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Adam a middle aged man homeless and mentally unstable is finally given a chance, what will become of him?

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



Chapter 1 - Warmth


It was a cold and damp night, i had gotten barely any sleep my mind was numb. A stranger walking by looked down at me and stopped, i thought finally some-one with a heart will help me out. His name was Phillip Grayfield a name i will never forget, his arm reached down to pick me up.


My tattered and stained jacket completly damp from the rain overnight. My resolve was shattered and i did'nt know how long Phillip would help me out. I havent even said a word to this man and i was already making presumptions. I don't think i could have lasted another night my body could have but not my mind. I gathered my thoughts but before i could say anything Phillip said “Don't worry my friend, il get you back on your feet”. I was immediately overrun by emotion, being a homeless middle aged man something i had to keep was my pride, so i held back the tears.


He asked me “Whats your name anyways?” i replied “Adam, yours?” he looked at me as if he recogonised me and replied “Phillip, Phillip Grayfield nice to meet you”. The distant gunshots echoing through the streets, the streetlights seemed different that night, this moment walking down the street with a stranger on this odd night was eternally burned into my mind. “How long have you been homeless?” i replied “6 years” he looked shocked that i was still alive. We eventually reached a gas station where Phillip decided to grab me some food, handing me an assortment of cereal bars and smoothie drinks, i was pretty hungry so i wasted no time.


I started to notice we were walking into my old estate, at this point i realised Phillip was doing pretty well for himself because the rent in this area was very expensive. All the memories from a life that felt like a distant dream started to return to me, walking down the driveway on my way to college for my first day. “Here we are Adam, this is were your staying for awhile” i gazed upon a massive red brick house, it even had its own garage, i pinched myself to check if i was asleep. This was real, i walked inside the first thing i felt the warmt of the grand fireplace stocked to the top with firewood.


My face started to defrost and a small trickle of water slid across my nose. I had to thank the man “Phillip i really am so grateful for this” he smiled “Make yourself at home friend”


After some time passed the fire started to slowly die out, i asked Phillip did he want me to get some firewood. Phillip was sound asleep i decided not to wake him up i grabbed a blanket and layed down for the night. The first night in 6 years since i had this comfort, nothing could compare. 

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