You Promised

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Submitted: May 22, 2016

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Submitted: May 22, 2016



The day we met, you said the words; 'I promise'

I asked you if you'd keep it; you said 'I promise'.

'I would say good morning everyday, I promise.;

and would prove to you my love, I promise.'


Weeks and months went by and your promise;

slowly turned into nothing but words of the dishonest.

Words you said you'd keep turned lawless.

I guess theres nothing more to the words 'I promise'.


Heart is asking 'where is the promise?';

Mind tells heart 'You are foolish.'

Shaken soul now longing for calmness;

'Cause you never meant the words 'I promise.'


Asking now 'where is your promise?'

Oh yeah, that is right, they're nothing but promise.

Deep down, in my foolish heart, still believe' in your promise.

Holding tight on a broken glass I call 'Your Promise'.


'I would love you everyday.'; you promised.

'I would fight for your love.'; you promised.

'I would let you know how precious you are.'; you promised.

I'm nothing but a broken lover 'cause you promised.

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