Coming In Naked, Left Behind Naked

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Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016



 We come into this world naked, and placed warmly into our mothers arms
Where the next step takes us is for some could be anyone's guess, some in which we have no hand in charge;
So then years go by us being placed in terms of decades, and as we are young children swiftly become early adults. A huge big step into a new world, a time we grow where  learning is key. Sometimes looking back and wishing someone gave us life's essential book and a hug 
Each of the eyes we have looked into over that time many of such now have felt pain and love, we pray it is everything we have dreamed and perceived of 
We all at points might have to scrap and claw to find a meaning, but for some they find luck and have writing put in and it's how time will always be historically 
Different brands of life we all have had, our shoes more similar then any personality, a life where some are rich but bankrupt morally; 
Honestly I don't believe anyone is ready for whatever next step in life they may be taking,  
They just hope the next decade won't be robotic 
So much more to learn, yet at the same time maybe some doubts. Did life pass me bye?.
Have I got what's important right, or just as most, it was time Where I flashed my comet 
So now those decades I spoke of are moving faster, and faster 
I still have time left but am now in the examining phase if I did all I could do, and now that I am getting towards the end how do I feel as I look back on a chapter; 
Proud of all such steps, as I am reminded we are all sinners
No one in the world evades, same with the few and most and the many same as us with such less. The world remembers cause the waves will hit hard and fast, I plan on going out flat with a slow rivers pass
Now I come as this is finally the last decade, I hear those who have left before me, and the children above calling my name;
It is time for me to leave behind those who are left, and time to set afoot into the light as naked as I came  

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