It's Been 365 Days Since I've Tried to Kill Myself

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Some anniversaries just aren't meant to be celebrated.

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Three-hundred-sixty-five days ago,
I tried to drown in a stream.
I feel no remorse, no impulse, though,
To mentally break down or scream.

The skies have not darkened with storm clouds.
The birds keep building their nests.
I don't feel at all superstitious.
My heart doesn't burn in my chest.

My mother feels different than I do;
Her son goes to surgery today.
She hopes fate doesn't favor one child,
Just to toss the other away.

I'll never know how my brother feels.
Dumb and mute, he doesn't know why
His sister's as silent as he is
While watching their dear mother cry.

I wasn't saved by revelation,
I simply forgot to breathe out.
I couldn't retry by command of
Insanity's unyielding clout.

If ever the knowledge did pain me,
I now feel indifferent, at most,
To ought to have died a year ago;
To live out my life as a ghost.

I don't want your tears or your pity.
I don't care, and neither should you,
'Bout "the incident's" anniversary
When I tried to sink in the blue.

But I've just remembered it's leap year.
Taking this in account, it would seem:
It was three-hundred-sixty-six days ago
That I tried to drown in a stream.

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