A Mind With No Power

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: May 22, 2016

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Submitted: May 22, 2016



A Mind With No Power


My approach to the problems with my brain

Have left me stumbling past the beyond

There is no light here

No love, as well

I may as well

__get lost in the spider's web

____and go further down into Hell

And as the fire consumes me

I will no longer know what was

__my own doing

I can't face this madness alone

And I don't have to

Because of the rooms

__that I walk into

Blobs of silence are no longer my friends

I will weep in the generosity

__that I generate

And tip over the penny jar

__and laugh

____my own way out of town

When the crazy lady of my dreams

Willfully finds her sanity

__within her reach

____she will finally be ready for me

But I'm not in a hurry

I can wait

I can brush past the fireworks

__that hold me dear

____and swing the bat at thee enemy

______that holds me back

________and I can then finally laugh

I'll be pissed off when I die

But, still, I won't mind

If I eagerly want to be withdrawn

Into a brief early morning fog

Far gone

And unreachable

Until the cheese platter of life

__gets gobbled up by rats

The highway of death traps

Will unknowingly be a place of rest

And I will drink the juice

__that is squeezed

____right out of my own brain



D. L. Cannon

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