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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Appearing

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



My eyes opened in a flash. It seemed as if I had been asleep only minutes, but I had already jumped out of bed. I was drenched in sweat. My room felt as if it could burst into flames at any time. I ran to the window and looked outside, it was a familiar scene, one I had seen many times before. Except another familiar scene merged with it. One from a peticular dream. The whole town was on fire. I sped acrossed the room towards the door and pressed my body against the
door, a trick I had learned when I was younger many times at school, and found that the door wasn't that warm. Now that I knew the door was safe to open I sprinted downstairs.
Skipping many steps on the way down I was at the base of the staircase in record time. The first floor of the house had already been hit by the fire and was slowly climbing its way upstairs. Flames licked the walls of every room in the colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, and even green. I passed the living room to my parents room to find the door wide open and empty.
I had searched almost the entire downstairs when I came upon father in the kitchen. I tried to yell for him, but only managed a squeak before choking on smoke. In panic I rushed towards him andfound myself cornered when he turned around in an all too fast motion. He was different like he
wasn't all there and his were eyes glowing green.
I stood close to the wall not making a sound. He didn't move either. He just stood watching, waiting. Every time he inhaled he had a loud and deep voice like being out of breath. He sounded and looked sinister, evil. Half of his body was black and crusted. He had been burned by the fire. Burning so fast in very intense heat made the wound scab quickly leaving little blood except a wound that was on his neck. The wound gushed so much blood that it was unrecognizable of what had caused it. But I knew.
He took a step forward and with every step he took, dark veins emerged, more and more appeared after that too with each muscle moved. I took a step back and then two until I felt my back push against the wall. I felt hot embers of my home on my hands and back, but taking a step forward could possibly result in death. Everything after that seemed to happen in slow motion.
I heard someone yell. So much noise was going on outside the house so I realised the yell was close. I heard someone yell again and so did my father. He turned around quickly and stood still and quiet only breathing in and out. In and out. Then I saw the beholder of the voice. My mother stood in front of my father. Out of reach, but still in death zone. With one shakey hand my mother reached for something behind her and raised it towards the monster that used to be my
father. The nozzle of the gun pointed straight at the middle of his forehead shaking furiously. Mother raised her other had to the gun to steady her aim, but she didn't fire.
The monster took slow and small steps toward my mother becoming uncomfortably close to her. I stood breathless just watching because there was nothing else I could do. My fathers forehead was now touching the gun. It felt as if he was tempting her to do it. He moved his arms and lunged for her, but
then I heard a deafening sound which sent my father tumbling to the floor.
The gun fell from my mothers hands and she fell to the floor hovering over my father. Her tears mixed with the ash that coated her face making black pools of water under her eyes. I ran to her side. I knew we had to get out of the house before we could mourn. I tried pulling her to her feet, but she didn't move. I yelled at her and screamed at her until finally stood on her feet.
I grabbed the gun from the floor and tucked in the back of my pants then ran with her toward the door. The ceiling above the kitchen gave way, but luckily we had already made it to the staircase. We turned left and ran out the front door. Once we reached the road our legs gave way and we collapsed where we were. We sat together our house go in flames until it finally collapsed sending ash and smoke clouds higher than ever into the midnight sky.
I saw more of the monsters roaming around in the fire or an the streets and realized we needed to get out of here. I got to my feet quickly then helped my mother up and then we ran.

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