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When a you best friend becomes your crush over a game of Grant theft auto V.

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016




“Ugh, can’t this message wait until after I’m done getting five stars?”

Kelli paused the game she was playing on Xbox 360 to see who texted her. As she placed the controller in her left hand, she picked up her phone with her right hand. The message was from Roger. A slight smile crept across her face.

Roger: WYD?

Kelli: Playing GTA V

Roger: I’m bored and there is nothing on TV. I’m coming over to take over your game.

Kelli: lol you gotta get through the door first.

Roger: I have Ciroc.

Kelli: The key is under the welcome mat lol.

Roger: I knew that would get me in. lmao. I’m getting in my car now.

Kelli: K

Placing the phone facedown, Kelli went back to her favorite game: Grand Theft Auto V. Thinking about Roger, Kelli realized they’d been friends for five years—since she’d started at M & T Bank. She thought about how they’d met, how Roger had come to her rescue that day she’d dropped her lunch walking out of Burger King. That was her first day on the job and she was between paychecks. Sears hadn’t sent her final check yet, and she was using her last $10 to get a meal. When she stepped outside into the parking lot, the bottom of the bag gave out and the food landed at her feet. She’d almost started crying, but then Roger had walked toward her from his car, offering to buy her another meal. They’d been friends ever since.

Maybe I should take a quick shower. I’m pretty sure I smell like left-out lunchmeat. Ew. I should have showered this morning when I woke up.

Kelli turned off the game to take a quick shower before Roger pulled up. She still had a few minutes—Roger lived on the East side of Baltimore.

What should I wear? Wait, why am thinking about this? “It’s just Roger,” she mumbled to herself. He doesn’t care what I look like, just if I smell decent. Maybe I should wear my sweats and that cute new tee I just brought. Hmm.

Kelli found herself staring at her closet, trying to figure out what to wear. Shaking her head, she grabbed her sweatpants off the bed and her brand-new Tweety Bird T-shirt. She’d found it on sale at Walmart and decided she had to have it. With her clothes in hand, Kelli ran into the bathroom to start the shower.

Maybe I should brush my teeth. Ew. Why am I being so gross on my day off?

Kelli was brushing her teeth when the phone went off again. That was her cue to hurry and get into the shower. She gave herself a quick once-over, making sure she got all the important areas on her body. She finished and tripped out of the shower, her foot catching on the wall of the tub.

Kelli dried off, put on her clothes, and went to fix her hair. But just then, there was a knock at the door.

Damn it, I thought I was going to have enough time to do my hair. Hold up, why am I worried about my hair? “It’s just Roger,” she reminded herself.

Kelli opened the door.

Roger shoved a giant bottle of vodka in her face. “Where is the joystick?”

“Damn, really? No hi? How you doing? Nothing?” Kelli set the bottle of vodka on the coffee table.

“Nope, just looking for the joystick. You got Pac-Man on here?” Roger fell back on the sofa as he picked up the joystick off the floor.

Kelli snatched it out of his hand. “Boy, I was in the middle of my game.”

Roger laughed. “All you’re doing is beating up hookers and punching police officers.”

“Damn right. I have three stars so far.”

“While you do that I’m gonna get a shot of this Ciroc.” Roger made his way to the kitchen for a cup.

“I want some,” Kelli whined.

“Well, get ya ass up and come get a cup.” Roger yelled from the kitchen.

Kelli groaned. “I can’t get up right now. I have four stars.” Kelli screamed at the screen. “They brought out SWAT.”

Roger laughed again at Kelli, coming back to the living room with cups in hand. “See, that’s what happens when you punch too many officers in the face.”

Kelli was arrested in the game.

“See, now look at you singing, Akon. You locked up.”

Kelli threw the joystick on the sofa next to him and pouted. “Give me the vodka.”

Roger picked up the joystick and handed Kelli a shot of vodka. Kelli downed it in one swallow. She poured herself another shot. All the while, she noticed Roger sitting back and watching her. What’s he thinking, she wondered.

“I’m picking a movie.” Roger went to the home screen on the Xbox 360. “Let’s see if Netflix has anything good on it.”

Kelli picked up her phone. “I’m ordering some food. What you want?”

“Um, Chinese food. I want some cheesesteak egg rolls and some crab sticks.”

“Yeah, you’re paying for all of this.”

Roger leaned toward Kelli so he could see her phone.

Damn, when did he start smelling so good? “Boy, why are you breathing down my neck?” Kelli pushed him away.

“I wanna see what else I want.” Roger grabbed for her phone. “Let me see.”

Again, Kelli pushed him away while laughing. “Hold up, I’m not done yet.”

Has his smile always been this sexy? Get it together, Kelli. He is your best friend. He has a chick he’s dealing with now. Why does he look so good tonight? It’s the vodka. You haven’t got any penis in three months, so everybody looks good. Well, not Kevin or Marc or Vincent. Well, most guys, but that dude at Dunkin’ Donuts looked good, but not as good as Roger is looking. Get it together, girl.

“You’re ordering the whole damn menu, ain’t you? Greedy ass.” Roger took a shot of vodka. “Okay, let me get back to finding something to watch,” Roger said and scrolled through the list of movies.

“Oooh. Coming to America!” Kelli shouted out.

“Ain’t you ordering for like twenty people? Stay on ya phone.”

“If I’m treating, I get to pick the movie.”

“Fine, then I’ll treat.” Roger snickered.

While Roger was still scrolling through the movies, Kelli lunged at him. Roger held the joystick over his head so Kelli couldn’t reach it.

Curse my height.

“Give me the controller!” Kelli giggled as she reached for it.

Roger playfully mushed Kelli in the face, “You’re supposed to be ordering food.”

Kelli straddled Roger’s lap so that she could reach the joystick. “Come on, let me pick the movie.”

“Nope, order the food.” Roger still held the joystick over his head.

Still straddling his lap, Kelli began to tickle him. “See, I didn’t want to do this.”

Why am I doing this? Hold up, is that what I think it is? Nah, I’m imagining what I’m feeling. Why am I on his lap? What is going on here? Damn, when did he get so sexy? His lips. His eyes. The way he laughs. It’s all so freakin’ sexy. Nah, nah, nah, Kelli, remember it’s the vodka talking.

While Roger was still laughing, Kelli stopped. She just gazed at him.

When Roger spoke, he sounded out of breath. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Kelli whispered.

Damn, I wanna kiss his lips. No, don’t do it. He is sitting there looking at you. Make a move. Get off him. No, kiss him! You know you want to. You’ve wanted to kiss him for the last six months. Stop bullshitting yourself. Remember that night you two almost kissed? No, don’t do it. He has another chick he is interested in. You don’t want to lose the friendship. It could turn into something beautiful.

Still straddling his lap, Kelli looked deep into Roger’s eyes.

Roger lowered the joystick and placed it beside him.

Kelli wrapped her arms around him, and Roger nuzzled her neck. For a brief moment, time stopped. Their breathing matched. Kelli leaned her forehead on his forehead.

Just do it!

As she leaned in to kiss Roger, he beat her to the punch. He softly kissed her bottom lip. Kelli leaned into him and began to kiss him hungrily. The taste of Roger was like none other. He tasted of vodka and Colgate toothpaste. His scent was driving her to pull off his shirt, but she resisted the idea. Again, she felt something poking her inner thigh. It took everything in her power not to remove any articles of clothing off this man. The way Roger kissed her felt like he wanted her and only her. Kelli could feel his heart racing through his shirt. All the blood was blood from her head to below the belt.

I can’t stand this. Take his pants off! No don’t do it. You’ve already taken it too far. Who cares? Just do it. You know you want to. Don’t do it. No.

Kelli pulled away. “Um, wow.”

“Yeah, wow.” Roger gazed at her.

There was an awkward silence between them as Kelli slowly got off his lap. Watching Kelli pour herself a shot of vodka, Roger rubbed the back of his head. He watched as downed the shot then took another and another.

What is going through his mind?

“Yeah, I’m going to go home.” Roger stood up.

“You want the—”

Roger cut her off. “Nah, you keep it.” Roger opened the door and made his exit.

Kelli closed the door behind him then sat in the middle of the floor. After pouring herself another shot and drinking it, she unpaused Grand Theft Auto V.

Now back to getting my five stars. 


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