The Devils Forest

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During the day it looks like beautiful forest, you can walk through it, enjoy it and admire its beauty. But always read the signs because when the sun goes down, It becomes The Devils Forest.

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



Everyone knows about the forest located outside South Side City. People say it if the most beautiful forest they have ever seen, green, lush and full of life. Tourists come from all over to see the forest. The Local's of the area only has one rule "NEVER GO INTO THE FORREST AT NIGHT". When the sun goes down it becomes The Devils forest, those who go in at night are never seen again.

Even the houses on the edge of the forest lay abandoned because no one would dare live so close to the forest.

They say a group of Satanists opened a opened a portal to hell ,Demon's took over the whole forest but could not survive in daylight so every night they return and rule over the forest.

People have seen shadow people,  dark figures and bright lights roaming the woods at night ever since.  When the houses were build 5 families moved in. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the children refused going into the forests saying a black figure stalked them.Soon they began having nightmares and walking in there sleep..soon the children dissapeared one by one. They family's belived someone in the forest was terrorising and taking their children. So they all went into the forest to hunt the person down. When all the families were repored missing the police went to look for them and found only 2 people  alive, the other families were dead. The surviving 2 went insane they muttered things like monsters, They are coming...never go into the forest. They were found covered in blood  the police charged them with the murders and they were sent away to a mental institute. Both hanged them selfs a week later.

No one could trully understand how 2 people could kill 4 families and the childrens bodies have yet to be found.





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