Whatever it takes

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This short story looks at love from a different angle. A boy and a girl, in a relationship The girl (Jessie) isn't sure how their future is going to work, but the boy ( David) can see past that and it determined to make it work. They are also in a band together with their friends battling to win against David's cousin Jack and his band. Does it all work out?

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Whatever it takes



Chapter One


Saturday 20th July 2018


Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The final battle.” The commentator says.


David and the rest of his team gather for a team meeting. David has been using the same technique throughout the whole tournament.


OK team, we together have made it this far. I think it’s only right that we as a team decide what our final game plan should be.”


Your plan has got us this far, we shouldn’t do something that could ruin our chances of winning the title.”


Look Jessies right we shouldn’t do anything that could ruin our chances”


Whatever the outcome, we as a team have made it this far, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose, we have done our best to get this far so I think it’s only right that as a team we together make the final decision.”


After 10 ten minute debate on whether the game plan should be changed, the team come together to make the final decision.


David, followed by his team step out of the changing rooms he turns to the left.


We are cousins by blood, but it’s time to put that aside. I’m going to show you what a real challenge is.” Jack shouts


The comment raises tension between both team members, it causes them to exchange daggering looks. Eamon and Leon withdraw there swords and snarl at each other.


Your skills aren’t no where near as good as mine, I’m surprised David has made it to the final with you part of the team.” Leon spits.


With your attitude, I’m surprised your still a part of your team.” Eamon shoots back.


Leon struggles to hold his temper and attempts to attack Eamon, but before he is able get a clean shot, James and Nathaniel block his attack.


There is a huge buzz around the stadium; the crowd is in high spirits. David’s supporters have banners, the team colors, horns and masks of their favorite team member. Jack supporters also have a similar support system but they are also carrying out the sign to show Jack and his team that they are truly dedicated. The pitch is a desert setting. There are humps camels and tents. In the center, there is a bridge and water underneath. Both teams make there way across to there starting stations, the commentator says good luck to both teams, before the referee calls both teams over, they have one last team talk.


Friday the 6th April 2018


Jessie don’t be greedy, pass the popcorn”


Eamon snatches the popcorn from Jessie. It’s Friday and the group of friends are at David’s. The group of friends are a rock band, they got together at the age of 15. Jessie gives Eamon the evil eye and then reaches for her phone.


David is the main leader of the group. It was his idea to put the band together. Originally David and his cousin Jack used to play the guitar together, throughout high school. Both of them used to perform in school shows and even perform at family parties. They realized there potential and soon realized how great they could be. That’s when both of them decided to make the decision to start a band. The band was doing well, after a year the band started to become successful. The success soon become overwhelming for Jack. Jack started to party, he would sleep over at girls houses and smoke drugs. It all caused him to turn up late to band practices. David couldn’t take it any more and decided to make the decision to kick Jack out of the band. David did not expect family matters to creep in. Weeks later David and Jack received some news from their mothers, that their Granddad had passed away and he wanted them both to share his bracelet which has been passed down the family for many generations. David and Jack decided that they could not share the bracelet since the where no longer part of a band. That’s when Jack formed a band of his own to battle for the bracelet. There mothers refused to let them battle for the bracelet and demanded that they can only have the bracelet if there willing to share it as there Granddad requested. David is slightly geeky, except he does not have the brains. His favorite hobby is skateboarding but you would not be able to guess that by the way he acts and also by the way he dresses. David has short black hair and has a trend of wearing checked shirts with jeans.


Jessie is your average all time American girl next door, with a bit of a rock edge. Imagine the daughter of a vampire family... well that's her dress sense and image. Her kick ass attitude is what makes her attitude shine through. When it comes to the band, she is truly dedicated and is willing to give it her all. Jessie doesn't have much girl friends, she has always been around boys and the band. Jessie has known David since the age of eight, she has always had a crush on him. They used to live next door to each other and been together since the third year of high school. Now they know everything about each other.


Next you have Damien who is David's best friend since the second grade of high school. The both despised each other at first, always tried ignore other on the bus. Tyrone reckons it was because Damien was in higher classes than David but David says I was not cause of that but what ever the situation was, it surely had something to do with David's jealously. Eventually... within the middle of the eighth grade, they become best friends it all started because Damien stopped the bus for David and then their bus journeys were never the same.


Then there's Tyrone. Tyrone is the brains of the band. Where as David is the writer for the band, he is the true talent behind the beats and instrumentals behind the songs. Tyrone and David bonded because of their passion for skateboarding. They met at the skate park. Tyrone is your average skater. Always up for danger playing pranks on others and always challenging the others skateboarding battles. If you can not find him at the skate park he will usually be hanging out in the forest somewhere trying to come up with ideas of how to play a prank on someone. His dress attire is somewhat to cool for school. He's always wearing ¾ length shorts with a over sized t – shirt.


It has been three hours since the gang have been relaxing at David's. Ever since they have been there Jessie has been on her phone.


Your always on your phone Jessie, what is so interesting that you can't even enjoy our company?” Tyronne snaps


You sound just like my Dad! I'm actually looking at “Band news....” Jessie replies with a slight smirk on her face.


Oh really, who's number one?” Tyrone now turns attention away from the video game and towards Jessie.


Jessie and Tyrone now start mutter between each other. Debating which band should be first in the chart. As Eamon grabs the video game control his phone starts to ring. It's his mother. The others start to laugh. It's ever since he's had his new job his mum has been on his case. It's rather been the typical mum role. Setting out ground rules. If he loses another job then he has to move to his Uncle Roy's who is an ex Army officer. This frightens the life out of him.


If your mum wasn't so hot, then I would be on your side buddy.” Tyrone says, apologetically.


I agree” David laughs


Oi, I'm still here” Jessie chucks a pillow at David, then gives him the evil eye.


Since Eamon has leave, the others decide to vacate too, leaving David to clean up the mess in his room.


Later on during the night, David decides to browse the internet. He notices that Jessie is online. She changes her status also. It says “When will the message ever get across” David has a feeling that he might know what this is about. He clicks on her name.


Hey” David writes


Oh hi” Jessie replies


You k?” David changes his style to text talk.


Well I don't know”


What u mean?”


There's something missing”


What u referring to us” David now is lost with the conversation


Well you don't seem interested any more, it's not like it used to be between us.”




And also with us both going to different universities after finals, it's another situation. Have you thought about that?”


Look I'm not having this conversation, your reading into things way too much, besides it's a long time away.” David logs off


He knows how complicated girls can get, but in his mind is a different species. He then turns to his favorite online game Hannibal's and Lagoons. David forgets he has college in the morning and ends up playing until 5am.


It's the afternoon and college has finished for the day. As the discussed over the weekend, they decide to meet at David's after class to practice. Jessie shows up two... Eamon and Tyrone don't know about David and Jessies argument last night so they question Jessie's unusual behavior more. Whilst David has a feeling why she might have turned up much later.

What's the deal Jessie?” Tyronne questions


Well... it's because....”


But before Jessie is able to finish her sentence, David interrupts.


We can discuss it later, but right now we need to catch up on lost practice.”


Whatever man” Tyrone mutters.


Tyrone's the drummer for the band, he has been drumming since the age of 5. He is also the one who comes up with the beats and instrumentals to the songs whilst David is the song writer so they bounce of each other really well. Tyrone can be really argumentative towards David at times with final decisions so Eamon has to cut in and act as the mediator. Five times out of ten it normally works. Since Jessie is the second lead singer, she feels she has the right to say something or she normally cuts in and simply says “I don't like it, I'm not singing that.” That normally works the most. The band is lucky to have Tyrone, because his talent has managed to allowed David to write such amazing songs that have caused them to win talent shows.


David is the lead singer, he discovered that he could sing at the age of nine. Whilst at a family party, he and his cousin Jack decided to have a turn on the Karaoke, that' when his family members were surprised to see that David can sing. Then he decided to build on his talent by learning to play the guitar. Eamon is the main guitarist though, the solos that he can perform are the best. He can sure get the crowd going. Even though his singing voice isn't that great he his the back up singer for the band as well as Tyrone.


They have been working on the same song for six months and they can't decide whether to change the chorus. The argument has been up in the air and does not seem to be going anywhere. The more and more they rehearse, the chorus sounds worst and worst. The band is getting really frustrated, Jessie is complaining because she has to play her part over and over again just to get to the chorus. It's not that the chorus does not sound right, the problem is that whether the chorus fits in with the meaning of the song. The message they are trying to get across in the song is whether it's too late for love. Ironically this fits in well with the situation David and Jessie are going through.


Chapter Two


Jack has just arrive home from college and he can't wait to tell his band the news. He first phones James.


I just heard on Radio XV that there holding a tournament in our home town.” Jack says excitedly.


It's in three months time, there saying if you think that you've got what it takes to be the next best band in Haughton town then contact us. We definitely have got what it takes!”


You sound confident... I mean it all sound good but there's just a slight problem. We haven't got a song writer any more, which means there's a huge chance that within three months we will come up with a really bad song or we use the song that we have now which has been over played.” James replies nervously.


They both remain silent, James waits for Jack to reply. It wasn't the response Jack was hoping to hear. The winner of the tournament receives £5,000. In his opinion, he feels that it is way to much to refuse the chance of winning.

Look it's £5,000 at stake here, there is no chance that we can possibly let that go. It won't take us 5 minutes to come up with a song.”


You sure about that, it took us a year and a half to come up with the last song and none of us was working then.” James has a good argument.


We've got more experience than last time, we are a lot more talented.” Jack fights back.


I guess your right, we do have more talent than last time and our vocals are a lot more tighter...” James starts to agree with Jack.


See, look, we've got this, come over to my place, I'll call the others.” Jack hangs up the phone.


He is now excited. Without hesitation, he goes through his phone to call the others for a meeting.

Later that evening Jacks friends arrive at his house. He informs the others of the facts of the competition, then asks the others whether they have a good strategy to help them win the tournament. He is dead serious about this.


Jack is the total opposite to David. He is so sure of himself as a person and also as a goal achiever as he has never lost anything such as a challenge or a competition in his life. The others had a feeling that he is not about to start now. Although he has this level of confidence, there is also a mean to side him. It might be something relating to his maturity level but he can be inappropriate towards others. Especially the ladies. Some of the pranks and jokes he has done have mostly been towards the girls. He is not a winner of girls hearts the lads at college and work worship him like him like he is the next best thing. David never did favor this side to him, mainly because he once played a prank on Jessie and after that she wasn't at all a fan of Jack and David was furious. Jack called David “sloppy” said that he his to wrapped under Jessie's spell to see the funny side of anything! But Jack has never had a girlfriend so this may cause him to not understand what love is, that's in Eamon's opinion. David agreed and it made Jessie understand slightly why he is the way he is.


His entourage aren't any better, if you as David. James only just about understands girls, David nor his entourage don't no a lot about James since he never went to the same secondary school as them but they herd that he's had a girlfriend which lasted for three months and he pissed on someone at a house party from the balcony. But that is nothing compared to what the others have done.


There's Leon who likes to fight. Tyrone doesn't and has never got well with Leon since secondary school. Exchanging comments about each other become there favourite sport. If both entourages could describe it, it is the opposite of a bromance. Next you have Nathaniel, his upbringing does not match his personality. This is thought of not only by David and his entourage, but by also by a majority of the college. In simple terms, he is a spoilt rich kid. All the members in both entourages have family problems, whether it's minor or large, but not Nathaniel. He comes from a rich family background and is due to get a large inheritance. This is where is problem lies. He sees this as a problem. His family expect too much from him, to always get good grades and never be in trouble. So Leon reckons he's joined the band so he can lead a double life. Pretend he has the rough kid image but really he's this posh kid from a really nice town.


Finally you have Kylie. Kylie is the opposite to Jessie. She his extremely popular. The only reason she joined the band is to raise her popularity status. If she isn't part any group, that means that she is not the leader of it. All the guys want to date her or dream to date her, if she isn't talking about which guy she has just turned down to her girls, she is talking about her hair and make up with her girls. Her popularity status is that high, the geeks approach her so they can do her homework. Jessie and Kylie are in the same music class, which makes things less easier for her. Jessie only wishes she could somehow stop taking advantage of people and come back down to planet earth. So once again if you ask David, Jack joined a very immature group and has done no favors leaving his group for himself and for his talent.


It's been three hours since Jack and the others have been around his place and non of them have come up with a single idea for a song. Instead James an Kylie have been flirting with each other while the rest have been smoking, with music playing in the background.


Pass it over” Nathaniel says


Jack passes Nathaniel the cigarette.


Kylie, feel this... it's definitely boyfriend material.” James says to Kylie, then gives her a wink.


The rest over hear and then burst out in laughters. After that Jack realises that they are not going to get any further tonight and decides to send them home. Nathaniel has smoked too much that he is not in any fit state to move, so Jack let's him stay.


Jack opens up his laptop and logs onto the internet. He notices Jessie's status and then sees that she is still online and decides to investigate further. He clicks on her name. Jessie is notified that Jack is trying to make contact as it says at the bottom of the screen “Jack is typing.” Before he is able to finish his sentence, she types.


What do you want?”


Seeing how my cousins girlfriend is doing. Even though me and David don't speak any more doesn't mean we don't have too.”


well...OK, but we have nothing to talk about.”


I am concerned about you, a pretty girl like you shouldn't have to put statuses like that. David not treating you right? You know, you could always leave him” Jack types


What and date you, yeah right... You need to grow up!” Jessie replies


We used to be close you and me, what happened?”


Yours and David's situation... That's what happened.”


He's a jerk!”


He can be at times, but he's my boyfriend, I'm not going to be disloyal to him, especially when we have so much between us.”


Don't you think your too young to settle down? You've got so much partying left to do. You know I'm good for that ;). Look join my band, you'll like it a lot better. Plus we could be better off with your talents” Jack starts to get flirtatious.


No chance, even if me and David did split up, I still wouldn't join and I'm not that type of girl.”


I know that, just thought I'd try and persuade you.”


Jessie starts to let down her guard and smiles as she reads his reply.


I can't knock you for trying.”


thanks :)”


It would be great if you and David could make up.”


I must admit, I do miss him, but the chances of that are definitely below 50%. Plus there's a tournament to see who the best band are. If you guys join then it looks like there will be a 0% chance.”


Really? And David isn't that immature. He wouldn't let a tournament get in the way. Just give him time. He's just not ready.”


How long does he need? Anyway's I'm logging out. Speak to you later ;).


Jack switches off his laptop. He turns around and Nathaniel is still passed out on his bed. He switches the TV on and watches it until he falls asleep.


It's the next day, David passes Jack and Nathaniel in the hallway at college. Jack smirks then sarcastically says


Say Hi to Jessie for me.”


David stops


What do you mean by that?” David is now angry.


Oh you guys have not spoke yet?... well ask her she'll tell you.” Jack smile broadens, then he walks away with Nathaniel.


Hey mate, what do you mean by that?” Nathaniel is just as puzzled as David was.


Well me and Jessie had a conversation last night online. I think she might actually have a thing for me. For the first time since me and David stop talking she had a conversation with me which didn't include her logging off straight after I said Hi.”


The bell rings for first lesson.


Now you know I'm not best person to ask for an opinion, but I think that is her just being nice. I'll give you time to think about it, see you at lunchtime.”


What an idiot!” David and Eamon are whispering about Jack in English


Just ignore him, mate” Eamon replies


It's just that, his comments are pointless... he really makes me mad!”


That's the thing, he has nothing else better to do.”


Can I hear whispering in the far corner” Mrs Fulworth shouts.


David and Eamon pick up their pens instantly and start to write. They couldn't be any more bored of the lesson. Too them it feels like it has been going on for longer than one hour. But instead of risking getting a detention, they decide to carry on with their work.


Chapter Three


Jessie is walking home with her study partner. She doesn't seem her normal self and her study partner has noticed this. Since Jessie doesn't want to dampen the mood, she decides to tell her study partner what has been happening between her and David.


Without over complicating the situation Jessie feels like she is stuck in a huge dilemma. Usually she doesn't have many options to choose from and finds it is either a yes or a no situation but this time she does have options. If her and David carry on the way it is then she does have the option to join Jack and his band. But this would be the ultimate betrayal... She knows David would not be able to look at her again. There's also the risk of losing the friendship with the rest of the band. Besides that, not that she would not want to make Jack happy, because it will be making Jack happy for all the wrong reasons. To humiliate someone else just for their ego is not what Jessie wants to be part of. After telling her study partner her news, her study partner then informs her that the university she wants to attend is offering scholarships for the top five best graded students. This makes things more harder. As she is on track with her grades, she doesn't see why she should let David get in the way of her move and choice. But then she starts to think over time about, well about everything!


So we'll meet up same time tommorrow?” Alice says


Yeah sure, c ya later” Jessie replies


Alice has given Jessie a lot to think about. She wonders whether talking to David would make things easier. But the only problem with that is that she hasn't come to a final decision. She decides that she is going to spend the rest of the week thinking of what she wants.


Jessie continues to mope around the house, it starts to irritate her mum. She's in a difficult situation of whether she should tell her mum. If she tells her mum, she strongly has this feeling that her mum would make a huge deal out of the situation which could make things even more difficult for her. Her mum is a huge fan of David, she liked from the moment they become an item. In her mums eyes David cannot do anything wrong so she has the feeling that her mum would strongly recommend that she chooses another university so that her relationship with David wouldn't be in jeopardy. Yes as you may have guessed, her mum is all for love and romance. Jessie's parents have been together since the age of 15 and have never had a serious fall out. But Jessie has her dad's mentality, meaning that she is more work focused rather that settling down with that “special someone.” She decides not to tell her mum, instead she goes to her room and sings whilst playing her guitar.


College as ended for the day and Eamon heads straight to work. Whilst on his way to work he realizes that he has a few hours before his shift starts and decides to have lunch at Burger head. He orders his regular, cheese burger and fries with hot chocolate. As he takes his seat, he glances round. He notices some girls standing at the other end of the restaurant opposite the tills. It appears that they are doing some sort of promotion. Eamon says this to himself. There are three girls, one of them appears to be wearing some sort of gladiator outfit. The other is wearing a Greek goddess outfit and the last girl is wearing nothing but a green bikini. This has made his day better. He has now finished his meal and decides to see what they are advertising.


If you have got the talent, come and show us what you've got... it's....” The girl in the green bikini is MC'ing over a microphone. Eamon squeezes past two middle aged men who are paying less attention to what she is saying but more attention to her well toned body. Eamon notices it too! The girl wearing the Greek goddess outfit is handing out leaflets. Eamon manages to receive one from her. Then he remembers work... and leaves the crowd. The leaflet is advertising a tournament for battle of the bands. The winner of the tournament wins £5,000! Eamon gets excited and can't wait to tell David and the rest of the band, the news has definitely made his day.

It's practice, Jessie decides not to say how she is feeling to David as she feels it's not the right time. Eamon is still at work, since he has to work overtime the others decide to start without him. Since they have started practice, David has noticed every mistake and criticized the whole band for the way they are playing. Not to mention, he doesn't know a thing about the tournament or Jessie. Although he has been giving Jessie the cold shoulder. This may be because of the comment that Jack made towards him, he hasn't spoke to Jessie about it, nor has he spoke to Eamon or Tyrone so the way he's dealing with it isn't going down to well with the others. Jessie is already unfocused during practice because of the situation now she is wondering if David suspects anything. This is making practice even more harder for her.


It has now been four hours and they still haven't been able to finish a song without any mistakes according to David's standards. Tyrone announces that he has written a song so they decide to try it before it gets late.


Mate... I'm not sure about this.” David tries say in the nicest way possible.


Ah, come on what are you not sure about?” Tyrone says, whilst trying to sympathize with him.


Well it's the whole song, the start middle and the end... it needs a little work that's all”


What?!! are you being serious here, you've never said this to me before, you acting out of character.”


Tyrone then turns towards Jessie and Damien for support, they both quickly avoid giving him eye contact, but definitely agree with him.


No, it's just that you have never written a worthless song before.” David snaps


Screw you David”


David turns away from Tyrone


Look if you work with Damien, you'll be able to change it a little and get better results.”


David turns around,


What do you think Damien?”


Damien mutters something, the others didn't hear.... he then nods, not really wanting to upset any of them.


Yeah whatever”


No chance, Screw you all, I'm out of here!” Tyrone shouts, then slams the door behind him.


David turns and faces the others


Has anyone got anything to say?” David spits


No one makes a sound. Instead they reach into their pockets and pull out their phones. Non of them are in the mood to continue practicing and since it's reached 2am, they decide to stop. Usually Jessie stays over but she decides to go home. As she is walking home, she can't help but think about David's mood. She starts to have a conversation with herself.


Wonder if he has an idea of what is on my mind?... because why would he act like that?...”


As she reaches the door step of her house, she wonders whether to call David and just get it other with. But her conscience says its not the right moment. She enters her house and goes straight to bed without saying “hello” or “goodnight” to her parents.


David can't sleep. His phone starts to beep. His first thought is “it's Jessie.” He can't help but think how he is acted throughout band practice. He himself knows that he has acted out of character so he wonders what would the others be thinking. Jessie doesn't know that Jack has raised some sort of speculation between him and Jessie to David and David didn't once stop to think whether Jessie suspects David knows about Jack speaking to David at college. To make things even worst for himself, he hasn't even told Eamon or even Damien and with him falling out with Tyrone the tension is even more higher. He looks at his phone. It's Damien.


Hey buddy, hope your alright? You wasn't your usual self tonight. Look if you want to chat, you know where I am”


He knows it would most probably make things better if he spoke to Damien about what happened between him and Jack or at least speak to someone, but as a private person when it comes to his relationships, he first wants to speak to Jessie. The only problem with this is that he could possibly come across in a really negative way in which could make Jessie not like him at least at that particular moment. He reads the text message from Damien again, then throws is phone on the floor.

Damien checks is phone before he climbs into bed. No text message from David.. he texts Tyrone.


Don't worry about tonight. You know how he gets sometimes.”


Bleep... Tyrice replies


He didn't even give the song a proper chance. If he can't respect me, I'm going to leave. He doesn't deserve my talent!”


Damien can see where he is coming from but he doesn't him to other react.


Look I'll speak to him tomorrow. Sleep it off.”


Damien sighs and puts his phone down on the side cabinet. He then turns on his side and then falls asleep.



Chapter Four


It's halfway through tutorial and Jessie isn't there. David has text her once already and decides to text her again. She wasn't around during the lunch hour either. It's unusual for her to not turn up to college. He suspects something's not right or something's seriously wrong with her, like she has been ran over. He then starts to wonder whether she knows about him bumping into Jack. Still no reply after texting her the second time. He makes a decision to go to her house after college if she doesn't reply after his third text.


Eamon called a band meeting, for them all to meet by the fountain after college. He is unaware of last nights disagreement between David and Tyrice. Only David and Damien show up. Damien can't wait to tell him what happened.


It was crazy! A massive blow out dude, over a song decision. If you was there you would have thought a girl was involved. But shows how dedicated they both are.”


Oh so that explains why Tyrone hasn't shown up, but what's Jessies deal? She wasn't in class either, David you spoke to her?”


David stays quiet for a moment and checks his phone. Still no reply. He starts panic. He's now worried about her.


Look I got to go.” says David


Wait.. Wait! Just before you go there's a tournament, battle of the bands, the winner receives £5000. Here take this flyer.”


Ok I'll call you later.” David runs


Eamon and Damien look at each other.


Seriously something is not right, he's been acting weird lately.” instigates Damien.


Jessie has been in bed all day, her curtains are still drawn. She isn't ill nor does she feel lazy. She couldn't face David and didn't want to bump into Jack. She hasn't checked her phone all day until now. First message, from her study partner.


Don't forget were meeting at the library after college.”


Second message, from David


Hey, meet me after college, we need to talk”


Third message, from David


You OK to meet me after college? It's important”


Fourth message again, from David


Is everything OK? this isn't like you to not text back. Look I'm getting worried about you, if it's something to do with the way I acted during band practice I'm sorry, but I'd like to move on from that because there's something much more important that we need to talk about.”


Jessie has always liked David's persistence and authority, but this time she'd wished he would get the hint and realize that she doesn't want to talk. Since her room is tidy, her mum doesn't hesitate to let herself in. She has plate full of cookies and a glass of milk.


A treat for you sweetie pie.” Jessies mum hands her the plate of cookies and glass of milk.


You know it's not good for you staying in bed all day... I'm always here I you want to talk sweetie. David is downstairs.”


Mum, why do you have to get involved?! You shouldn't have let him in without telling me first!” Jessie is now annoyed.

Her mum sighs and walks out of the room.


Two minuets later, Jessie hears a knock at her door, she presumes its David. Normally David would just enter her room, but because of the circumstances, he doesn't want to cause any further tension. Jessie walks towards the door and then opens it. She finds David standing their looking... well disappointed. She doesn't look at him to long before she lets in him in. He sits on the end of her bed while she sits on her computer chair. The room is silent, it appears that both of them are waiting for the other to speak first. David can be stubborn at times, Kylie knows this very well, so she decides to be the mature one and start the conversation.


Why are you here?”


David stares at her. He realises that she doesn't have any idea as to why he is here.


Well I heard something... something that I am not happy about.”


She wonders... could it be the situation she feels trapped in? But then she quickly realizes that the only person she has told is her study partner and they don't have any relation towards each other and she hasn't given any clues away, at least she thinks she hasn't. She looks down and stares at her hands.


Well Jack made comment, which prompt something.” David says, he looks annoyed


This has surprised Jessie as she hasn't got a clue what he is talking about. Then it hits her, the “status” the conversation with Jack. She didn't think much of it, until now. Her plan is to act normal and not make a huge deal about it. But this is all she needed and nothing about her situation hasn't even been mentioned.


Oh that... he happened to be online at the same time as me, noticed my status and decided asked me about it, no big deal.”


No big deal! Is that all you can say. Why didn't you tell me? Or at least talk to me? I mean you must have been feeling something and you spoke to Jack of all people!” David shouted


I didn't think you would mind, I mean it's not like it was only Jack who knew how I was feeling. I wrote it on a status he just decided to ask me about it.” Jessie replied calmly.


Didn't you even stop t think how I would have felt? You know how stupid he made me feel?!” David's voice raised a little higher


Oh that's all you care about, your image and how you would look!” Jessie now raise her voice.


They broke out into an argument. Jessie's mum could hear them as soon as she realized that their voices were louder than the television she decided that it was time to break up the argument by checking if they needed anything.


I'm going to leave, I'll call you OK” he left Jessie and her mum in Jessie's room.


Now Jessie was really upset. She became depressed. Her mum give her a hug and said she would be OK. She still didn't want to tell her mum how she was feeling but after the argument she couldn't hold it inside for much longer. She broke out into tears and told her everything.


Jessie has missed three days of college and hasn't spoken to David since the argument. She decides to go into college not because she is feeling better but because she promised that she would meet up with her study partner. She seems to cheer up a little, the studying has seem to have helped.


Listen up, listen up! There's going to be something new, something exciting. Our college is going to have discos every Friday afternoon, so it's time to put on your dancing shoes.” A member of the student council announces.


Urgh that's all we need” Jessie's study partner says, miserably.


Jessie wonders why the student council would make an announcement like that in the library because of people such as geeks (her study partner) who would disapprove but she happens to think its a good idea and decides she will go to the first opening.


Jack and his band meet for band practice. Jack is excited about the competition and practice is making him even more excited. But Jack hasn't yet thought of what there main song choice can be. They don't even have one to choose from.


What are we going to do?” Nathaniel starts to panic


Were totally going to be screwed if we don't come up with anything” James adds


Just chill, I've got it covered” Jack says calmly. He doesn't want his band to mess up by worrying about a song.


How? I don't see any ideas” Nathaniel replies


James agrees. Jack turns to Kylie for a little hope but she instead turns to her phone.


Look let's just practice what we know for now, I'll think of something.”


Jacks phone starts to ring. He walks out of the garage.


The others turn and look at each other. They all have the feeling that they are thinking the same thing. That they are all doomed.


Listen up guys. I've just had a phone call from the student council. Those guys are given us the chance to perform at the college dance ceremony. This is good for us and at least we get the chance to show David and his band what we've got.” Jack says excitedly


Leon agrees with Jack


Yes! They will blown away, it won't even matter what song we sing.”


That's the spirit Leon!”


The others quickly start to see the bright side and suddenly become positive.


There are posters advertising the opening dance ceremony around college and it also mentions that Jack and his band will be the main act for the opening show. Just as David as had a disagreement with Jessie concerning Jack, all he needs is Jacks name and face posted around the college. Eamon doesn't even need to ask whether he's going to attend, so he doesn't bring up the question. Since Eamon is a good friend of David, he decides that he will not attend either and advises that Damien and Tyrone should do the same.

It's one week until the summer exams, Tyrone sees Jessie and her her study partner in the library, he decides to approach her. It's not long before they both have a long bitching conversation about David. As their voices start to get louder and louder, they realise that the should change the conversation.


So you heard about the new college dance?” Jessie asks


About that, I received a text earlier from Eamon saying don't go because of Jack, loyalty to David.


Pfft what about loyalty for my song!” Tyrone raises his fist


I don't know about you, but I am sick of David being in control of... well.... everything. It's about time we stood our ground! I'm going to go. Are you with me?” Jessie says proudly


Err well I mean, is it a good idea, I am angry but this is a huge step.”


It will teach him a lesson show him that we do actually have a heart beat and pulse.”


Tyrone chuckles, he sees were she is coming from and decides that he will go to the opening ceremony with her.


Exam week has started. Jessie feels confident. But she cannot help but know that she will feel down after the exams have finished instead of feeling at least relieved. After exams have finished she decides that she will arrange with David to meet for dinner and tell him everything.


Its the end of exams and Jessie is feeling confident that she has done well, she answered every question on the exam. As she is walking down the hallway she sees Tyrone and decides to stop and talk to him


How was exams?” Tyrone asks

Without sounding to comfortable, I think I did OK. How about you?” Jessie returns the question whilst putting her hands in her pocket.


Err... I don't think I did to great... I've been concentrating the song for the band and David doesn't even appreciate it.” Tyrone snaps. He pulls is face


He doesn't appreciate much these days.” Jesse agrees with Tyrone


Why what's your situation?” Tyrone sounds relieved that someone is taking his side. The continue their conversation.


Oh you don't want to know, but it's affecting our relationship.”


Tyrone quietens his voice, so quiet that Jessie has to lean forward in his direction to hear.


I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't so sure at first but I spoke to Jack a few days ago and he asked whether I want to join his band and I kinda said yes. You should too, Jack will value us!”


What?!! but what about David?! David and Jack despise each other, it's the ultimate betrayal”


Screw David, he only looks out for himself so I'm going to lookout for myself!”


You know that's not true! David can be a lot of things, but he's not selfish!”


I knew I shouldn't have told you, do what you like, I'm out of here.”


David finally hears about the college dance opening ceremony. It's the last thing on his mind especially with Jack and his band being the main act. Eamon suggests that it would be a chance to see the competition before the tournament begins but David says he doesn't want to win that way. Instead he is thinking about Jessie and making things right between him and Tyrone again. He thinks about texting Jessie but then he decides that it's to soon after exams so he Eamon and Damien decide to band practice instead.


There is only two weeks left until college is finished for the summer. With this in mind, Jessie knows that she has to meet up with David rather sooner than later. Without hesitation she writes a text to David and clicks send. She then logs onto the internet to see if Tyrone is online. He is. She clicks onto his name.


Your not still in a mood with me are you?”




Good Lol, because the opening ceremony is tomorrow and I need you to come with me”


I've got your back”


:). See you tomorrow.”


Jessie logs offline.


It's the next day and Jessie has just finished getting ready for the college dance opening ceremony. She checks her watch and realises it's time to meet Tyrone.


The hall is decorated with graffiti signs, each one of them stating a different meaning but circulated around “keep moving forward.” There are disco light and the stage were Jack and his band are playing has smoke canisters. Tyrone has noticed how dedicated Jack and his band are to win the tournament. He's heard them play the song before that they are currently playing and they are playing it much better than last time. Tyrone must admit that he is slightly worried, but he knows if David would use his song, they would have a strong chance of winning. But none of that matters because he is 100% sure that he is going to join Jacks band.


Jessie too notices that Jack and his band are performing much better than previous gigs that they have had. This still doesn't make her want to join them. Instead she pretends that she is enjoying their performance. The performance is over, the crowd give a loud cheer, on behalf of his band, Jack thanks everyone then mentions that they will be entering the competition.


Everyone here should support us, because we are going to win!” Then Jack throws his fist up in the air.


15 minutes after the performance, Jack bumps into Tyrone in the toilets. Tyrone sees Jack staring at him, he finds it very creepy as they are in the toilets but he has a feeling that he knows what's on Jacks mind and he still hasn't made a decision.


We will respect your decisions more and respect you more.” Jack is coming across like he is selling himself and his band to him.


Look, I really appreciate all the things you are saying, but I don't know if I want to leave my band.”

I respect your loyalty to your band, but your band isn't giving you the chance to... well... do anything, David isn't giving you the chance, but if you join us, you can do whatever you want, as long as it is helping the band.”


Tyrone takes a moment, now that Jack has mentioned it, he realizes that David's selfish ways could make is talent go to waste. He looks at Jack, Jack is grinning, a grin that says “you know I'm right”, Tyrone just wants to have a say and be treated as an individual. If Jack and his band are going to offer this then why not join them.


I'm in!” Tyrone says


Trust me, you've made the right decision.” Jack replies


Jessie, looks around the room, looking for Tyrone, she has noticed that he has been gone for a while. She wonders whether he went straight to the drinks bar after he finished from the toilets, so she walks towards the drinks bar. He's not there, then she turns around and notices him standing with Jack at the edge of the dance floor. “Wonder what they have to talk about” Jessie says to herself. She doesn't bother to go over and find out, instead she waits for him by the drinks bar.


So what was that about?”


Don't judge me, but I've decided to join Jack and his band.”




Looks it's not as if I have committed murder or anything, it's just that I will be respected more, David has seemed to have forgotten what that means.”


Jessie can't believe the decision he has made but she does agree with him on one thing, David has seemed to forgot what the word respect means lately. She doesn't want to get into a argument with Tyrone especially since she still has David to deal with. She has learned over the years that music means a lot to Tyrone, so she decides to be the supportive friend.


Oh is that the time... I've got to go, I have to get ready, I'm meeting David later.”


OK, please don't mention my decision to him.”


Oh believe me, it's not going to be that type of conversation, but you will have to tell him sooner or later.”


Jessie leaves, giving Tyrone another thing to think about.


Two hours later and David is waiting to meet Jessie. Since he feels that she has been acting up lately, he is really intrigued by what Jessie has to say. On his side of the situation, he feels that everything is fine with their relationship apart from the interference with Jack, but that was soon resolved. It's been 10 minuets, he is sitting waiting patiently. He decides to order a drink, an orange juice, he's not the type to get nervous but this time he is. Another 10 minutes has passed and Jessie arrives.


Jessie has been late many of times and knows that look from David all to well, so the first thing she does is says sorry. He nods in appreciation and waves his hand for a sign to welcome her to take a seat. Jessie quickly takes a seat, she had it all planned out how she was going to say it but now that she is facing him, she is speechless. She did not plan for this to happen. They both look at each other, they can both feel the awkwardness. To stop the tension, David asks Jessie if she would like a drink. It seem to work because Jessie said yes without hesitation.


Two orange juices, sir, madam. Are you ready to order?” Asks the waiter.

David looks at Jessie for an indication, Jessie is still is worrying about how she is going to tell David, at this point she wishes that she brought some moral support with her. In her mind only the waiter can save her now.


Yes we would like to order.” Jessie quickly replies as she turns and faces the waiter.


On purpose she delays her order by asking the waiter questions about the different meals on the menu. This is something she never does. David knows this, now he starts to look at her strangely. She finally orders, Jerk chicken with rice and David orders his usual meal oxtail with potatoes and rice. The waiter takes the menus and walks away. David has finally come to the conclusion that Jessie is nervous and that she has something to say that he's not going to like so he decides to break the awkwardness between them.


You breaking up with me?”


No, well... err”


Wow, I was joking! So what's going wrong between us?”


It's just that there seems to be nothing between us any more. It's seems that the only thing that is holding us together is the band.”


That's how you feel. So why have you taken so long to mention it to me?”

David mood changes, he is slightly angry.


I have been meaning to tell you sooner, it's just...”

Jessie's tone changes, she starts to tear up.


Look it's OK...”


David no moves to her side of the table and puts his arm around her. They continue the conversation.


One Jerk chicken and rice and one Oxtail with potatoes and rice... enjoy” The waiter couldn't have time his entrance any better.


And I also want to go Merefield University and you want to go Kingerwood university. There both on opposite ends of the country. The distance is far to long.”


Why does that bother you?”


Because I'm scared you might get bored and want to break up with me as soon as you realise how hard it it will be.”


Who said it's going to be hard? Jessie you've put all these barriers up before we've even packed our suitcases. I Love you and will always love you, so I am prepared to take that challenge... to make it work. What did we use to say to each other when things got tough between us?”


We'll get through it no matter what, because we can get through anything together.”


And don't forget that young lady.”

Jessie starts to smile, while wiping her eyes. At this point Jessie has remembered how much David and their relationship means to her. David also knows how much university means to her, so to end his plea he ends it with...


And if the distance thing means so much to you then I will choose a different university closer to yours... let's face it I will not make the grades to go to the same university as you.”


They both laugh, because they know how very true that is. She finally make her decision to try and make things work between them. They also propose that they should have date nights at least once every two weeks, whether it's in person or over internet video chat.


Chapter Five


14th June 2018


Since David's relationship with Jessie is back on track, David can't help but think about fixing things with Tyrone, if not for their sake, but for the bands sake. He's walking down the high street of Lockville and nothing is inspiring him to text or call Tyrone. Guess he is showing his stubborn side. To make things worst he bumps into Jack and his whole band. Jack is can't wait to say something to him. David just hopes it's not anything too bitchy because he is not in the mood.


Your band up for the challenge then, or you too scared your going to get beat and have to be comforted by your mum” Jack makes whining noises like a baby, the rest of his band start to laugh whilst making the same noises too.


Haha good one and what are you even talking about?” David replies forgetting about the tournament.

Don't tell me your in a band and you haven't heard about the tournament that is coming up in one months time!”


Or is it because, Tyrone finally came to his senses and joined a real band were he will be appreciated.”


No David is totally lost, he is starting to think why does he seem to be the last to find out especially when its about him.


What are you referring to now Jack??”


So you've not spoke to Tyrone, he did mention how you don't appreciate him. He's left your band and is now a part of ours.”


Look here he is.”


Tyrone comes from around the corner. David is lost for words, this is the last thing he expected.


Tyrone doesn't have much to say but David does.


Tyrone what's this about?” David asks.


Well you don't respect me, so I found another band, sorry you had to find out this way and sorry it had to be Jacks.” Tyrone replies.


We could have at least spoke about it. It's to late mate.”


Tyrone starts to rethink his decision but he doesn't want to look weak in front of both David or Jack. Instead he doesn't say a word but he know from David's face expression that he is sorry.


So David, I thought we could you know, have the tournament decide who gets to have Granddads bracelet, as it means so much to us both. What do you think.? I mean the argument has now been long over due.”


You know what Jack, you seem to be interfering a lot with my life lately, so your on!”


Good that's now that's spirit David... well see you on the losing side.” And with that Jack and his band walk away.


David calls a meeting with his band members later that evening. Jessie confesses that she new about Tyrone decision but she was let off because of her and David having their own problems. They needed a plan to get him back, they all realised that the band just isn't the same without him. Instead of practice, they spent the entire night coming up with ways of how to get him back. The best idea that they come up with was to have David go to his house and apologise and then beg for him to come back to the band. That night they all slept at David's and decided that they will practice the next day. That decision was the best decision they made for a while for the band, since they practice the best for a long while, it was just missing Tyrone.


Let's see if the skate park is open.” Damien suggests.

The skate park is busy as always. Maybe the reason for this is because it is located at the edge of town near the college. The skate park is a reasonable fair size, it is like an out door gym with an half pipe two long grinding poles parallel to each other. It also has three ramps which are fairly spaced out from each other.


Is that Tyrone other there sitting on the half pipe with Jack?” says Eamon.


If it is, this could be David chance to make things right with Tyrone. Three of them walk a little closer.


It is!!” Damien says.


Should we go other?” Eamon suggests


David isn't sure whether it is the right time or not to beg forgiveness but he knows he has to do something. As they look a little closer, they notice something isn't quite right. It appears that Tyrone and Jack are having a disagreement.


We've got to do something.” Eamon says.


Yes defiantly, we've got to do something” Damien agrees.


They run towards the crowd. As they get closer, Jack has managed to draw attention to the argument.


There is a huge crowd of skaters cheering and shouting. It appears that the crowd are enticing Jack to carry on, which is winding Tyrone up further.

As David and Damien try to pull Tyrone away, David shouts

Tyrone leave it mate.”


David knows his cousin Jack a little to well, he knows if Tyrone carries on arguing with him, then Jack will enjoy it more and continue to carry on arguing, he's a devil for that, it's a habit that Jack has picked up and it never left him since a young age.


As David continues to try and encourage Tyrone to walk away, Jack says something that he knows will hurt David's pride.


You coward, always will be.”


After that David sees red.


Oh no this doesn't look to good.” A random guy from the crowd says to his friend next to him.

Eamon and Damien try to hold him back as David attempts to charge at Jack. They fail. A huge brawl breaks out between David and Jack. The brawl solves nothing.


We have to enter the competition, look Jack is making a fool out of us, if we don't enter then were going to look like losers.”


Jack, spits on the floor and then says,


Tyrone your making a huge mistake leaving us and going back to David. I know you will regret this.”


Look even though David is your cousin, you don't know him at all. He is someone who will always have my back and we are far much stronger to never speak again after a small disagreement.”


Whatever, you didn't really fit into my band any ways.” Then Jack and the rest of his band walk away.


The crowd start to disperse too. Leaving rather disappointed because it didn't go on for longer. Tyrone doesn't normally say a lot of words but on this occasion he finds so many words to say sorry for betraying David and also the others. He hopes they can forgive him. David is just as apologetic for causing the situation in the first place. In the end, they both hug it out.


Whilst they continue to hang out at the skate park. Damien can't help but wonder why Tyrone and Jack

got into the disagreement in the first place.


I was defending David. His whole reason of entering the competition is just to humiliate David. That's not what I stand for and I wasn't going to let him use my song for that.”


Thanks man.” David says.



Chapter Six


David still isn't sure about entering the competition. After bumping into Jack and seeing how much adrenaline he had, he isn't sure whether having a battle against him would make things even more worst. The family divide is already huge and David wouldn't want friends to get involved. He calls Eamon.


Hey if you can, come over to my place, we need to talk about entering the battle, don't tell the others.”


No problem, I'll be other in two hours just got a shift to finish. I've already bunked of work twice this week, If I skip any more shifts my mum is thinking about sending me to uncle Roys to kick me back into touch.” Eamon replies.


David laughs, “Oh shoot, my bus, OK see you later.”


David sits behind two girls in the centre. One of them has long brown hair which is crinkled, with a blue waist coat jacket and a white dress the other is wearing a green t-shirt and jeans. As the bus journey went along, the girls conversation became louder and louder, which made it a little interesting. He heard one of the girls whisper,


Do you remember when he sat there staring like a weirdo.”


Then they both laughed, after that he grabbed his phone and started looking through text messages for the rest of the journey, just t make it as if he wasn't paying them any attention at all.


As he jumped off the bus, they started to laugh again, he wasn't sure whether they was laughing at him or just in general, but either way he didn't care.


It's nearly 6pm, Eamon should be arriving soon. Nancy asks whether Eamon is staying for dinner,


Not now mum,”


David's mum always makes a huge fuss when his friends come around, the last time, two weeks ago his mum made a huge feast, the expression on Jesse's face was somewhat shock whilst the boys were not complaining, David was embarrassed. If he can remember correctly. Jesse made a comment that eventually reassured him.


What do we need to discuss” Eamon said in an important tone. It was a sarcastic comment.


I'm not sure about us entering the competition.”


We deffinatley should enter the competition, two reasons, we never back out of a challenge and I want to see the look on Jacks face when we smash them to pieces.”


They both laugh.


I'm not sure about the fued between the family, it's already a huge mess, I don't want it to get any worst. Look I don't want you guys to get involved.” David said rather stressed.


What have the others said?”


They don't know”


I don't care about that, and the others are sure not going to care either, look we can't back out now, we will look weak.”


I guess your right, we should just carry on”


Yes, your starting to make sense now.”


Want to kick it then? Practice.?”


As your mum not made any hot wings, I'm hungry.”


David throws a pillow at Eamon, then they both head to the kitchen.

Later that evening Jack decides to see if the rest of the band are up for a team practice.


Hey Kylie, what are you up to?” he texts.

As he waits for a reply, he decides to see if his Dad has heard any news on whether David is still entering the competition.


Me and Billie haven't been to the pub since last Monday, son.”


Then Kylie knocks, a few minutes later James and Leon arrive.


Jack is determind to show David how good he and his band are and how pathetic his band is. The band has been through rehearsals non stop for the past month.


If we keep practicing like this then we'll probably have less chance of beating David.” James says as they make their way to the basement.


Let's have a night off, besides I seen David earlier on the bus he looked a little down.”

That better not mean he's backing out.” Jack snaps.


Let's just chill tonight, play some games and then we can snoop around tomorrow.”


Yeah guess that sounds like a good plan.”


Chapter Seven


The competition is soon approaching, David and his band have chosen to use Tyrone's song as the last song if they make it to the finals. It's fortunate that Jack didn't hear the song all the way through because it would have given him an advantage. But whilst Tyrone and Jack where on good terms he did mention that they have a gig coming up at the local pub and they are planning to gate crash it by throwing bottles at their performance. It's a good job David received the heads up because that's the only live performance they have lined up before the tournament. David soon got his dad to warn the owners and security to not let Jack or any of his associates in on the night.


Tyrone and Jessie are in the studio, practising and sharing last minute ideas between each other.

Sing Jessie, sing!” Tyrone shouts.


Jessie sings the chorus to the starting song, she gives it her best and a loud sound comes out of her. It's the sound of bird tweeting on a Sunday morning.


You got me... you got me dancing...”


Jessie sings


Yes, yes sing like that for the competition then we should win for sure.”


Tyrone cheers, Jessie repeats the chorus again, but with the intro added. Tyrone can't wait to tell David and Eamon. The intro is similar to the them of Chris Trumans expired. It starts with the sound of drums then symbols chiming together, then the beat takes over. The intro lasts for 30 seconds and then David would start to sing.


Eventually David, Eamon and Damien join them. At this point none of them care whether they win or lose the tournament, they are just happy to be back together. They continue to practice, they managed to go through six different songs, it has been their best practice for a while.

David has received his letter from the universities he applied too, this is it.. a simple yes or no will change the rest of his life and determine his plans with Jessie. He sits on his bed and slowly tears open the letter. He reads the first line...


Dr Mr D Manning,


I am writing to inform you that you have been accepted into all three universities.


He then continues to read...


It is no you decision to make a choice by indicating which university you would like to attend in the box below and we will get back to you in due course.


Yours sincerely,

P Sickamore


He can't believe it, he's been accepted into all three! He can't help but think to change the university he wishes to attend. He hasn't had the final talk with Jessie, but at the same time he feels he doesn't need too. Instead he wants to surprise her.


He phones Jessie.


Hi babe”




Have you received your letter from the university?”






I've been accepted”


Babe that's fantastic”


Jessie seems down


But it's not good for us”


Why not”


David knows exactly what she is talking about but he wants to surprise her.


The distance, I know we will get through it, but it's going to be hard”


David decides to play with her emotions, just for a short while (cruel, I know)


We have the good old internet to help us get through it, once a month, that should be good”


At this point David is laughing a little


Once a month, that's definitely not going to help us and I'm glad you see the funny side.”


Babe chill out, I've made my decision, I'm not going to Kingerwood, I'm going to Nuberward instead,

that way it is only a half on hour journey to see you.”


Jessie cannot believe what she is hearing.


You serious?! But you really wanted to go Kingerwood, babe you don't have to do this.”


Ssshhh I've already made up my mind. I want to do what ever it takes to make it work between us.”


Babe, I love you”


Love you too.”


OK I'm going to speak to my mum and tell her the good news, so excited!!”


She hangs up.


OK Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special performance for each and every one of you all tonight.

UberKnicks will be performing here tonight. Get your drinks before the performance.”


The band are waiting nervously behind the stage. One it's been their first performance since last year and two this is the only performance they have until the tournament begins. They have rehearsed everything right down to where how everyone on the stage should be positioned. The only thing that could go wrong is a technical fault. They are feeling confident about their performance.


Success the crowd seem to be enjoying it, they are shouting, cheering ad whistling. At the end of the performance, they thank everyone and walk off stage.


Chapter Eight


Saturday 20th July 2018


The stadium is designed with humps camels and tents. In the centre, there is a bridge and water underneath. Both teams make there way across to there starting stations, the commentator says good luck to both teams, before the referee calls both teams over, they have one last team talk.


Ok draw your instruments. Both teams ready? On the count of three, Uberknicks will go first, then Thunderjets will go second you’ll have two minuets to show the crowd what your made of. The crowd has never been this lively, banners, posters are waving from left to right. Supporters have made chants for David and his team, there also appears to be groupies in bikinini’s. Tyrone doesn’t hesitate to comment.


I am in my zone”


Yes this is your scene” Eamon cheekily replies to Tyrone’s comment.


Guys will you please concentrate,” Jessie snaps.


Look Jessie’s right if we have any chance of winning this, then we need to concentrate.”


The boys soon snap out of there “cheeky chappy” mood.


OK instruments at the ready, on the count of three, show us what you’ve got.”

It looks like where in for for quite an exciting battle. I’m Troy you can hear it here first, your number one commentator. Shelby interrupts, “And I’m Shelby, here to entertain the socks of you guys.”


It looks like David and his team are starting things off. “Which song are they going to start off with I wonder”


I hope it’s a song from the tee lolly’s”


Nope it looks like it’s one of their own.”


I like the sound of this, let’s rock and roll this joint” Shelby says punching a fist in the air.

It's Tyrone's song.


No Shelby, just no” Troy replies, bowing his head in shame. David starts of with striking his guitar , he gives it one strike and then nods his head. As an intro for the rest of his band. Jessie then comes in with her drums, whilst Tyrice strikes the base. David starts to sing, then Damien starts to sing five seconds after whilst playing the guitar.


It looks like the crowd are feeling their vibes, they are in there element, Thunderjets better watch out.”


Yes your definitely right about that, the tension is surely heating up. I don’t know about you Troy but I can surely feel the tension coming from Chris and I can sense the crowd can feel it too.”


I’m totally with you Shelby, the crowd seem to be thriving from it though.”


This is a great start up song, I’ve never seen anything like it, I bet the crowd are sure happy that they have turned up.” Shelby replies. It’s coming to the end of the first song Jack and his team look impressed, this has made him slightly nervous.


Ok, Jack are you ready? Get your instruments ready. After my whistle show us what you’ve got.” The referee shouts.


Ok guys we’ve got this, no pressure” says Jack, he then turns to the crowd and showing the crowd that he is not prepared to let them down by doing the team symbol. The crowd then raise their cheers as a reply to Jacks loyalty to them. The referee blow his whistle


Jack looks determined to show David what he is made of Shelby”


I agree, the crowd are in high spirits, David and his team better have their A game on with their next song”


The match is already heating up, I wonder if Jack’s going to play his 3 minute solo”


I’m not sure with this song, who do you think going to win?”


erm… Ja…no…Da….no, I can’t tell Shelby, it’s to early to say”


I think David” Shelby does not hesitate to reply.


Troy and Shelby continue their debate on who is going to win as Jack and his team continue to play his song.


Jack strike his guitar while nodding his head he then turns to Nathaniel who is on drums. Nathaniel instantly strikes a starting solo which lasts for one minute. Kylie starts to sing. It's on of the own songs.


There’s a huge roar from Jacks supporters.

That’s it, its over” Eamon says, as he turns and starts to walk towards the team bench, Jessie nods in agreement, as he does, David blocks his path.


Look where’s your spirit, we still have a chance! And Jessie that is not your usual energy, where’s you kick ass attitude, you can take Kylie!”


Everyone around the arena is tensed, waiting for the final deliberation from the judges. The scores are in and the judges have scored it a draw.


Oh this just gets even more exciting, a tie break.” Shelby commentates

Both bands have another opportunity to have a team talk. David decides something that the others see as a crazy move because they haven't practice it. He wants Tyrone to freestyle on the decks in any part of the song he feels will fit. David knows Tyrone is good at this sort of thing and he also has good instincts.


Done” Tyrone replies


Yes, Tyrone's solo has kicked, the crowd, the commentators and most importantly the judges were not expecting it. His solo has blown everyone completely away. Jack does not look at all please, he takes a look at the crowd, he even notices that his fans are cheering at Tyrone's solo, he turns his back and walks towards the exit.


Oh it looks like the judges have already scored it before the performance has even finished.“ says Troy.


Your right Troy. The judges have come to a decision already, 10's across the board woohoo and it looks like the Thunderjets will not be performing as they have left the arena!” Shelbly says.


It's been a long day and a well deserved win for David and his band. He proudly wears his Granddads bracelet. A great set of friends and the best girlfriend ever, what else could he ask for.

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