Next Stop - Part II

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Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016



Next Stop - Part II by Allen Henriquez


Alfred and Sam are speaking on the subway.  Alfred is taken back by Sam’s comment regarding work, and strangely ill prepared, to deal with his former co-worker’s intelligence.  “Tell the boss he can prorate my salary for the summer, I won’t call the union,” Sam states with a smile.

Alfred Mora moves through the train to the far end of the subway car past inserted advertisements for dining at fast food spots that offer healthy fresh salad with your fries, packages and cans of ground coffee at supermarkets near you, and home installation of high tech cable service.  Mora looks back at Sam with anger and contempt.  Mora removes the day’s newspaper and uses it as a shield to hide the pint of bourbon he has in his right hand as he takes a long sip.  Mora then pops a sedative in his mouth, a prescription pill that he steals regularly from Lita, his wife.  Mora looks at the newspaper for a few moments, reading about the coming election, but is still on edge and frustrated by his interaction with his former co-worker, which forces him to take another shot of bourbon; a big gulp in fact.



Lita is draining rice in the kitchen sink in a strainer, she then slices up avocado and tomatoes for her salad, and covers the chicken she has just completed frying, when Mora enters the apartment.  Lita, an attractive, but passed her ideal weight woman, and with anxiety over her husband’s comings and goings, gives him a hard look.  “You’re late.  What’s your excuse today?”

“No.  I had to work overtime.” Mora.

“Liar, liar, lie detector on fire.  If we had it in your checks, all the overtime you claimed, we’d have a house in Florida.” Lira.

“We could afford it now. If you could read my pay stub correctly you’d know it.” Mora.

“If you brought your regular salary home instead of playing the romantic lead, you little punk, we’d be doing just fine.” Lita.

Mora looks at Lita unable to respond in his own defense knowing he is defenseless.  “You think I’m not a serious person.” Mora.

“Of course you aren’t serious, Alfred.” Lita.

“I’m very serious about work.” Mora.

“Perhaps as a desperate loser you are serious, and even that I’m not sure you’re motivated and ready to do efficiently.  The man who you recommended for the job, Sam, he’s a serious, decent fellow.” Lita.

“Ah, he’s a homeless fool.  I saw him on the “A” train.  He’s begging for pennies.” Mora.

“Stop lying.  He has more dignity and respect for himself and others than you ever will.  If Sam came back after death as an animal he’s be a groundhog and you’d be a pig.”  Lita.



End of Part II

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