Karate Power

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Submitted: May 23, 2016

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once upon a time there lived a baby when they keep him a name a thief shoot the baby"s  mother&father when the baby became big he keep him a name called jet. jet go and beat the thief who beat his mother and father& mother jet beat him  thief escaped thief beat jet .jet also escaped the thief planed a idea and the thief jump and put his sword inside his mouth . jet die in one house one small little boy will do all the work for them one day the door opened and closed and again opened and closed, now they saw a shadow and he said my name is stupid. Everyone started to laugh. Stupid said, do you have a newspaper and they gave and again started to laugh. He wanted to know where is the karate power. He found in the news paper. One man has taken it, his name was Idiot. Stupid said, "I will get you Idiot ". stupid see a man have karate power

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