One Minute Story

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I am going to try to write more of these really short stories if I don't procrastinate. Feel free to give some feedback and constructive criticism!

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



"I won't die," were Bob's last words. Let's just say he was having a bad day. Again. You see, Bob was set in an infinite time loop. He was killed by a life form from another dimension, and, you see, this wasn't planned. This was not how or when Bob was supposed to die.
Everything is planned out. It may seem weird, but it is true. It was planned for Bob to be set in an infinite time loop to tell him that everyone deserved a second chance. Bob needed to learn this, because he never gave anyone second chances. But Bob was going to lean the hard way. He didn't get a second chance. He got one-hundred-seventy-four million, three-hundred-eighty-one thousand, one-hundred-eleven chances. He was on chance one-hundred-seventy-four million, three-hundred-eighty-one thousand, one-hundred-ten.
Now was his last chance. He has lived his moment over and over again. He dodged the radioactive slime, he resisted reading Yesterday News, and he kept his ballance so that he didn't fall and die. But this was the hard part. Yes, he was finally there. And, yes, I will tell you what kept on killing him. Living strawberry ice cream. The one thing no one can resist.
Being chained to the chair wasn't the torture. The fact that the room was positive seventy eight degrees celsius wasn't the torture. It was the fact that there was a perfectly good piece of ice cream melting right in front of his face. But there were two minutes left until the ice cream melted. Then Bob would finally be able to be set free.
The writer noticed that there was no way that he would finish this story, and he found out that this story was going nowhere, so he gave up.

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