Eyes of All

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Living Inside

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



Oxygen and dioxide, working together as fast as possible. The message of unearthing the location this fated world. Tapping the screen, was a distressful recognition of danger and warning, but to uncover his mask.

A form with two glass squares, his voice clearly spoke,

"Fool, who sees not the window of the box. In the fact an imbecile. You are it."

No rest, no door, no sword. they know me.

"Such a wonderful day. Do you agree?"

Sensing the chains of screams, along creaking limbs passing in motion with a speed understandable only by a turtle. The sound of blood came to reach, my laugh, only forgery. 

Not on my hands, but his. Is it in bothering matter that he was not a perfect man? He had changed, but have not, as I have.

Keiner. Not human, but human.

"Worthless creature."

An aluminum pipe perched onto my temple, my legs collapsed. 

"I will always be."

It will not be his wanted ending, but mine.

"Last words?"

"As there will ever be."

Shifting away from the unmatched velocity of a bullet, a miracle it striked the loving children of nature. Velvet liquid exchanged between punches, one man up, one down.


"You mock me?"

"You must bring my ending!"

"It is your beginning."

"Your desire burning."

"Ha. I do not, for the fire of evil has raged within the soul.

"You covet satisfaction."

I only covet for his grin, my smile.

Without him like kin, my frown is sin.

Only to bring words able to make dreams in setting, in sane vision.

"Happiness? Without making a friend?"

"I was wrong, a life of the limited can do greater than beyond."

A weapon pointed to a surrendering being.

"Thank you. Friend?"

"Always be."



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