Big Brother

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Why the sudden insistance on photo id for everyone? Just a poem I wrote on the subject.

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Big Brother.

Today I'm off to be issued
With a card of my id.
A way to prove just who I am
To prove that me is 'me'.

I'm not too sure I like it
With its echoes of Big Brother
Will it be some kind of tool
That free speech it will smother?

 Could it be used to track me
A digital footprint path
A way to see just where I go
A way to have a laugh?

Images of 'The Matrix'
Go flickering through my head
We've all a light upon a screen
At least until we're dead.

Then what about the photo
I think you'll all agree
That five years or more down the line
I'll be different to see.

Now I'm not being paranoid
I don't really mind
I have no hidden skeletons
For anyone to find.

But there must be some people
 Who for one thing or another
Hate or fear this one step near
The establishment of 'Big Brother'.

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