When the Night Meets the Morning Sun

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Second chances are few and far between, but if it happens, don't blow it...

Submitted: May 23, 2016

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Submitted: May 23, 2016




When the Night Meets the Morning Sun

Tonight she’s mine completely, this is not just a moment’s pleasure. It wasn’tthen, and it isn’t now. She lifts herself from the bed and turns off the lamp. After clicking the switch off, she slowly makes her way back into my arms and lays her head on my chest. The room’s not dark though, no, there’s a full moon. We were together once, but that was when we were teenagers and in love with one another. I’ll never forget the first intimate moment between us… Her father was upstairs, we were downstairs watching television, not for long though. I could not get enough of her tender kisses, kisses that sent me to the moon and back. Yes, there had been other girls before that moment, and yet they didn’t seem to matter then. Sadly, none of them compare to her.

“I hope you’re not just using me,” She said after one kiss.

“I’m not.”

“Ok,” She said with confidence, and then she kissed me again and again. It’s been years since that night, and I still remember what she was wearing, how she did her hair, and what we attempted to watch on the television. I'll never forget that night.

"What are you thinking about?” She asks me now.

“It took us a while to run into each other again, didn’t it?” I tell her.

“Yes,” She says softly, burrowing deeper into my chest and wrapping one arm around me.

“What about you?”



“I’m thinking about you. I usually am whenever I’m with you.” She tells me. Silence enters the room, and the moon shines brightly, giving off shadows of different objects in certain parts of the room. “Even when we weren’t together for all those years, I’d think about you sometimes.”

“Me too.”

“Even the times you hurt me so badly.”

“Why would you think about those times?”

“Because they happened, I don’t know why they happened to me…Nevertheless, they did, and I couldn’t help but think that I did something wrong.”

“You didn’t.”

“I know that now.” She says. Realization kicks in, and a sense of guilt overwhelms me. My heart starts to beat faster...

  “Relax, it was a long time ago, and we aren’t there anymore.”

  “I never really apologized for what I did.”

“Now wouldn’t be the best time.”

“Why not?”

  “Because…They don’t matter anymore. You’re here with me, and not them. Don’t say sorry, if you do that then you’ll think about them.”

“That wouldn’t happen.”

“Don’t chance it. Just be here with me, right now. They don’t matter…”

“No, no they don’t…” I hold her a little tighter.

“Remember that time at the track?” She says with a smile on her face.

“God, none of my horses won that day. You seemed to be on a good roll though.”

“I’ve just got the magic I guess,” she definitely does, especially over me, “I loved being with you.”

“And now?”

“It’s different now. I’m not sure," she looks away.

“There’s time to find out,” I tell her, and she looks up at me and smiles before looking away again. "I still love you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I tell her.


“Do you love me?”

“I never stopped. Just because you hurt me doesn’t mean I ever stopped caring for you. Things happened because they needed to. I had to leave you for a reason.” She tells me. We lay there quietly, and I begin stroking her back with my fingers. I run my fingertips up and down the grooves of her spine. Her soft skin hasn't changed a bit. My mind starts racing...

“Tell me something.”

“What’s that?”

“Will tomorrow be any different? Tell me now and I won’t ever ask again.”

“Tomorrow changes nothing. Now, let’s get some rest.” She says, and I close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

 As I open my eyes to the sunshine that enters the room, I’ve noticed that she’s gone. I look around the room to see if she's left a note or something. She hasn't. Sadness begins to run all through me at this point. She's gone. Nevertheless, not everyone gets a second chance, and if that was it, well then I can’t complain.

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