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Just a quick peek inside of my mind.

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



The shadows in the dark,

The eyes in the closet,

Are all meant to scare,

Me in my life, the living nightmare.


My reflection turns away,

The voices won't leave my head,

I wonder what life would be like,

If I was gone and dead.


Oh my dark soul,

Why do you forsake me,

You take and swallow whole,

My mind, my might, my all.


I live among the shadows,

You feast upon my fear,

My life it grows weaker,

Every day, month, and year.


I wish I could remember,

What all life has to offer,

But this seed inside my heart,

Drowns my soul like water.


Down the road I go,

The road of pain and sorrow,

With nothing but a small light,

To cast a bigger shadow,


All I know are nightmares,

Every night and day,

They last and go forever,

So far I've lost my way.


This hole it seems gets bigger,

The more I fill it in,

It goes on never ending,

I think I'll never win.


Nightmares consume me,

They make me whole,

Without all these nightmares,

I wouldn't be me at all.


So in other word,

It to be said,

With all of these damn nightmares,

I can't help feeling dead.

© Copyright 2018 Matt Johnson. All rights reserved.

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