A Moment Of Laughter

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: May 22, 2016

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Submitted: May 22, 2016



A Moment Of Laughter


Tempted to refrost the celery

Unknowingly threw out the feelings of peace

I rotted my self worth

And headed for Hell my own way

The rivers of blood before me

Hang loose like the bolts on my chandelier

Now the drama is getting

__to me


The switchbacks and the wind in your hair

The smile between your own teeth

Just as autumn calls to me

__from the spring

Thee obvious suggestions weigh a ton

And the trembling sensations I feel

They're nothing but an unworthy

__lemon pie

____in my reach

The time that it takes for us to die

Is just too long of a wait

__in this life

The blame washes thru my relief

When thee hour when nothing becomes

__you and me

It's great that you know not a thing

But it brings me no justice

__as I scream

I don't want to hurt you

__but I will

You'll be forced to



______about me

The sand storm is coming

__just you wait

All of my relationships

__they just break

The rusted soul behind my face

Is all but a diamond in disguise

You won't know a thing about me

When I tear your heart out in thee end

Leaving you to suffer


And then leave

The time will sure come

__to walk away from

____all we will share

And it will not be fair

But who cares?

The traumatic romances we will spend

Will end up killing us both

And as I choke on my goodbyes

You'll understand the meaning of why

So be a doll

__and close your eyes

This part's gonna feel good!

Because, for now, I love you

And you love me too

Don't worry about tomorrow

Sadness is a long long time from now

Let's just laugh like they'll be no falling out


05-21-'16 #3

D. L. Cannon

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