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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Store

Submitted: December 24, 2016

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Submitted: December 24, 2016



I looked up and down each shelf looking for any supplies that we desperately needed. I grabbed a few boxes off the shelf and shook the ash off of them. I read to myself the label across the top. They were batteries not something we desperately needed, but would come in handy down the road. I kept it in the opposite hand as the flashlight, but as I found other supplies I decided that I needed to find a bag.


I made my way to the front of the store and turned off my flashlight to conserve energy. The sunlight spilled through the glass door illuminating the figures the staggered around the store. I crouched down and laid flat against the ground. In the thick layer of ash that coated the ground I crawled to the nearest cash register with the batteries still in my hand.With just enough sunlight to see my nearby surroundings I carefully grabbed two silvery plastic bags to not make any noise and ducked into a nearby aisle out of the creatures line of sight.

Once I got far enough away from the creatures I flipped my flashlight back on and continued down the aisles. I could see each individual particle of ash as it wavered in the beam of light. I pointed the flashlight toward the ceiling and followed the signs attached to the roof. I was looking for my mother  so I could give her my other plastic bag to place all of her collected items in, but I found Emily first.

I pointed my flashlight down the aisle and saw her tracing an object with her index finger on the rusty shelf. I moved closer to get a better look, but she quickly put the small object in the side pocket of her backpack and started to walk away. I grabbed her elbow a little harder than intended and warned her about the creatures in the front of the store. She jerked her arm out of my grip and nodded and continued to walk away disappearing behind another rusty shelf.

I continued down the aisles till I saw the swaying beam of light that was held by my mother. I shuffled my feet through the ash until I reached her. She turned to face me and I warned her about the creatures out front and I gave her the plastic bag for supplies. She whispered a thanks and pointed a light to a small pile by her feet. They were all the supplies she had collected. I did a small, quiet laugh to show her I was paying attention, but it came out as more of a hiccup. She turned her back to me and continued to look for supplies, so I decided to do the same and left that aisle.

I had barely gotten through one aisle before I heard a loud crash. I sprinted my way through the aisles till I reached my mother who was screaming in pain and shock. One of the rusty shelves had finally given way and landed on top of my mother. I tried to pull my mother out from under the shelf, but her leg was pinned under it. Instead I tried to push up on the massive shelf, but to no avail. I called and searched for Emily, but she was nowhere to be found.

I ran back to my mother's side and couldn't even feel the impact my arm had made to the shelf causing a slow steady stream of blood to trickle down to my wrist. I could hear the creatures getting closer, but I wasn't going to leave my mother.

I was still hunched over her when they made it to the aisle we were in. Their glowing eyes seemed to consume me as I stared into the face of my own peril. I stood in shock next to my mother unable to move or even try to save us. The sounds of my mother and my own screams were becoming inaudible as I tried to wrap my head around what was happening, but as soon as the creatures had reached us I heard a deafening sound that shocked me into reality. The creatures were falling one by one and soon all that was left in the smoke and ash were the three liberators who stood before me.

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