Every Night Pt.1

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I fantasize about things that I feel most people find;
Disgusting, evil, wicked, immoral, iniquitous-
The list goes on and on.
Lately, I've been replaying the same "scene" in my head.
Been wanting to write it out and share, regardless of the feedback whether it will be positive or negative.

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Every Night; Abduction

Sunny Day; 16:30*
I'm enjoying my day off browsing around the quaint shops around the downtown area. My guard is down and I am completely oblivious to my surroundings. Why would I even have my guard up? It's a beautiful Saturday day.
Streets are filled with other oblivious smiling faces. No need to worry about anything.

As I'm walking down the street, I feel a couple drops of rain hit my shoulder. As I look up towards the sky, a cold gust of something unnatural hit the back of my neck. Before my instincts even had enough time to kick in, a black van, with no plates, had already pulled up next to me and two masked men jumped out and grabbed me. Threw me in the back of their van and took off. I was blindfolded and gagged. My heart was racing, fear pumping through my veins, and the unchaste woman that I am, I could feel my pussy leaking. They were talking about switching vehicles, and then before you know it, black.

I opened my eyes, I was no longer blindfolded nor gagged. Both wrists are in restraints above my head and my tip toes could barely touch the ground. It's pitch black, there was a small glimmer at the top of a staircase across the room, and I could make out a couple objects throughout the room. From what I can gather, I seem to be in some kind of abandoned warehouse pipe room. Then, a beaming light come on above me, and as my blue eyes are trying to adjust, I hear footsteps heading down the staircase towards my direction. I knew deliciously terrible things were headed my way.

The masked men stood in front of me, they take me down from the restraints. Sit me down at a desk, and starts heavy interrogation, asking me series of random questions that I had no knowledge of. They were only trying to get in my head. Mentally sadistically rape me. It was working. Now they put me back in the restraints. One guy leaves, goes back upstairs comes back down with a duffel bag. The other rolls out a couple massive instrument tables. They slowly start pulling out different, equipment. From daggers to picks, to whips and tasers. I knew then, what kind of sadist fucks I was dealing with.

Commence torture

They were cackling back and forth. One guy hooks up some kind of Mp3 player or Ipod up, and The Smiths start playing from this speaker. I feel a couple drops of urine drip down my leg. They rip my clothes off exposing my perfectly unharmed body. I see him grab the whip, laughing hysterically, reels his arm back and lets the first strike crack upon my back. I cry out, and again and again and again. He's taking his precious time. While the other guy just watches. He starts playing with the knives, tasers, among other torturous toys. Whilst, underneath these bizarre but appealing Venetian masks, was what I'm almost certain wasn't even man, but entirely something more.

Now I can feel the blood dripping down my back, down my inner thighs, and towards the cold cement ground. It was a combination of many things, The Smith's music playing, my blood hitting the floor, the way these two men pranced around my suspended body like animals toying with their prey, the whole situation, but the aching of my pussy was entirely out weighing all the elements around me. I needed these vile primal men to take me, All of me, but at the same time I knew this was so wrong. So beautifully wrong. As the whip cracks on my back again, the tensity of an upcoming orgasm, it was a desideratum. I had to let it out, I couldn't hold it back anymore. I came so hard, I let it surface, and I felt how hard i squirted all over myself. These men tilt their heads to the side as if they were amused, shocked, and enticed by my massive orgasm, without even laying a finger on me. Shamefully I hang my head.

These men, unleash their demon-like cocks from their pants.


Let me know, if anyone would like me to continue on to Pt.2 or if this was a waste of time and effort.

Cass Zilla

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