She Watches You

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A second person horror story about a dead body you and your friend find.

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



She Watches You by M.M. Williams

You don’t want to think about it, but it just stays there, following you. It’s here right now. The idea kept following you all day and you can’t get out of your head. It’s been exactly a year since you found it. You start to head over to the window, to help reminisce on the idea. You feel a slow shiver migrate up your spine. Your street is bare, quite, the street lamp shines the empty street. It all starts coming back to you.

Your friend and you love to hike. You’ve done multiple mountains and trails. You’ve done all the trails close to your house you know them inside and out by now. So, after your long deep conversation with yourself in the shower you call up your friend to get going, you guys were planning on hiking this trail for a while now, you heard it is supposed to be very beautiful. Your friend tells you to walk over to his house, which is across from yours, and he will drive. It’s only an hour way.

You are still looking at the street while thinking about what happened a year ago. You start to see someone walk down the street. It is hard to see who it is, but you try not to think too much of it. They walk in a very even place, almost mechanical, but with a limp.

About half way up the hike you guys start to smell a foul stench that illuminates the air. You guys both wonder what it is, it may be a dead animal. Being the naturally adventurous people you are, you guys start to follow the smell. You go off the trail and keep walking, and the smell starts to get stronger. Eventually, the smell is hard to bare. Then, you see something red behind a bush. You wonder what it is, there is no doubt in your mind that something died here. Was it a human? An animal? It must have only been dead a few days because no one else noticed it, and this trail isn’t the most popular, so it makes sense. Going around the bush there was a dead human corps. It was a girl, probably about twenty years old, long black hair, the body very pale. She was very thin, hard to tell if she was borderline anorexic. Her neck was twisted and part of her head was smashed in. Her limbs were in all random directions, as if someone broke her arms and legs. It was the most horrific sight you ever had. Her mouth was open and there was dried blood filled up in it. Flies layered the dead corps. This was no accident or animal, someone murdered this woman on purpose. You guys run back to the trail to get away from the horrific sight and smell. You both have to call the police.

Soon after the police come. They ask you your name, age, if you’ve ever been arrested, and you explain where the dead body is. There was no hiding it, the smell was growing. The police said they will take care of it, and told us to head home. We couldn’t shake our minds off the image of her, so we decide to go into town and just walk around.

You guys are walking on the sidewalk, you try space out your strides so you don’t step on a crack, it’s just what you do when you walk and don’t talk sometimes. Both of you are dead silent. Your brain can’t even register what you saw. It is so haunting. Poor girl, she had her whole life to live, and for someone to just cut if off without notice at twenty was just crazy. You imagine what that would be like for you.

Later that night you’re in your room. It is a little past 3am. You can’t sleep. You’re stressing out because you have to wake up early the next day, yet you just can’t sleep. You decide to go get water, possibly that will help. You get up and your floor makes that creek noise. Walking downstairs you feel very on edge. You feel someone, or something, is watching you. You reinsure yourself it’s all in your head, because you think that all the time when the lights are out, plus because of the dead body you saw it would make sense if you felt that way. While the water is filling up, you hear a grunt, quickly turning around you see nothing. There was a full moon out, so it illuminates your backyard and you can see the bushes blowing in the wind outside, and nothing else. Quickly heading upstairs, you feel a relief as you make it to your room. You think take a sip of water, which is quite satisfying. You walk over to your window, because you know if you lie back down you won’t be able to sleep anyways.

All of a sudden you see somebody walking down the street. Because the moon is so bright you could make out the figure. It’s a thin, lanky girl, hair all messed up, walking with a limp. It appears it’s like the girl you guys found dead earlier. You freeze, without being able to think or move. She keeps walking while limping. Once in front of your house she turns right, towards your friend’s house. This snaps you out of the frightened trance. You must warn your friend. You run across your room to grab the cell phone on your night stand next to your bed. You run back to your window and you see the girl alternating between knocking on the door and trying to turn the locked doorknob. You try calling your friend, but his phones off. You watch the girl keep knocking. Knock. Knock. Knock. Then, the door opens. Once you are able to see your friend the girl jumps in an unnatural, almost animal like way onto him. He falls backwards and you are unable to see him anymore. You scream and run downstairs, slamming your door open. You run across the street. Your friend’s door is still wide open but no one is there. The two fallen bodies disappeared. You walk in the house and scream for somebody to answer, but no one is there. There is an eerie silence, it was almost too quiet. You are able to see in the house because the moon is so bright.

First you walk toward the kitchen, quickly turning you see nothing. Your guard is up because at any moment you feel something may jump out at you. You check every room, but no one was there. The two bodies disappeared. Feeling sick to your stomach you run back outside, noticing you left your door open during that panic rush. You walk in slowly, you hear a creek coming from directly above you, but directly above you is your room. You slowly walk up the stairs, one slowly at a time. You see the corner of your door. You put your back against the wall and slowly start to inch forward. Then, bam! You turn. Nothing. Emptiness. You go in your room and close the door, putting a chair by the doorknob to lock it. You end up calling the police.

A year has passed now, your friend’s house was sold, your friend was never found, and you never found anything in your house. You see the mechanical like figure keep walking, then once in front of your house, it turns left toward it. Your heart drops you realize you forgot to lock the front door. You hear the door open and footsteps entering your house. You hear the footsteps moving, then all of a sudden it just goes silent.

Right now while reading this, imagine someone is slowly creeping up your right shoulder, the head of a dead, pale girl, but make sure you don’t look, just imagine her getting closer and closer to you, just on the borderline of your peripheral vision. You can’t feel her breath because she’s dead, you can’t hear her because she’s quiet, and now if you do look, do you see her? I don’t think so, because she’s quick, she turned to your other side. She’s not ready to kill you yet. She’s waiting. She watches you. Waiting for the right time to kill, when you are out in public she won’t be there, but once you’re alone she will be back, and if you ever get the sense someone, or something is over your right shoulder, that’s her.

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