Pandora's Heart

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



July 19, 1850

A celebration was being held at the mansion of the brother in law of Pandera. He name is Lord Jacob Madness. A man of high ambitious indeed. He is husband to Quinzy. His looks are not appealing, unlike his brother. Jacob's nose covers almost all of his face and eyes that pop out like one of those gargoyles statues in the front entrance. 

He is short in comparison to most high-class gentlemen. On his head, there is hardly any hair left to cover the bold spots. To others, he's considered a holy person almost next to the Pope himself. He will go to great lengths to protect his image.The saying "White Washed Tomb" fits every aspect of this man. 

The main event is located in the ballroom. The room was spacious and had tables full of delicious looking foods ever imaginable. All around women and men are dressed in their best clothing.

Some of them were dancing in pairs. Others were sitting and chatting away. In the far corner of the ballroom stood Quinzy. She kept swinging her head back and forth restlessly. 

"Stop turning your head! You look like a chicken whose's head is about to be cut off," said Jacob while sipping his drink.

"Well, I cannot help it. I'm worried."

"Worried about what?" asked Jacob.

"Izabella, our guest of honor."

"You are a worrywart. I'm sure she is on her way here," responded Jacob sounding annoyed by her nagging tone.

"I hope you are right. I just got this sinking feeling."

"It's always about your feeling. I'm tired of hearing it," replied Jacob pulling on her to the dancing floor.

Quinzy was swept away by the moment.  This was rare time for her because he hardly ever dances with her. They swing back and forth around the room. Laughter is heard, and soon Izabella was forgotten.

Hours came and went in no time. Everyone was too involve in whät they doing to notice a maid at the door. The girl quickly ran to Jacob and whispered some news in his ear. He nodded his head after hearing the news. The girl then went away from the party.

Jacob cleared his throat and announced to the crowd, "My humble apologies Ladies and Gentleman, we must take our leave for some urgent matter has come up. Please feel free to leave whatever you like."

He took hold of his wife's arm and led her out of the room. Once when they were far away from the party.

"Dear, what is the matter?" questions Quinzy in a worry some tone. 

"We have an expected guest waiting in the parlor."

Quinzy said, "I wonder who could it be at this hour?"

"We'll just have to wait and see." 

Jacob leads the way to the parlor. They had to pass several doors before reaching the right door. He opens the door, and they saw a person standing by the window.

"Inspector Bobbie Peal, What bring you here tonight?" inquire Jacob as he closes the door.

Inspector Bobbie Peal is about five foot six inches tall. He wears the usual police uniform dark blue coat with yellow buttons that go down in the middle. His pants are the same blue color and also his tall hat which is on his head.

Peal also had a mustache that covers his upper lip. The color of his mustäche is brown with a little white mix. He turns to face them unsure how to bring up the news.

"Long time no see, Lord Madness. I see you are the same as before." stated Peal

Jacob and Quinzy sat down. Both men glare at each other to the point high tension. In the past, both of them were close as brothers. Unfortunately, They were in a rivalry for the hand of a particular young lady.

"Please sit down, so we can get this over with." reply Jacob feeling irritated at the situation.

Peal comply with his request. For several moments there was a long pause.

Clearing his throat Peal pop the question, "When was the last time you saw your niece?"

"My niece?" askJacob raising his eyebrows.

"Yes, your only niece Izabella Pandera."

"Why are you asking about her?" inquiry Jacob curiously. "We saw her a few days ago in my brother's home."

"The mansion in which she was living in suddenly it burn down."

"What!" exclaim both Jacob and Quinzy standing up.

"We are looking into it currently."

"Did you find her? is she dead or alive?" questions Quinzy in a panic tone of voice.

"As I said already we are looking into it. This will take us a while to process everything."

"Please give us news if you know anything." pleaded Quinzy almost in tears.

"Of course, you have my word we will find her. "

Bobbie stood up and began to move towards the door.

"Please let us walk you to your ride " states Jacob getting to his feet.

"Oh, no need to get up. I will let myself out."

After saying that Bobbie opens the door and amble out of their sight. When the door was closed, Quinzy faced her husband and gave a knowing look.

"You shouldn't have opposed my idea of having Izabella come live with us."

"I thought she could take care of herself since she is of age."

"Of age? Ha no, says you who tried to wed her when she was in her fifteen years." retorted Quinzy sarcastically.

"You are not going to let me forget that incident, are you? Why don't we go and check on the ballroom."

"Hmm... fine have it your way." said she defiantly.

They march out of the room. When the two finally reached the ballroom, there was no one left except the maids standing around doing nothing.

"Why are guys just standing around? Hurry up and clean up this place." barked Jacob in a loud tone of voice.

The maids quickly went to work. They took the foods back into the kitchen.  A loud sigh escapes Quinzy's lip.

"Are you feeling tired? my dear." asked her husband.

"I guess I am a bit worn out from the party."

"Why don't you get yourself ready for bed and then go to sleep." suggested Jacob.

"Are you sure you don't want some help with your work?"

He replied, "I'm sure I can handle the work myself.  I will join you in a bit." 

"Very well then, I leave it to you." said she.

Quinzy left her husband and did what he suggest. Jacob waited several minutes before exiting the ballroom. He went directly to his study and shut the door behind him.

Madness waste no time he quickly got to work. The work includes reading family finance report, replying to business letters and make plans. While he was writing letters, a thought came to him.

Jacob got a new paper out and dipped the quill pen into the ink. He began to write the following words.

Dear Sterling Pound,

I am requesting your immediate presence. I have much to discuss with you. I know I'm asking a lot from you, but the situation in which I am in is of dire one. I will be waiting for your respond


L. J. M.

After finishing writing, he folded the paper and put it in an envelope. Madness took his ring off ; put it in wax. He then put the ring on the envelope sealing it.

Jacob called out, "Channa, come here."  

A young maid came and said, "My Lord, do you need something?"

"Yes Channa, I need you to deliver this letter for me but wait until morning before going."

"As you wish, my Lord." replied the maid taking the letter from him.

Once the maid disappeared from his sight Jacob stood up from his seat. He glance at the clock on the wall. The time read half past one. My look at the time it's this late already. I better get some sleep thought Jacob.

He pick up the candle stand along with the candles and left the study. The hallway was pitch black except for the light from the candles. Jacob make haste to his bedroom because he fears the darkness especially when he is alone.

Madness quickly got into his night wear.,blow out the light and then crawl into bed. For a while, he would listen to the sound of his wife's breathing. Before sleep took him in the darkness a mad smile was on his lips.


The name Channa is a Hebrew word. you don't pronounce the letter C because it's silent. I gave the maid the name because that is how I want to spell my first name. ???? Please enjoy vote or comment.

Discussion Q

What do you guys think the person Sterling Pound is?

What is his relationship with the Madness?

Can you describe what a mad smile looks like??


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