The Mysterious Girl

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The Mysterious Girl was essential to our survival...

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016



We were heading to the location where our job was to start. We were the only line of defense for this extremely gifted kid. We had our own experts in their fields ready to take on whatever may come to harm this young girl. She had been recently experimented on but we had reached her in time but the damage was extensive. We had to get her out of here. She was finally free and we could not afford to let her fall into these evil things hands. WE all knew we were in the worst fight we could be. WE headed down a street not far from where we saved the girl from a life of a lab rat.

There was resistance to our extraction and could not let this one slip out of our hands. Our mission was to protect her at all costs and get her safely out of harms way. We rested momentarily in an alley trying to get our bearings while being pursued by something unnatural. We needed time to ensure our victory. We waited too long and could hear the aggressors closing in on us. We were well equipped for this type of situation. That was not our only piece of protection, we were special too. Having keen abilities that suited our characters. We were a mobile unit of five. We all seemed to excel in one of our fields but all had experience with this kind of mission. The enemy was not expecting this many hybrids to be in one place at all.

The pursuers had pinned us down but the environment was in our favor. It was near dusk and the five of us took up positions and readied ourselves for contact with the enemy. Two of us stayed close with the girl. The three others spread out in a fanning movement. One found a nest in a high tower that used to store water near an industrial park. The other was near the building that made the alley. While the last acted as bait to grab the pursuers attention. We were well placed and needed to make headway. The pursuers were of a vicious kind and had extreme speed at which they traveled on foot. There was at least eight pursuers and all were under direct order to capture the subject. She was an innocent girl who had a bright future ahead and she deserved more than a laboratory test subject. We had been equipped with silver and sodium as these chemicals had adverse affect on our enemies and the one next to the girl was a professional exorcist. We covered all possible avenues to ensure the success of this operation.

Our sniper had picked off one of the pursuers and possibly injured another, but they were now in visual range of our bait trap. He was our best shooter and began to realize they were supernatural in nature as the one who was injured began to morph and regenerate his injury. We switched to our holy weapons which consisted of a revolver, a sword, a spell book, and an exorcist's silver crucifix the size of a dagger. The fifth was a hybrid that specialized in hybrid bounties, killing any kind of creature with great amounts of force and power. The hybrid was the only one that could be used for bait because of his reputation and actions. There was still seven attackers, each decided to take a target and eliminate them. The last target was still regenerating his shoulder from a high caliber round of silver that would normally blow a hole in someone which it did but our enemy was not human.

The sniper was still in position as they began to surround the bait. he sniped one from behind blowing its head clean off with his well placed shot.The swordsman moved in for a close combat, lunging through a window as soon as the shot was fired he quickly sprinted to the closest target. That one's body was split in half as the sword slipped through him like a hot knife through butter. The remains began to fizzle apart as the reaction made the body rapidly decompose. It was a terror demon that was sensitive to sodium and silver. He then burst into a fast burning flame and fizzled out of existence and was banished from the realm. Two down, we had now balanced the odds and were five on five with a handicap...

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