Crows in the winter

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crows and a cardinal

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



The winter weather caused a circle of crows to huddle close 

Crows Feathers fell to the ground when they shivered looking like ashes from a cigarette on the snow covered ground.

"Your a bird of a feather" taunted a Cardinal standing on a branch of a neighboring tree

"Well we flock together" said the crows in unison

A boy huddled behind a tree hearing the cawing of the crows grabbed a stone

He waitied for the right moment tossing it as hard as he could 

Miraculous the boy thought as the stone hit

He killed all of them with one throw 

Crow carcasses and feathers fell from the tree 

The cardinal watching the crow feathers float in the air remarked,

"Feathers of crows, and birds of a feather may flock together but they all got killed by the same stone"

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