The voices

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This story is about a dream I had about a girl who was going through a tough situation.

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



  The voices


This short story your about to read is about a dream I had not so long ago about a girl in a tough situation at home and school. 

So it started of when I went to bed but I could tell something wasn't right I couldn't go to sleep it was like i was meant to stay up but my mind couldn't stay awake so I went to sleep and I just fell into a deep sleep and then my dream began,


It started of pitch black room I thought I was all alone in my dream but I wasn'tgirl was there then there was light and it seemed like the girl was a teenager and it was her 3rd day of high school but I could tell she want happy about going to school so she asked me to come with her, her mother asks 'who you talking to darling' the girl replies 'no one mother' so the girl went to school like normal but it seemed like she was hiding from someone I asked her who she was hiding from the girl whispers 'Shh hide there coming' whose coming I ask because no one was there as I thought but there were, There were 3 girls it seemed like they were the popular girls. So the 1st girl had blonde straight hair with really blue eyes and then the 2nd girl had brown hair with dip-dyed ends in blonde it was so weird because the 3rd girl looked sad and depressed I thought she was the 3rd wheeler, Then the bell went the girl says 1st period I have music I could tell she loved music.

1st period ended then it was 2nd period she had physical education and they were doing dodge ball the class was split into 2 groups and the girl was on the opposite group of the popular girls then the game began the two groups ran the the middle of the hall to grab the balls but it seemed like the girls group turned agents her and then both of the groups started throwing the ball at her but I just didn't get it the teacher was just standing then minding her own business while the girl was getting hurt so I thought I would step in I was like a ghost in my dream as I thought anyway so I told her to run out and then the teacher followed and the hall doors locked all the girls ran to the doors shouting and screaming at the girl so I starting messing with there heads and I started bouncing the ball so since they cant see me I was throwing the ball in the air that scared the living day lights out of them all so I stopped and opened the doors.


The girl got sent home from all the injuries on her body but she lied to her mother saying that she fell so I thought I would do the right thing so I wrote I letter pretending I was the school explaining that the incident that happed in school, then I went back to the girl and I was talking to her about how she can deal with it she started crying in pain so i hugged her but i started waking up.


I woke up to the sound of my mother shouting at me 'Wake up,wake up' I was so confused because she said that  I w as hitting my self in my dream and that I was writing on the walls what seemed to be the words I wrote on the letter in my dream.


If you want anymore of me explaining my dreams and what happed after I woke up let me know in the comments Thank you.


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