Pandora's Heart

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

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Submitted: September 12, 2017



Centuries ago  during the time before the 1800s

In a castle, a young man was a stable hand. He was deeply involved with the daughter of his Master. They went to the master's and did the unthinkable deed.

"Micheal, I love you more than anyone. Please give me an oath that you'll love me for eternity," said she clean into whispering in his ear.

"I give you my heart and an oath that won't break."

"I am glad to hear. Let's enjoy us one last night together." reply maiden leaning closer in his chest.

"I agree."

They look up to stars in the sky. For tomorrow the young Micheal sets off to join the King in a war. Micheal leans down to give his love one final kiss. A Kiss of promised love and a goodbye. As dawn came, the young man went on his journey.


Years haven't stop for the young lovers. By the time Mikha'el return home things had changed. He immediately went to the home of the woman he loved. He took his right hand and knocked on the door.

Soon the door was opened a little girl's head appears. Mika'el's face change from stern to a soft smile.

"May I help you? Mister."  asks the girl in a shy tone

"Don't be scared, Miss. I am searching for someone who lives here by the name Lucia Waltham."

The girl's lips lifted "My mother's name is Lucia.  I'll get her."

After a few minutes later a woman came.  Her face shows that she was shocked to see him.

"Mikha'el Is it you?"

"Yes, it's me."

Mikha'el let his eyes scan her. The woman he saw was nothing like the way he remembers. Her once beautiful face had signs of aging. The hair had turn gray with brown at the end.

"Why don't you come in from the rain."

Micheal walks into the home. She helps him get his wet coat off. Lucia led them into a comfortable room.

"Please have a seat and warm up by the fire."

He sat down and rubbed his hands together. Lucia set a drink down for him. "Please have a drink."

Many things came flooding into his mind. Questions and memories blend into one image that is of once young self.

"How have you been? Micheal," ask Lucia sipping her tea.

"I'm tired of the war. So when did you have the baby?"

She averts her eyes away from him.  Mikha'el could tell she did not want to answer.  Many situations had play itself in his mind which left an unpleasant feeling. He wanted so much to reach out; gently caress her. 

"So where is your husband?" inquire Mikha'el.

Lucia bit her bottom lip and tried to think of a way out of answering. It's not like she could say that the girl was born from rape.

Lucia replies "He disappears  after she enters the world."

"Oh! I-  I did not mean to stir up sad memories."

"I appreciate your concern but don't fret about it." said Lucia while stroking her daughter's hair.

All of sudden there was the sound of breaking glass and Lucia fell to the floor. Mikha'el saw blood running towards him. He jumped to his feet and went to her.

"Lucia! Hang on!" cried he searching for the wound.

She stops him "Please take my daughter away from here, Micheal."

He glanced at the girl and noticed that she was bleeding too.

Lucia took something and place it into her daughter's hand. "You know what to do."

She touches her head soon the girl's eyes closed.

"Lucia, Don't use that power. You know the consequences of it."

"Mikha'el, I ask you to look after her for me. Go take her soon they will be here to harvest what I have stolen."

"Who are they?"

 No respond came then he realized she was dead.  Mikha'el got up with the girl in his arm. He cast one last look at his former lover. It pained him to leave her, but for the sake of the daughter, he's gone.


Present time July 21, 1850


The man with the eye patch sat up in his bed. He touches his sleepy eyes and rubs away the dirt. That nightmare seems to be getting worse by the day. It felt such real details so vivid that made him sweat with fear. 

He got out of the bed and went to take a cooling bath. After the tub, the man got dressed.  There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," said he sitting down 

The door open and Eli steps in. "I brought your medicine."

"I appreciate your concern, but I don't need that medication."

"The healer said that this would help with your nightmares."

"I don't trust healers since they couldn't save her." said the man pushing away the medicine.

Eli just shook his head in disbelieve. His partner is a dimwit when it comes to the matters of the heart.

"I give up. You being a selfish person. We have been through so much.; you still make me suffer because you can't let go of the past Mikha'el."

He storms out of the room. After the door closed, Mikha'el grab the medicine grind his teeth and reluctantly took medicine.  He didn't mean to upset Eli it's just that things are complicated to explain to someone who would not understand.

A knock sounded again.

Mikha'el said, "Enter."

A maid steps in with a tray of food. She set the food on a near by table.  

The maid informed him,"Master wishes for you to come meet him in his study after you are  done eating."

"You may leave."

She left the room and went on with her business. Mikha'el move to where the food set.  He picks up a bite of egg and put it in his mouth. After finishing the food, Mikha'el went straight to the study.

He knocks and enters, "You needed me. Sir."

"Yes, I have an outstanding job for you." 

"What is the task detail?" inquires Mikha'el

"I need you to infiltrate our enemy's territories."

Mikha'el gave his boss a skeptical look even though the boss has his back to him. The boss himself is a hard man unrelenting in both spirit and action.

"What! Do we even know where the enemies are?"

"My info broker has given me a location that may hold more information on the where about of our enemies." states the cruel man.

Mikha'el got a small piece of paper. On the paper, it had the words  Go to the House of the Angels.

"House of the Angels, where is that?"

"According to the broker, they are an influential family who powers over the kingdom."

"What do I do once I have infatuated in?" asks Mikha'el

"First get close to one of their daughters then find out their secrets." 

"What if I were to be suspected?"

"Then do what you have to keep your cover. Report to me what you have found out."

" Sir, Is this all?"

"Yes, you may go."

Mikha'el got out of there then call for a carriage to bring to him. He got in and headed straight into town. 

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