Pandora's Heart

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Chapter 2 (v.8) - Chapter 2

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A Treasure

You found.

You sell your everything

Even your soul.

Does that make it worth your everything? (Poem by Wisdom)

Walden Mansion, July 16, 1850

A house, three levels high, with lavish marble stones for its foundation. For the walls, precious stones, with vines crawling up towards the top. The door, solid wood, with a door frame trimmed in gold.

On the front of the door is a black cross and underneath the cross are the letters B, C, and O, but no one from the outside knows what the letters stand for.  No sign of any windows on the entire house are visible to the eyes either. 

There are rose gardens that covered the entirety of the front lawns, which make the driveway of the place seem like it goes on for miles. There are a lot of weird-looking statues on each side of the entrance – one figure is a half man and half reptile with ten horns and all of the other statues are of the same faced man, but with a different animal part for the bottom half of the man. It is, of course, an atrocious sight to behold.

Now on the end of the long driveway, there stands a rather large steel gate. The place seems unbreakable to those who live far away from the place, but for those close to the house there is a feeling of the unknown. Unbeknown to the rest of the world, that area is where the wicked people live. They consider themselves as virtuous, but in reality, they are rotten to the core.

On the very top floor on the west side of the mansion,there is a large room. There is a wooden bookshelf on the left side of the room in the far corner.  On the right side of the chamber, there is an old-looking grandfather clock. Beside the clock is a variety of plants that all appear dead, with their leaves hanging down.  In the middle of the room, there is a wooden Polish table surrounded by matching chairs.  Behind the table and chairs, on the south side of the chamber, is a Polish walnut desk with carvings on the side.

Behind the desk, sits a figure. The figure is a young-looking man, but the hairs on his head are brown with a hint of blood and his eyes are a dark mint-green mixed with chocolate. His right eye, however, is covered up by a black patch.  He has a rather large nose, but a normal-sized mouth. He wears a cotton shirt with buttons that went all the way up the neck under a brown leather suit jacket with brown pants. His shoes were also the same brown leather as his jacket.

The door opens and two men come into the room. They both had the same kind of clothing as the man sitting down. One man was rather plump in size while the other was slim.

The one who was sitting asks them, "What is the report people?"

"We did everything you told us to do Boss" answered the plump man.

"Ya Boss, we went through the whole house and we had to fight one of the butlers" stated the slim man.

"Was the daughter there when you went into the house?" inquired the Boss while putting a cigar into his mouth.

"No, we didn't see her at home; maybe she was out with her friends" replies the slim one.

The Boss takes a match out of the box and rubs the red end onto the box, making a small flame. He holds the flame up to his cigar making it burn.  Taking a deep breath, he makes the end burn, and removes the cigar from his mouth and asks "Did you get what I ask for?"


"Well, did you or did not find it?" demands the Boss, leaning forward in his seat putting his elbows on the desk.

"W- .....we searched the whole mansion and did not find it" stammered both of them at the same time.

"You incompetent fools! Did you even bother to question the butler?" inquired the Boss with a stern voice and raised eyebrows.

The men shook their heads in reply. A huge sigh escapes from lips of the man behind the desk.

In an authoritative tone of voice, the man demands, "You guys better find that girl before your life ends!"

The two men hurry out of the room without a glance back. Aftér the door shuts the one-eyed man leans back in his chair. He rests his head on his palms and let his eyes close. The man was to the point of sleep when the door abruptly opens.

Straightening up in his seat, he yells, "Dammit! Who came in without knocking on the door?"

"I can't believe you are smoking in here" responds a deep voice.

"Oh, it's you Eji. What do you want?" questions the Boss with a brisk tone.

Eji is an average looking man: short, shiny, black hair; average nose with a slight hook at the end; heart-shaped mouth with a tiny wing at the end, and; skin the color of a tanned hide.  His biggest defining feature are his eyes, which look like the moon shining in the night. The age of the man seems to be in his early twenties

"I hear that you might have found the golden goose" stated Eji inquiringly.

"Who knows if that girl is the one" answers the Boss, putting his cigar out. 

"You know that time is of the essence, right? We must find the key to the gate" reminds Eji.

"I just don't get why we are looking for it now, of all things" the Boss responds with distaste in his voice.

"Why, you ask? Shouldn't you know the answer?" Eji asks while sitting down near the one-eyed man.

Quietly, the Boss replies, "Yes, I know, but I just want to confirm our Leader's plan of action."

Eji gave him an annoyed look and said, "Are you still thinking about her?"

The man slams his fist into the table and shouts, "Don't ever bring up her again!"

Eji shakes his head, "It has been centuries since she died. Why can't you move on already?"

"You wouldn't understand even if it hit you in the face" stated the man through gritted teeth.

"Well, whatever man, just keep up the work" Eji answers as he got up to walk out of the room.


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