act on 1% chance


Without many hints or signals

You’re often a mystery

Which deepens my attraction

And strengthens your beauty



To be continued 

© Copyright 2018 Dana Zaben. All rights reserved.

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