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My name is Charles. Every 25 years, I start again. My friend is Jack, but he can't start over with me. What will happen?

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



“Next time you see me…” were the last words I said to my friend, before we restarted.

But before I continue on that, let me tell you what happened before now.

We are people who restart our lives unknowingly, until it happens the first time. Every restart a few people are born. They live their life like everyone else, but when they turn 25, they start over, almost completely. The first time, you start as being born. Second time, you start as 1 year old, remembering everything from your first time, and you live to be 26 this time. Next time, you start at, yes, you guessed it, 2 years old. You live to be 27. It’s a 25 year span. You remember everything until you die. When you’re at your second time, it’s a year forward, and you start out a year ahead.

But another thing is that we are stronger than a lot of people.

I was named Charles.

Now that you know who I am, let’s start from the first time.

I was born, I don’t remember much of that, I start remembering when I was about three. From then on, life is usual. I learn to talk, walk, what stuff is, stuff like that. But there are some people I met in my short life span that confused me. These people are named the Gruns. 

They could do some weird stuff, and everyone called them witches and wizards. I became friends with them, after being with them for a few days. They’re actually nice people if you know them.

They took me to their back field, which was like a forest, and taught me something called Haki. It’s a power. Aaaannnddd… after a month in their forest everyone thought I was a freak, of course. They didn’t tell me why I could learn it among other people, but I didn’t question them as I was only 10. I couldn’t do anything at that age, mostly.

So I learned Haki in their backyard. Pretty cool. Basically what it does is I can move things from wherever I am or make people do stuff, or pass out… if they aren’t treating people right. Basically 100x better and more powerful than I was before. Fun!

The learning was standing in a circle and staring at things until something happened. Eventually I could funnel the power onto one object and make it better using my hands. I was getting better and better each day. By only the first week I was pretty good with it. The rest of the month was just improving it.

Now, the people there are, a 14 year old, a 16 year old, and the dad, 33. The 14 year old was a girl, the 16 year old was a guy. They were pretty fun people, but their little house wasn’t much at all. Basically there was a living room, a bedroom, and a storage room, where the children slept.

The girls name was Michelle, and the boys name was Jim. The dads name was Curther. Weird name.

Well I went to a church and was attending. Everyone asked where my parents were and I told them “I don’t know.” Because I don’t know who my parents even are, let alone where they are. But anyway the church was a great place, I didn’t use my powers near people because they’d get confused, and I’d have to explain, and they would probably shoo me out of the church.

But I had a best friend there. His name was Jack. We were the same age, (at this time 13, having spent the last few years getting shooed away from places because I had powers,) and we thought basically the same way.

We lived life together, I ended up staying at his family’s house, since I don’t have a house, and we did everything together.

Life was great to here! Occasional visits to the Gruns, but never with Jack, otherwise he’d probably tell people. They know everything about me, (more than I do,) yet they don’t tell me anything about who I actually am.

I lived life like this until I was 24. Then the Gruns were acting strange, like they were getting ready to give up on life, and every time I asked them anything about it, they would say “You’ll see eventually.”

Every day since I started asking why they were doing that, I think about their words. I told Jack that something might happen to me soon, and when I learned who I was I figured it out by being in the back room of the Gruns house. There used to be graffiti stuff on the fuse box, but it wasn’t there anymore. I asked Michelle about it, because it was near her bed, and she, (being 28,) said that I needed to leave. I asked why, and she said something will happen.

I stayed, and she was trying everything to get me to leave, but then I saw it. It was a jelly-like substance coming from the fuse box. I asked her what that was and she said “Hurry and go!” I left, running as fast as I could, and asked Curther what that was and he said, “You saw it.” 

He then explained to me what it was and who I was and what was going to happen in a few months. The Jelly stuff shrinks you down so you can go through the door, which is really small. There’s a fuse box like that in everyone’s house who is one of us.

He told me something else too.

I went to Jack the day before I left, and said “Next time you see me…”, and I walked outside of their house. I went to the Gruns house and told them I was ready to go.

I went to the back room and they told me to step onto the jelly stuff. I did. I shrank down. We went through the tiny door in the fuse box, and it was a place unlike anything I’d seen before. People like us were all around, and a population sign said “10,080”. That’s a lot of us.

We restarted, it was weird but I got it. I remembered everything from my first life, and remembered my last words to Jack. Every time we restart we go through the month again, but a little harder.

I went to Jack when I was 13. At the church, I whispered to him something.

I said… 

“You’ll know who I am.”

What did Certher tell me? If two people are really great friends, like Jack and I, Jack will remember everything about me if I tell him those words I said. Before you restart, “Next time you see me…” After you restart, “You’ll know who I am.” It’s a spell type thing.

But just think…

Maybe you are friends with someone who secretly has Haki, and restarts every 25 years. Maybe you are, and you don’t know it because you didn’t see anyone who does, and so you live until you die, because nobody told you in the first try.

Someone could be your best, best friend and they’ll tell you those words, and you won’t remember them until you see them for the first time. Your friend tells you that, restarts, you both are 2 years old, when you see him again, you’ll know them, suddenly, after they tell you the 5 words.

Let’s hope you don’t, because you’d have to have all these memories and you’d fill up with things you haven’t lived…

Or, at least, this time around…

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