The ghost and the sailor

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The story of a sailor who finds a ghost at his home.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016



The ghost and the sailor

Once upon a time, there was a wealthy sailor in a town, who used to sail to distant islands and bring precious stones and gems. He had built the largest house in the town, where his family used to live but didn’t get too much time to spend at home with family.

He decided to go for a final journey and then he would spend his rest of life with family. He sailed to a very distant island, the journey took a year and on the island there were no valuable stones. So, he returned home and planned to settle with the wealth he already had.

When he returned to home, there was already a person at home who looked exactly like him. When he entered into his house, the person threw him out and claimed that he himself is the sailor.

The sailor figured out that the person was a ghost and took his place while he was away, by mimicking his body and style.

In minutes, there was a quarrel and people gathered around. Even the family of the sailor was not able to recognize that who was the real one as he used to spend very little time with family.

In early days, Kings used to settle the disputes of their citizen as supreme authority. When they both were interrogated, the dispute was settled in favor of the ghost as he was already living in the house.

As they both were returning from the king’s court, they were still arguing and sailor was in tears as the ghost had taken away his family and all his wealth. A group of shepherds heard the loud noises and asked about the matter.

The ghost alleged that sailor was a ghost and the sailor alleged that the ghost was ghost.

The oldest shepherd listened to them and said “I will settle your dispute”

“Bring two bottles” he said to his fellows.

Two glass bottles were bought and given to both of them, the ghost and the sailor.

“Whosoever will enter in his bottle first, he will be the owner of the house and head of the family” said the old man.

As the old man finished his sentence, the ghost was sitting comfortably in the bottle and the sailor was looking at the face of the old man in bewilderment.

The old man immediately sealed the bottle properly so that the ghost could not escape. The sailor understood that it was a trick to catch the ghost.

The sailor returned to his home and lived happily.

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